New Faces: Jenny, Kelly And Christina

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New Faces: Jenny, Kelly And Christina
New Faces: Jenny, Kelly And Christina
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Jenny Sinkaberg

Seventeen-year-old Jenny Sinkaberg has lived in Oslo all her life and never thought about moving from her native Norway. However, after her resounding success at the past haute couture shows, “that girl with an icy look,” as the journalists dubbed her, is most likely unlikely to return home.

Kelly Moreira

Kelly Moreira is an eighteen-year-old French woman who became famous thanks to myspace. In the context of the fall in popularity of myspace, it seems strange, however, the girl began to be invited to shows and shootings after she created her profile in the context of Elite Model Look France. And although she did not win the competition, this was the most influential in the fact that she was booked to participate in the shows of Lanvin, Kenzo and YSL.

Caroline Poznanski, director of Ford agency that represents Kelly in New York, says her popularity is due to her combination of classic beauty and personality.

Christy Kaurova

Kristina Kaurova is 21 years old, she is from Vladivostok, but now she lives in New York. She became famous rather late, because she came into the modeling business only at the age of 19, which is why she immediately changed her name to Christie., - as she Gauvreau. First of all, it is booked by those brands that are directly related to minimalism. Jil Sander and Calvin Klein consider her to be almost a new icon.

Despite the rather high forehead, Kristina Kaurova has a completely "understandable" appearance, which can even be called "doll". And although she is often compared to Anastasia Kuznetsova, with whom she starred for the Max Azria advertising campaign, they are united only by a small homeland.

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