London Fashion Week: Day Two

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London Fashion Week: Day Two
London Fashion Week: Day Two

Video: London Fashion Week: Day Two

Video: London Fashion Week: Day Two
Video: London Fashion Week- Day Two 2023, March

Obviously, waking up after partying is more difficult. First show Louise gray was in the early morning, and half of those present on the back of their hands looked through hearts drawn with a felt-tip pen: yesterday on PPQ the bracelets ran out, and they began to draw on the guests with an indelible marker. It's strange - I didn't really like Louise Gray, but Suzy Bubble came from her in indescribable delight and almost gave a standing ovation. Although in transparent plastic shorts stuffed with foam balls and multicolored chiffon with beads, Suzy herself would look great. But, as it were, the toy shoes made for the Pollini show were good - Nicholas Kirkwood, who became the head of the brand, clearly had a hand in them.

All Pret-a-manger cafes within a kilometer radius of Somerset, Topshop and On / Off are occupied by girls in black lace and leopard print. Yes, old news, but this LFW is for sure leopard print is the new black.

Queue at Topshop Unique

The most common screening questions are: Sitting invites? Standing Invites? No invites? Please queue! First, the happy owners of seats come in, followed by everyone who received invitations at all: here you can be very lucky, and you will still find yourself in the first row - the rule of any free seat that you manage to occupy often works. After that, the line on the street still remains: these are those who have accreditations, but no invitations. If there is room left in the hall, then they are also allowed.

Taxi Addison Lee

Wait in long lines like on Unique, it was much more fun today. Black cars drive up to the building all the time Addison lee is a taxi service in London with the most convenient booking system in the world. They even have an iPhone app that remembers all the addresses and recognizes the address of the club by its name, even if you misspell it. This service in London is used by the entire fashion world, and the status of a person is very easy to calculate by the car he ordered. Models arrive in the simplest Fords, and the red-haired Nikola Roberts, a member of the dubious but very famous group Girls Aloud, arrived at the Merecedes Viano. In England, the pop world and the world of fashion in general very often intersect, and Nicola herself, for example, is now proclaimed the muse of Henry Holland. In the queue, we also met a very cheerful Lesia Myat, a stylist who moved to London to study. She spoke about the overly anemic models at yesterday's Bora Aksu show - and was touchingly indignant that it had been out of fashion for a hundred years now, to walk on the catwalk like this, barely moving her legs.

Photographer captures blogger Suzy Bubble with her friend

There were even more photographers in the Somerset courtyard. A touching scene: Suzy Bubble, just flown in from New York, came to say hello and shoot street fashion, but she was not allowed to work. She was attacked by about 20 photographers, so after half an hour she waved her hand and just left. Suzy has a sweater from the current Prada collection, which I also looked at until Yulia Vydolob brought me a mohair Forget Me Not by stylist Artur Lomakin this morning.

Photographers and those they want to photograph can sometimes be very difficult to distinguish from each other. Most of all I am touched by English eccentrics, men, apparently inspired by Galliano, with painted mustaches and designer rags in the style of Jack Sparrow. In England, the desire to belong to a certain subculture is very strong, and each tiny circle has its own strict rules and its own dress code. This is probably why there are quite a few similar people - I have not yet seen unique outfits, except that these were outfits that I don't particularly want to repeat.

Blog Bar

London Fashion Week is very well organized. In addition to all sorts of pleasant things, such as printing a badge in 5 seconds according to the accreditation barcode or cards and schedules, there is a blog bar with computers, and above each there is a screen with a broadcast from the shows.

At the Newgen exhibition

At the entrance to all exhibitions, there are not angry guards, but lovely girls. We went to the exhibition of young brands Newgen is an award and financial support from the British Fashion Council through Topshop to promising designers. Peter Pilotto and Mark Fast are among the main names; it is very pleasant to see David Kom, a designer from St. Petersburg, among them. The exhibition takes place on a huge terrace overlooking the Thames, and every time we walk on it, we want to stay there for the whole day.

Visitors to London Fashion Week


The main event of the morning was the show of the Sienna and Savannah Miller brand - Twenty8Twelve, to which Jude Law rushed with Eurostar from Paris. The sisters showed a relaxed and very wearable collection in the Bohemian-Californian spirit - denim, cotton, light floral dresses, stripes.

View the full show.

Topshop Unique as always, it looked quite extravagant: models with lush hairstyles came out in translucent chiffon and prints inspired, according to Topshop chief designer Karen Bonser, by the glare of the sun in the flower garden. As for the length, there were no compromises: either ultra-mini or ultra-maxi.

View the full show.

Glam collection Henry Holland turned out to be bright, with metallic accents and very nice faded denim in the spirit of the 70s.

View the full show.

To be continued.

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