Don't Let It Down: Guys And Makeup

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Don't Let It Down: Guys And Makeup
Don't Let It Down: Guys And Makeup
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Beauty editor Tatyana Yakimova is about guys who use eyeliner

Last week, while having lunch in a cafe, I could not take my eyes off a handsome bartender of about 25. Not because I fell in love at first sight, but because I could not understand: I imagined, or in fact, the handsome man had eyes drawn, and so subtly and skillfully, as if the guy had just visited my favorite makeup artist Lesha Molchanov?

“The Moscow guys don’t put on makeup,” Molchanov told me. - When the makeup from Gaultier first appeared (that is, eight years ago), there were some attempts, frankly, inept. Just ask Danila Polyakov, let him give a couple of tips on how to walk around our city with his eyes down!"

And yet the bartender definitely used eyeliner. You can't fool us beauty journalists.

If you believe Lesha (and you should believe him) - this bartender can be considered one of the first Russian daredevils who picked up the fashion for the gayliner, which has already conquered the world.

It is clear that this trend was not born yesterday. All rockers do it. And punks. And the goths. My personal ideal of beauty is Jack Sparrow, and if you remember the sad vampire Edward Cullen … I rummaged through my memory and found a whole bunch of straight-handsome men with an liner. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Pete Doherty, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy, husband of Ashlee Simpson), Brandon Flowers (The Killers), TV star and fiancé Katy Perry Russell Brand, illusionist Chris Angel, Joel Madden (husband of Nicole Richie), Brett Michaels, Axl Rose, Billy Idol, Jared Leto and other women lovers do it both on and off stage.

1. Jack Sparrow 2. Green Day frontman Billy Joe 3. Peter Doherty 4. Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz 5. The Killers 6. Actor and leader of 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto

The WikiHow website gives detailed advice to everyone. The main thing is that the liner should be black or very dark, without shine and mother-of-pearl ("otherwise you will look like Boy George"). After applying an even thick line, it must be shaded - to get the image of a rock star on stage and a couple of days later. Mandatory attributes: an informal outfit, a careless hairstyle, a creative profession and a beautiful woman nearby. “It's not gay culture,” explains Los Angeles-based makeup artist Bradwin Jones. - This is a street look, androgynous fashion, grunge … This does not contradict masculinity, by no means. Not gay but cool!"

And you know, I agree with him. I'm really sure: eyeliner suits brutal guys. With the same Molchanov, we recalled the models at the Armani men's show: skillfully applied deep brown shadows around the eyes gave their eyes depth, and their faces - spirituality. And it was clear that the guys themselves liked it too - many of them did not take off their makeup after the show, but calmly went out into the streets.

Although the same Bradwin Jones adds: "But when they try too hard, it's not so much."

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