Will Smith To Film A Hitchcock Remake?

Will Smith To Film A Hitchcock Remake?
Will Smith To Film A Hitchcock Remake?
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The amazing news came from Latino Review. There are rumors in Hollywood that a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film Suspicion (1941) is being prepared for filming. The film will be produced and starred by none other than Will Smith. The news, to put it mildly, shook the movie blogging industry and caused massive discussions, votes and speculation. If this is true, then this is essentially the first attempt in history to film a remake of the great master of horror. Gus Van Sant's film Psycho (1998), which is a complete quote from Hitchcock's 1960 film of the same name, including the staging of all the shots, is not considered a remake.

Most connoisseurs of cinema took the news with hostility, because they believe that trying to make a remake of Hitchcock himself is at least blasphemous. And the fact that Will Smith's name is mentioned in this news evokes an infinite variety of emotions in everyone.

The Latino Review resource itself, which reported the news, deserves a separate discussion. The resource is dedicated to film reviews for English-speaking Hispanics, and the reviewers are, respectively, young Hispanics living in Los Angeles and New York. All of this is due to the fact that while Hispanics make up 12% of the US population and provide 15% of box office gross, Hispanic actors are only 2% present on television and in movies. With their project, the creators of Latino Review want to draw attention to the problem of discrimination against Latin American actors.

As for Will Smith and his plans for Hitchcock, no official information has yet been released about the upcoming film. But Latino Review does have insiders from the film industry, so the rumor may well be true.

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