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Playlist: Gimme5
Playlist: Gimme5
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First of all, Gimme5 is known as one of the first blogs in Russian, from where you can learn about the state of affairs in the modern electronic scene. Only this activity of the guys is not limited: Gimme5 is a real community, which includes about twenty members. They release podcasts, arrange parties, and a couple of months ago, the guys released the first compilation Fly Russia, dedicated to the domestic electronic scene and released on the Western label Error Broadcast.

Sunforest - Mr. Bumble

A tragic sketch of the life of insects from the London psychedelic folk-rock band Sunforest, who recorded their only album in 1969. An interesting fact - two years later, Stanley Kubrick included a couple of tracks from this very album on the soundtrack to his immortal "Clockwork Orange".

Ahu - To: Love

An absolutely insane illustration for some fairy tale by Lewis Carroll, presented by an international duo represented by Turkish vocalist Ahu Kelesoglu and one of our favorite contemporary producers, Swiss Dimlite.

Powell - Smack My Glitch Hop (Demokracy Remix)

A remix of a track by a popular French beatmaker from our guys from Demokracy, in which they managed to mix about half a dozen different styles of modern music - from chiptune to drum and bass.

Ghost Mutt - Sasquatch

An armor-piercing bass charge recorded by one of the Donky Pitch and Lowriders - we really love these guys and their crazy cocktails of skwee, modern hip-hop and heavyweight dubstep.

Eero Johanness - We Could be Skweeeroes

Already practically a classic of modern skwee - the best track from the debut album of Finnish musician Iro Johannes, released in 2008 on Planet Mu and, by the way, another proof that label boss Mike Paradinas always has a firm grip on the pulse of the most fashionable musical trends - if remember, at that time Scandinavian electro-funk was just starting to gain popularity.

Ramadanman - Glut

Chicago, Detroit, Bristol and, of course, London in one bottle - none of the producers flirt with the genres of dance music the way Ramadanman does.

LV ft. Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang

This year uk funky has firmly taken a place not only on all the progressive dance floors of the world, almost completely displacing dubstep from there, but also in the catalogs of almost all leading record labels. One example is a joint track by another London producer LV and South African MC Okmalumkoolkat, recently released on Hyperdub.

James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)

Most likely, this composition will appear at least in the top 10 best tracks of the year for every person who follows electronic music in the slightest degree. I want to talk about James, as they say about all the legendary artists, let's say, like about Stevie Wonder: “It was as if he flew to us from another planet and showed something that we had never known or heard before.” "I Only Know (What I Know Now)" is replete with a mix of fresh ideas - building melodies from snatched samples of your own voice, skillful meter changes, original sample pitching, using silence to add tension to a composition - something that has never been seen before in whom - his music is a real paradigm shift.

Jamie Woon - Night Air

Another etude, this time some kind of cinematic and really filling the listener's lungs with “night air”. The well-known Will Bevan aka Burial is responsible for the musical accompaniment here.

Bilal - Levels

Almost all the most promising Los Angeles musicians today, namely Shafiq Husayn, Thundercat, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and, of course, Bilal, gathered on this track in order to skip the best traditions of 70s prog rock through the prism of modern soul music.

Surra - Aletheia

"Aletheia" was sort of the second coming of "Summer Madness" from Kool & The Gang. Little is known about this talented producer from Greece, who was miraculously tracked down on the forum and included in the first part of the compilation "We Made It".

Ghostpoet - Run Run Run

The "Ghost Poet" gives new life to the traditions and ideals of spoken word poetry, permeating them through and through with uk garage music and native London fog.The lyrics, by the way, remind here of the poem "I Am Not A Man" by the cult American avant-garde poet Harold North.

Lukid - Hair of The Dog

The logical continuation of the previous composition by means of modern beat music is the same London fog, dampness and a constantly growing sense of anxiety.

Maxmillion Dunbar - Lemon & Lime

Very strange and one hundred percent futuristic music "for brooding freaks." In general, absolutely all the tracks from the "Cool Water" album could be inserted into the playlist - it is simply gorgeous.

Nocow - Obscurity

The production activity of the St. Petersburg-based Nocow this year received a huge number of positive reviews both at home and abroad. Tracks like "Obscurity" illustrate the dark side of his music - ghostly and chilling to even the most daring listener.

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