Jewelry Designer Polina Medvedeva On Cosmetics And Qigong

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Jewelry Designer Polina Medvedeva On Cosmetics And Qigong
Jewelry Designer Polina Medvedeva On Cosmetics And Qigong
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FOR THE HEADING "NALITSO" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic cases of interesting girls - and show all this to you.

The new issue features Velar illustrator and jewelry designer Polina Medvedeva.

Polina Medvedeva

illustrator and jeweler


I love the sight of my hands, which are briefly dipped in a bag of rice, and they are covered with rice powder


About qigong, sex and creams

I am a result-oriented person. The best care is whole body health, nutrition, and good mental health. Therefore, before we start talking about eyebrow pencils and serums, supposedly capable of a miracle, I would first like to pay tribute to sex, qigong and parsley with kefir. In semen, for example, there are so many nutrients and zinc that any dietary supplements fade. From semen, orally, not only the face shines, but also the lymph flow improves. Alternatives include an alginate mask from a beautician. And qigong refreshes the complexion in two days of practice for two hours. If I was too lazy to practice qigong, I would turn to acupuncture - it is useful for the skin and for body shaping. A cold shower is also good.

Unfortunately, you need to forget about smoking - smoke causes dryness and wrinkles. I do not switch to injections yet, although I know that many people like them at an early age.

Creams are a sore subject, compositions are bullshit. And there is no time to deal with biocosmetics. I use Avène, Bioderma, I love Dr. Sebagh, my homeopath advised them, and seaweed masks, which are given by cosmetologists. I went through all the "chanel and co" because of the beautiful boxes, but now, when I deal with my own boxes, I am calmer about the black little things.

About fragrances

I collect fragrances, give away. I endlessly respect the powdery and oud clouds of Montale and the everyday-comfortable citrus or amber Escentric Molecules. Comme des Garçons are perfect for the mood, all without exception. Sneakers, jeans, a scarf and some Ouarzazate or a new pine Monocle are a great start to the day.

About decorative cosmetics

I once had a period of black eyeliner, but it's tiring, more tiring than just the shadow. By the way, there was a period in my youth when I painted girls with milk, tea, and foundation. And now it's focused on vector graphics.

I love red lipsticks, you just need to choose the right shade, and this is not easy. The blush doesn’t suit me very well, so I don’t overuse it. Although a little shine on the cheekbones or under the eyebrows and even above the lip is interesting. I don’t use mascara either - I have the wrong face, I’m better off with elven whitish eyelashes, when they are slightly powdered. Dark mascara, in my opinion, is cooler for blondes with blue eyes, and it is good for them to draw cat-like eyes with a pencil.

Of course, I love bloody burgundy varnishes, but they don't really suit me - too thin long fingers. Therefore, I like to either bring the base of the nail in black, or transparent varnish, or nothing at all. I love the "Japanese" look of clean hands with matte neat nails: hands that are briefly dipped in a bag of rice, and they are covered with rice powder - this is my ideal manicure. In the end, I came up with a gold tea-leaf jewelry, do not expect me to love pink varnish.

About hair

I do not like even the lightest styling products - they fade the color. Better by the end of the day, everything will be completely straightened, but the shine will remain. In general, the most important thing is not to dye your hair. Every year, when the longing to be a blonde or a brunette attacks me and lasts for about a couple of days, the wonderful Kiev master Igor Lomov twists his finger at his temple and says that he will not allow such a light brown color to be lost. And I don’t want to go to others. That's how we live.

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