10 Main Dances Of The Year

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10 Main Dances Of The Year
10 Main Dances Of The Year
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We have already selected the main events of the year in pop culture, fashion and in the field of women's struggle for equality. It's time to sum up the funniest results - choosing the best dances of 2013. We are inspired by iconic films, music videos, TV shows and internet memes. Having learned one or a couple of these dances, you can repeat it on New Year's Eve with friends and have great fun or demonstrate to colleagues at a corporate party and shock them.

The terio dance

Artist: Baby Therio

A young man named Therio is famous for almost single-handedly rescuing the six-second video sharing network Vine from oblivion. In each of his many masterpieces, he either moves like a god or moves like a god to the shouts of "OOOH KILLEM OOOH KILLEM!" The shouting and filming is in charge of Therio's older cousin Malik. Therio is now six years old, and diligently (we believe it) is in the first grade of the most ordinary school in Riverdale. Therio's favorite musician is Chief Keefe.

"Everytime" in "Crazy Holidays"

Performers: James Franco and the girls in balaclavas

Not that any of us need a reason to cry to Britney Spears' song “Everytime,” but Harmony Corin’s recent film made it impossible for us not to. The pinnacle of the composition, which consists, let us recall, of James Franco playing the piano, balaclavas with unicorns on half-naked girls and outrageous scenes of group robbery, is a dance. To be more precise - a round dance, but with one significant amendment: this is a round dance with shotguns.

Cheerleader dance

in the music video "Wishes" Beach House

Performers: athletes and acrobats

To be honest, you don't have to love the Beach House group (like everything connected with the state of Maryland), but only the one who was kicked by a horse in childhood can say no to the Wishes video. The local imagery, although it grew out of only one English proverb, includes the heavenly beauty of an Asian dancer, and acrobats tearing at each other's clothes, and everything, in general, that your heart desires - up to the blissful sports judge performed by Ray Wise ("Twin Peaks", "Mad Men"), in whose mouth the original song for the video appears.

Kanye West's dance in the music video "Black Skinhead"

Artist: Kanye West 3D Model

The idol of Barack Obama and husband Kim Kardashian this year showed himself on giant screens around the world, ridiculed the leadership of the Chicago Bulls and even defended his wife in the face of fourth-graders, but with all this he managed to release a truly great album, from which in the world of metaphors in each listener's head should explode non-metaphorically. Frankly, we would have found a less obvious reason to include him in this list, but since there is a clip in the world "Black Skinhead" in which Kanye turns into a dancing 3D model of himself in a golden chain, no objections are accepted at all.

Frank pair dance

in the video "Tropico"

Performers: Lana Del Rey and Sean Ross

The unambiguous wriggling of Lana del Rey and the model Sean Ross in the half-hour video "Tropico" will make this list, first of all, because it's beautiful. Secondly, for the fact that no one, except Lana, had the courage to portray sex with an albino model, soaring in the air and passing it off as a film adaptation of original sin. Bravo.

Paradise dance in the movie This is the End

Artists: Backstreet Boys, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel

and a couple dozen more actors

The film This is the End is the main product today of the creative union of those whose names you already know (well, Seth Rogen, James Franco, John Hill, Danny McBride and even a little Emma Watson). The picture is not only a dance on the bones of all living things in itself, but it also ends as it would be nice to end all comedies in the world. Dance in paradise To the song “Everybody”.

"Nikita Sergeevich Lamar"

in the eponymous box

Artist: Nikita Mikhalkov

In Russia this year there were only two funny films - "Bitter!" and the one that you can observe above. The first was shown in all cinemas of the country, the second - in all offices and, thanks to "Evening Urgant", at your mother's house.


Artist: Miley Cyrus

and her cheerleader at the MTV VMA ceremony

Singer Miley Cyrus should definitely thank for the fact that twerk has officially become the English word for "sexy low stance hip movement." How soon the terms will be needed for lewd behavior on a ball to demolish buildings or stick out the tongue in a way that only Miley and some horses can do is unknown.

Harlem shake

Performers: Worldwide except Harlem

Either you did it. Or your friends did it. Or your cleaning lady's niece did it with her colleagues on a boring job. No, that's enough, you yourself know everything. It should only be noted that this is the only dance on the list that even a washing machine can perform.

Epic dance battle of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston

Performers: Artists Hiddleston and Cumberbatch

Since Wonderzine, according to rumors, is read not only by men who want to find out what to give a woman and why she is so sad in general, but also by women themselves, it would be nice to somehow keep them at the screens. In general, ladies, here are two of you.

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