Doctor Anastasia Danilova About Cosmetics And Vitamins

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Doctor Anastasia Danilova About Cosmetics And Vitamins
Doctor Anastasia Danilova About Cosmetics And Vitamins
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In the new issue - anesthesiologist-resuscitator Anastasia Danilova.

Anastasia Danilova


Since I am a doctor, I know for sure that there is no point in supplements and vitamins.


About hair

When you have curly hair, the worst thing that can be is to go outside without applying some kind of pacifier. I tried a hundred million products, then I read somewhere that you need to use sulfate-free shampoos. At that moment I was in New York and went for the first time to do a haircut for dry hair - it is just for curly hair. There I was told to stop using shampoos and stuff all this rubbish in my hair. They advised me to find a sulfate-free system in the usual Walgreens, and that's where I came across L'Oréal Evercurl.

About asceticism

I run about four times a week and do my abs workout once. I don’t have any massage brushes, I’ve even run out of makeup remover - and there’s no time to buy it for two months. But sometimes I think I look great when my eyeliner is smudged - although I may be the only one who thinks so.

I also don't have a face cream. Everyone tells me that at 25 you need to think about the future, and that everything will only get worse, but I don't have any acne, I don't use anything - except soap - and I'm fine. The main thing for me is hair. I don't use any oils either, so I have oil for my hair, and sometimes I use it on the cuticles - well, oily and greasy (probably, this is absolutely not what I need to say in this section).

I don't use trackers either, although everyone around me wears them. I had a Jawbone, but I sleep well anyway, and I always wake up badly. When you sleep four to five hours a day, it doesn't matter whether you keep track of your biological clock or not. But with my iPhone, I sleep under the pillow and recently downloaded the Lift app, which reminds me of drinking more water at noon.

About the placebo effect and nootropics

Since I am a doctor, I know for sure that there is no sense in dietary supplements, as well as in vitamins. Well, there is a placebo effect, but you can eat nuts instead. The only thing I eat is electrolyte jellies when I run. It's delicious, and you don't have to worry about potassium. But you can just as well make a cocktail of potato skins and bananas. And superfoods are all a scam too.

The only thing I drink is melatonin because I fly a lot on transatlantic flights. I also used to abuse phenotropil, but once I tried real Aderol, and phenotropil compared to it - granulated sugar. In America, it is prescribed for half of the people who come to the doctor to complain of attention deficit. When I was taking a nine and a half hours long test exam at the computer, I had to somehow concentrate so much time, and now everything went fine with Aderol. And the daily shift in the intensive care unit is magical: you are nice to everyone, kind, you are not annoyed with anyone.

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