Russian Sitcom For Which You Are Not Ashamed

Russian Sitcom For Which You Are Not Ashamed
Russian Sitcom For Which You Are Not Ashamed
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At the end of 2009, the shooting of the series took place. J-factory, whose premiere was shown at the cinema "Pioneer"… On YouTube, you can already watch five episodes of the sitcom, the first of which has gained almost one hundred thousand views.

J-Factory was filmed by a British team led by the director Chris Waite (Chris Waitt), who invited another Hollywood cameraman with him to Russia Ozzy McLean (Ossie McLean) and editor Henry Trotter (Henry Trotter), with whom he did the series Fur TV… A sound engineer has joined this team in Russia Boris Voight.

The series was filmed in Moscow in the fall of 2009, and already on January 21 at the cinema "Pioneer" the premiere took place, where all seven ten-minute episodes were shown J-factory, a comedy sitcom whose protagonists are working on the invention of a real invisibility machine, worship Lord Zula and fall into the mass of funny and even frankly comedic situations.

The main snag of all that is associated with this series is that this is a completely advertising project created for the alcoholic company Jameson, therefore, it should only be considered in this vein. This is not another product of the modern Russian film industry, but a sly advertising campaign: the name J-Factory, a bottle of whiskey appearing somewhere in the background and the name of the main character - that's all. The approach may not be too new, but it seems to be quite correct when a brand pays not for a poster or banner, but for sane content that is ready to be consumed by thousands of users.

The series will be broadcast not only via YouTube or the J-factory website, but also on television - on February 23, J-Factory will be shown in prime time on MTV channel - at 14:00, all seven episodes at once.

The last of the series released into the network is "Party":

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