Makeup Artist Irina Grishina About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Makeup Artist Irina Grishina About Her Favorite Cosmetics
Makeup Artist Irina Grishina About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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If the product is uncomfortable, it is necessary to give it up, what

no matter how expensive and famous he is


About leaving

Facial beauty is primarily a skin condition. I am categorically against self-medication, any problem is a signal from the body that only a doctor can recognize. Only after talking with him, you can get a picture of the necessary funds, so I do not self-medicate.

I change the care products depending on the season and the condition of the skin. In winter I use richer, nourishing textures, in summer - moisturizing and protecting from the sun (in hot weather I often use only Microbeauty or thermal water). Most often, I choose from an assortment of professional brands or pharmacies, and I try to buy in foreign pharmacies.

About makeup

I am looking for a middle ground in everything and do not like extremes. I don’t understand people who are heavily made up, and those who are fundamentally against cosmetics. Sometimes I need to walk for several days with intense makeup, so if there is an opportunity not to put on makeup, I go without makeup with pleasure. It's not a problem for me to go somewhere with only one corrector on the face.

I have several quick schemes for the evening: intense lips and minimal eye makeup, a dark pencil on the mucous membrane (the most expressive, simple and convenient option for life); with a pencil you can make a simple smoky in three minutes. In general, I like to experiment and feel comfortable in the new make-up. I often replace one product with another (blush - lipstick, mascara - eyeliner) and I think that everyone should do this.

About balance and honesty

You always need to listen to yourself and your feelings. If you are uncomfortable with a product, you need to give it up, no matter how expensive and famous it is and whoever presented it. If you even slightly disagree with the shade or there are other doubts, it is worth postponing, redirecting, giving away - you do not need to use what is not close to you. Make-up is a second skin, and it is necessary that absolutely all products fit and please.

I am a supporter of telling the truth about cosmetology. I am already well over 30, and many of my peers still sing that they wash themselves with chamomile. As a professional and a woman, I know that aging is inevitable, and I see no reason to deny that you are doing injections and other procedures.

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