Aurora Fashion Week: What The Models From The Shows

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Aurora Fashion Week: What The Models From The Shows
Aurora Fashion Week: What The Models From The Shows
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Interview and photos:

Viva vox

Viva Vox: Dina Pavlova, 20 years old

“I will be wearing wide purple trousers made of soft fabric, a black translucent bodysuit and a wide leather belt. Such a set would be suitable for opening a gallery. Most of all I liked the dress with a fluffy skirt, but it didn't go to me."

Viva Vox: Anya Kuzina, 18 years old

“I will be in an intricate top, transparent leggings, which, I'm sure, very few people would be able to wear, and a mini-skirt that clearly covers the ass. But at the Coma show, despite the many complex decorative elements like tubes, I put on the dress easily. Just in case, there were many dresser'ov - girls who help in preparation. But it was not easy to wait for the exit, because the fabric looked like a drape with leather inserts, I had to sweat."

Viva Vox: Alena Moskalikova, 22 years old

“My number today is 6 - a lilac dress. It has additional fabric under the hem that adds volume, like a ballerina. My friend is getting married soon, this dress would be perfect for going to her wedding."

Viva Vox: Julia Saparniyazova, 19 years old

“Today I will be seen in an amazing white dress draped with black mesh. A strip of long fur, from which gloves are also made, is run along the hem. Probably fake fur? I would really like to wear these with a woolen coat in winter. It would be a bomb! Maybe it would look good with a leather jacket. But I would not wear such a dress, even if there was no fur hem. It is straight, does not fit the figure, and I have to present my body all the time in a proper way for the model."

Viva Vox: Tanya Solovieva, 20 years old

“At today's show I will be wearing a black coat and leather gloves. Such casual outerwear, demi-season."

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Arsenicum: Natasha Lepikova, 17 years old

“I will be wearing a dark dress with long sleeves and guipure over the bustier and gloves. The extravagant hairstyle with slicked hair was done for an hour, it will be difficult to wash off, but I will think about it on the way home."

Arsenicum: Anya Kurbanova, 21 years old

Black knee-length cocktail dress with bat sleeves and a very deep back. As they say, the main thing is that the suit fits, and this is just about this dress. It is just right for a fashion show to sit in the front row. We will have shoes of the same brand, but I don’t know if they will then be sold in stores or they were only prepared for the show. Unfortunately, they are not very convenient. At least the shoe didn't fit me. They did my hair for about half an hour. First they combed, and then in two stages they applied gouache. From the outside, it probably seems that there is something inside, but this is the effect of the fleece."

Arsenicum: Yulia Vlasenko, 18 years old

“I was given a 100% sexy sheath dress with an openwork indentation at the hem, leather gloves with cutouts and a spectacular bolero. I think the whole thing is in the construction of the shoulders and metal rivets. This is "my" image, especially on the set, of a kind of vamp woman. Today's hairstyle is heavy and a little hot. My plans for the evening are to wash my hair five times, but the show is worth it."

Arsenicum: Angelina Grecha, 20

“Now I am most often chosen for the opening or, conversely, for the final exit, when you need some kind of feature in the show, for an unusual face, very tall height and short hair. At today's show, I have my last exit in a spectacular long warm dress with a train. This material gets tangled in my legs until I can imagine how I will walk in it. The traditional problem of long dresses. But I am not afraid, because I have been working as a model for a long time and I have had occasion to fall on the podium. Designers and model directors do not scold for this, because they understand that most often the problem is not very comfortable shoes of the wrong size. It happens that for scandalousness they are specifically asked to fall, they show how best to do it. The best way is to cross one leg over the other and squat down a bit.It turns out pretty believable, and all photographers are immediately activated."

Arsenicum: Tanya Zorina, 27 years old

“The dress I’m wearing today will be quite comfortable, but even if it weren’t it… it’s not my concern anymore. I would especially like to note the architectural shoulders, which have several facets and, of course, the neckline that reveals the collarbones."

Arsenicum: Masha Sorokina, 20 years old

“Today I perform in a sheath dress, complemented by fox fur sleeves, and a cap made of arctic fox, although I could be wrong. I would wear such a dress every day, although with jewelry it could be worn at a reception."

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Chari: Anya Yagushkina, 19 years old

“My twentieth exit is a white jacket and trousers, in which you can go to work or study. Such wearable sets are not often found in Russian designers. But the shoes … Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin are very beautiful, but they won't go far."

Chari: Katya Andrianova, 23 years old

“I am in black cropped skinny trousers with arrows and a vest made of light crocodile leather with white ruffles around the hem. It is spacious, so it lives a life separate from me, on its own. The trousers are universal, but I would wear a vest for a meeting with friends. It may seem that it is hot in it, but here everything is ventilated through the armholes."

Chari: Galya Golovanova, 22 years old

“At the Chari show, I will have as many as three exits. I really like this jacket, made, as I understand it, from ostrich skin, very soft. Then they will change me into a dress with polka dots. A bit retro, I'm happy. I have three more shows today, so I am very glad that the hairstyle is gentle, and it will not take long to wash it off, like yesterday after Loginov. But the worst thing about this show is the 13cm YSL heels! All this for the sake of 27 seconds while you walk through the "language". I came up with the figure myself, but the models really work for these moments, and not for the sake of their small fees."

Chari: Diana Sharipova, 16 years old

“I got a beige tunic with multi-colored collection-collection inscriptions and a white silk underwear. Perfect for dancing at some beach party."

Chari: Vasilisa Pavlova, 17 years old

“You can hardly experience such an adrenaline rush anywhere else as on the podium. To prepare for meeting the audience, I sing. In a tweed jacket and Chari trousers, I would go anywhere, but in the fall, of course."

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Poustovit: Vika Costa, 23

"I am currently wearing a long, light silk skirt and a sweatshirt, suitable for daytime walks."

Poustovit: Natasha Mironyuk, 19 years old

“Personally, I don’t really like what I’m going to demonstrate today. I prefer a different style, something more youthful. And the shoes are, alas, great for me."

Poustovit: Rita Lyakh, 16 years old

“This collection is all very simple things. My bow is no exception: the classic trench coat and shorts."

Poustovit: Nadia Davnyak, 21

“I have a lot of shows behind me, but every time I worry like the first time, I gather my thoughts and look forward to the moment when I see the guests, and the excitement and confidence will immediately appear. In half an hour I will go out into the hall in gray rolled-up pants and a white shirt dress in flowers."

Poustovit: Masha Shtanova, 19 years old

“Today's shoes are very comfortable, and although socks with shoes and sandals usually look very shabby, here it is permissible.”

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Biryukov: Sasha Rudenko, 19 years old

“Like many girls, I love fitting and preparation with makeup artists and hairdressers. My bow would be suitable for a business meeting - discreet and feminine. But black lipstick would only be repeated at a party."

Biryukov: Olya Sharafeeva, 27 years old

“This is a pencil dress, one might say, of the current style. It seems to me that it really suits me, although not all designer clothes are comfortable."

Biryukov: Natasha Kolotova, 19 years old

“This is not the first time Oleg Biryukov has taken me. This time I am wearing a long dress, black, knee-length, with white shoulders, one pocket, and a strange outgrowth of fabric on the other side. The hat is very cool for the winter, you can see it from afar, you could even wear it to the university. But with black lipstick and scotch tape wrapped around the tail, I would not leave the house."

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