New Faces: Valeria, Sidin, Berthold

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New Faces: Valeria, Sidin, Berthold
New Faces: Valeria, Sidin, Berthold
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Valeria Kelava

Valeria Kelava began her career at the age of eighteen, which is rather late by the standards of the modeling business. Be that as it may, the Slovene achieved success very quickly. Since then, Valeria has managed to open and close the spring show, take part in, and at the last fashion week in New York - in twelve shows, including,,, and.

But everyone remembered the exit especially: the gloomy appearance and resinous hair contrasted surprisingly with the light, flying clothes of the Mallivy sisters.

The combination of dark hair, pale skin and bleached eyebrows inspired gothic lovers: Valeria flashed in the shooting for,,, and.

Valeria Kelava is often compared to Iris Strubegger or Canadian Megan Collison, famous for the same cold look from under the charcoal bangs.

Sidine Blake

A student of the Oberlin School, Sidine Blake, from childhood dreamed of a modeling career. The dream came true with a victory in the competition, after which the girl went to try her luck in New York. There she found real success, starring first for a lookbook, and then for four versions of the magazine: Italian, Russian, etc.

In addition, Sidin took part in the filming of the last issue of the magazine along with Katya Kosushkina, Ursula Konina, Ranya Mordanova and others.

Everyone noted Sidin's gait, as well as her open, captivating gaze. In the fall-winter 2010 season, she took part in a record number of shows for a debutante, including,,,,,, and.

published in his blog the ten most promising models of the next season, where, in addition to Dree Hammingway, Jacques, Carmen Pedaru, Kasi Straus, Mirte Maas and others, Sidine Blake also appeared., - Roma Gordon, CEO.

Berthold Rotas

The aristocratic appearance of Berthold Rotas attracted a good portion of leading designers - during the men's fashion weeks, Berthold was seen on,,,,,, and.

Few people know that as a child, the young man was teased due to being overweight. So in high school, Berthold began to actively engage in sports and soon discovered his modeling potential.

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