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Moore Soboleva, Journalist
Moore Soboleva, Journalist
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FOR THE HEADING "NALITSO" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic cases of interesting girls - and show all this to you. In the new issue - Moore Soboleva, journalist and author of one of the best beauty blogs





If you don't have the courage to cut your hair or paint your nails brightly, how do you make more important decisions?

About the attitude to cosmetics

Throughout my life, I am more interested in cosmetics not as a means of treating and hiding what is gracefully called "imperfections", but as an opportunity to try on new images and tell stories. Someone experiments with clothes, someone with professions; I believe that cosmetics, especially decorative ones, are the most inexpensive and painless way to try different versions of yourself. I am sure that there are no flowers that “categorically do not suit someone,” and I hate the theory of color type, which limits a woman and drives her into an artificial frame. Moreover, I do not always want to emphasize my advantages and hide my disadvantages with cosmetics: I do not have to always look my best, although I know how to achieve the best results. Almost everyone looks best in a well-chosen nude make-up (“my face but better”), but that doesn't mean you don't have to try some wild colored stuff. Even if it takes you outside your comfort zone, it is terribly entertaining and to some extent prepares you for other, more serious experiments with your life. If you don't even have the courage to cut your hair or paint your nails brightly, how not to be afraid to make bigger decisions?

About leaving

I have always had good, problem-free skin, but it is prone to dryness, plus I have active facial expressions, so wrinkles appeared early enough. I don’t and didn’t have my own beautician, but the older I get, the more I am ready for invasive procedures. Home care is varied but simple. I quickly learned that the most important thing is cleansing and hydration. I try not to neglect masks: of course, I try to do them every day, but it turns out once or twice a week. I love serums very much, I always use them and try to alternate course remedies (detox, for example, or serious anti-age) and pure hydration. For some time now I wash my face in two stages: first I remove my makeup, and then, in fact, I wash my face - I love thoughtful cleansing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but daily care takes very little time: if you don't do some hellish lymphatic drainage massage (and I don't do it), the whole drama takes a few minutes, even if you have five layers of makeup and smokey half face: make-up removal, washing, serum, creams - that's all. All the talk that self-care takes a lot of time and is available only to the idle and lazy are far from reality, in my opinion.

About the extension of youth

In the summer, I first went to a beautician to ask if it was time to inject something in the face, and was somewhat frightened when I heard that it was time. The doctor suggested that I try not to wrinkle my forehead for a while before the procedure and see what happens. When I came back this winter, the doctor praised and reassured me: the control of facial expressions plus good serums (I really liked Clarins Double Serum) gave such a good result that we postponed injections of both Botox and even hyaluronic acid. I just did a biorevitalization of the area under the eyes and, on the whole, I am satisfied.

Nevertheless, I realize that the time for injections and other serious procedures will come, and will come soon: I believe that prolonging youth artificially is correct and normal, the main thing is not to miss the moment when you start to look like Sylvester Stallone's mother. I am absolutely not one of those women who love every wrinkle - I respect this approach, but do not share it.However, at 40 I would like to look not at a wild 18 or vague 26, but at a good, well-groomed 35. Now I am 31, and so far this does not prevent me from wearing colored hair and dark lipstick, but we'll see.

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