New Faces: Ursula, Jura And Mirte

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New Faces: Ursula, Jura And Mirte
New Faces: Ursula, Jura And Mirte
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Ursula Konina

Ursula Konina is an ordinary eighteen-year-old Muscovite who likes to go to Solyanka and take pictures of herself on her mobile; however, her main occupation is modeling.

Abroad, her name is already known, and she is booked no less often than Anastasia Kuznetsova and Frida Gustavsson.

She closed the Christopher Kane show last week in New York and took part in the Missoni show:

And at Row, owned by the Olsen sisters, Ursula was filmed for the latest lookbook:

Yuri Pleskun

Nineteen-year-old Yura Pleskun was not called by our users as soon as possible: few of them guessed that now he is one of the most popular male models in the West. In terms of the number of castings passed, it is only Luke Warrol and Cole More who bypass him.

He has Ukrainian roots, however, he was born in the Bronx.

His agency, due to the craze for a rude Slavic appearance, is trying in every possible way to emphasize that Yura is a tough guy who was kicked out of school many times and brought to the police for fights.

However, judging by his interviews, he really had a difficult childhood: as ridiculous as it may sound, he was the only white guy in the block. And his modeling career began quite specifically for him.

Yura has two tattoos, both of them he got at the age of fourteen: one of them reads "shine".

It was rumored that while filming for i-D, he got into a fight with another model guy, Lins Johnson, who ended up breaking his nose. Subsequently, the rumors were debunked: the latter simply unsuccessfully pushed the metal tube, which was in the shooting props, and accidentally cut Yura Pleskun's eyebrow. Tom had 5 stitches.

He is invited to shows regardless of his role: Rick Owens, Frankie Morello, and even Paul Smith.

Mirte Maas

Myrthe Maas was born in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Due to the fact that during the crisis, clients most often go to see “understandable”, standard beauty on the catwalks, its recent appearance on the fashion arena was doomed to success.

It is difficult to say in which shows for spring-summer'10 Mirte Mass did not participate, but many will remember her first of all for her passes on Alexander Wang and Miu Miu - the braid fit her more than the others:

Christian Dior Couture, Chanel Couture, Valentino Couture, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin:

For six months, Mirte managed to become the new muse of Nicolas Ghesquière. In addition to the fact that the model took part in the Balenciaga show and was shot for their lookbook, she also managed to appear in an advertising campaign.

On her first cover of Vogue, she co-starred with Shu Pei Kin:

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