Journalist Alisa Tayozhnaya About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Journalist Alisa Tayozhnaya About Her Favorite Cosmetics
Journalist Alisa Tayozhnaya About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Alisa Taezhnaya



About the attitude to cosmetics

Until the age of 23, it never occurred to me to think a lot about cosmetics: I bought ordinary mass-market things and sometimes pampered myself with expensive lipsticks or good mascara, doing little. She was very fond of soft makeup, was embarrassed to paint her lips, almost never used eyeliner and did not paint her eyebrows. A little later, I fell in love with both grooming and painting, but for some reason it is still a pity to spend time on this, and if it was possible to become combed, clean and painted with one click of a button, I would not mind. Remember the nail polish gadget in Total Recall? That would not hurt me.

I am not at all afraid to try and be disappointed, so I donate many banks with sensible funds that did not suit me to my friends and, on the contrary, I take from them what they are tired of. Basically, you need very little to be happy, and the rest is self-indulgence. Therefore, I buy cosmetics a couple of times a year so that random whims and stupidity do not accumulate on the shelves. Well, when instead of five lipsticks you can buy a ticket to an interesting city, the choice is obvious for me.

Care has changed a lot with age - I smile so much and move my face so actively that my rather dry skin needs to be intensively moisturized and monitored around the eye area. I am very calm about injections, plastic surgery and braces, but I myself look at my 75-year-old grandmother, who looks at 55, and I hope that I will be able to keep myself in good shape in natural ways. In winter I don’t part with hygienic lipstick, I drink much more liquid and tackle foundation - in summer I paint in smaller layers and take care of myself with regular washing and ice water. I am an owl, and this is an eternal disaster for appearance, and although I have been trying for seven years to become a morning person who has time for everything, my body loves to fall asleep in the morning. I reassure myself that this regime will change with the advent of the child, and while it is possible to meet the dawn.

About Asian cosmetics

Everything changed after my trip to Seoul, after which I brought home seven kilograms of perfect care cosmetics for me, boyfriend, mom and girlfriends. Korea surprised not only by the prices, but also by the fact that in the first month all the usual skin problems from inappropriate care simply disappeared. I'm not a fan of snail creams or CC-products, but I actively use serums, moisturizers and cotton masks from The Face Shop, Missha or Nature Republic: since I don't go to the spa, I don't like long baths and visit a beautician when necessary, my skin sometimes needs give rest. Now I have replaced almost all the care with Korean, and I try the decorative one all in a row. There is also an inexplicable attachment to the Natura Siberica sea buckthorn series, from which I lose my will - I use their excellent hand creams, tonics, body scrubs with sea salt and shower gels.

About hair

It took me 27 years to realize that the only thing to do with my own hair is to do nothing with it. In an incomprehensible way, I had complexes for a long time because of my color, I dyed and harassed thin hair with chemistry - in general, I didn't have to do anything of this, and now they grow calmly and easily. Sometimes I use a styler, like any girl with straight lines who dreams of curls, but mostly just waiting for my hair to become long and warm me in the winter along with a scarf: sometimes I dream of a bang, but I remember how long it takes to grow it, and again I just do a side parting. I get a haircut for 250 rubles in "Hairdressing salon number 3" near my house with the class master Alena and I don't think about giving her up. Theater ticket or haircut? I will choose the first one and I will not be upset.

About makeup

In makeup, I love a highlighter and a white pencil, which makes a miracle, I always follow the eyebrows, on which the look really depends, but I also try not to force nature - I work with the face that I have, and with age I learned to love him. It's funny, but only a couple of years ago I finally got used to myself and looked at my appearance as something unique and interesting, and not an offensive fact that needs to be corrected. So while there are black eyes - I circle and paint, while there are lips - here is red lipstick, while there are cheeks - let it be blush. In cosmetics, I have no taboos, except, perhaps, false eyelashes, which I still have not learned to stick - everything is possible as long as it is pleasant and desired. But I like to curl my own eyelashes, and for me this machine is just a must. I love my girlfriends very much, they paint simply and insinuatingly, but I myself am not able to, just as I am not able to love difficult smells and clear hairstyles on myself.

About fragrances

It is very difficult with smells: each smell is associated with the past, which should remain where it was, and you no longer want to return it. Therefore, my bottles change one after another, and some are very popular with others, but they are not at all interested in themselves. Apparently, I am the same mainstream who loves light and floral scents - the smell of a meadow or a fresh rose drives me crazy, so all my perfumes are sweet, simple and popular. Previously, I had an affair with the novelties of Marc Jacobs, then with Kenzo, now with Issey Miyake. But TokyoMilk still has the most optimal sizes - two months for a scent is more than enough for me. I also love simple and understandable smells for the home: vanilla, verbena or ginger.

About lifestyle

My main life hacks are not about cosmetics, but about lifestyle. I drink dietary supplements little by little, but mostly these are vitamins for skin and hair like Merz or a general vitamin complex. I figured out quite radically with alcohol, trying to turn it off from regular rituals, and my health became much better. A year and a half ago I stopped eating meat and poultry, because I was too fond of raw smoked sausage, wings and any junk burger, and in general I did not feel very much from meat: the steak was a nightmare for me. I stopped drinking coffee and try not to abuse tea - chamomile, all sorts of herbs and water are my main friends. Regarding food - in relation to myself, I am against prohibitions, gluten-free nutrition and the keto diet. I don't eat very much twice a day and try not to skip desserts. Salty, spicy, sour and sweet, fatty and fermenting - everything is possible, if you really want to, you just don't need extreme. I understand only lovers of organic juices, detox, fasting and quinoa, but I don't want to live like this myself. A dog helps me in my health, with which I have to walk twice a day, a nice dream, cool friends, good relationships and the property of not sitting exactly in one place. I ignore the elevators and do short workouts in the morning on the YouTube channels BeFit and POPSUGAR Fitness: I am depressed by the idea of ​​paying for a gym where everything can be done at home, plus I am a former athlete and am not used to juggling. And then there is dancing, and this is happiness.

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