6 Cute Animal Parodies Of TV Shows

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6 Cute Animal Parodies Of TV Shows
6 Cute Animal Parodies Of TV Shows
Video: 6 Cute Animal Parodies Of TV Shows
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Finding someone who doesn't watch TV shows is harder than a needle in a haystack. More than TV shows, we only love cute animals (and TV shows). Well, when all the stars converge, our happiness has no limit at all. Inspired by a new parody of our beloved "Game of Thrones" with the participation of pugs, we decided to recall other videos that are not inferior to it.

Game of Thrones

Of all the dog breeds in the world, pugs evoke almost the most piercing feelings: with all their appearance they demonstrate a mixture of thoughtfulness, sarcasm and helplessness, and they have staked out a place in pop culture in Men in Black. The parody, shot by photographers Sue and Philip Lauer, features three of their pets: Roxy, Blue and Bono (!), As well as replicas of outfits from the series, adapted to pug sizes. If we were the owners, we would have already signed a contract with a garment factory.


The tragedy of growing up of four Brooklyn girls is reinforced here by another dramatic detail - this is the story of four two-month-old kittens from the cattery, their adaptation to adult life and the search for its meaning. Crazy disco dancing and cat-dog relationships (literally) included.


The series about a noble maniac who tries to keep his dark side under control is perhaps one of the most popular shows about charming bad guys. A dog of an unknown breed (and, by the way, female), replacing Dexter in this video, does not look particularly frightening until the first drops are shed, let's not say what.

Mad Men

The authors of this video parodied the most recognizable part of Mad Men - the splash screen. Instead of people from a skyscraper, there are unfortunate cats lying around, and the main musical theme of the series is echoed by their plaintive “meow-meow-meow-meow-meyayayayow”. If you don't like cats, there is the same parody with dogs.

Sons of Anarchy

In a parody of the best TV saga about brutal bikers, everything is as it should be: firstly, no cats, and secondly, all dog heroes are completely serious breeds - bulldogs, greyhounds, bull terriers and just handsome mongrels. We want a whole series about them, not a 30-second video.

Orange Is the New Black

Who is better than little, cute kittens to parody a series about a women's prison? The correct answer is nobody. All the main (and funniest) moments of the show's first season fit into a two-minute video: the chase after the mythical chicken, and the scene with the washing machine. And the kittens here really look like real heroines: "Crazy Eyes" also puffs up his eyes, and Alex wears horn glasses on one side.

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