Why You Should Listen To Ivan Dorn's "Randorn" Right Now

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Why You Should Listen To Ivan Dorn's "Randorn" Right Now
Why You Should Listen To Ivan Dorn's "Randorn" Right Now

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Video: Иван Дорн - Телепорт 2022, December

Last week the most anticipated Russian-language album of the year was released - a new record by Ivan Dorn. The Ukrainian singer has long been synonymous with everything new and good in Russian-language pop music. He flirts with the main pop genres of our time, from R'n'B to deep house, clothe irony in soft melodies and catchy phrases and surpasses all colleagues on the stage. The new album "Randorn" was being prepared quietly by several constant partners of Dorn, and it seems that we have been waiting for its release for a long time. Here's why you need to listen to Randorn right now and keep doing it non-stop until New Years.



"Flock"… Dorn makes music with friends, and not with some abstract producer, while he is fully involved in the creation of the tracks. Therefore, when the commentators of the sites lament that the glory always goes to the singer, and not to the one who worked on the sound, they do not even suspect how wrong they are in this case. For Dorn, the lyrics, and the music, almost entirely - for Roman BestSeller, Pahatam and Lemonade Joe. These people with the names of the heroes of some ironic comic strip today put on their ears all Russian pop music. And judging by how much rapper L'One is biting his elbows due to the fact that the track with BestSeller was never completed, the trio will soon expand their sphere of influence. “A beat for brotherhood,” sings Dorn, emphasizing the division of responsibilities within the group, but a more cohesive team is hard to find.


"Teleport". The singer doesn't really bother about how things are with Ukrainian and Russian music - for him "no further than a hand, the whole of America." Dorn interferes with styles and times, which makes the track 3000, reminiscent of the movie "Interstellar," not seem like something fantastic. For this guy (or, as the Muz-TV channel says about him, krasapeta - and this is also true) there are no barriers, he changes the space-time continuum by one or two. Someone may say that there are too many such musicians in the West, but we obviously have a shortage of them. One can argue or agree with this, but until Dorn appears on the other side of the ocean, and sooner or later he will, we will not know who is right. One thing is for sure: Randorn sets a very high standard for the local scene - fashionistas who do not like Russian music may not even bend.


"SPRING". Comparing the album to the seasons is the last thing a music journalist should do, but Randorn is a very light record. It is all the more surprising that there is not a single love song here. We advise those who disagree to listen more closely to "Spring", "Rowing" and "River" - these are songs not about love, but about its absence, the end of a relationship, when people have only memories and they give everything that happens an unnecessary romantic shade. The rest of the time, Dorn sings about love, but not to a person: to his work ("Sports" and "Number 23"), to life ("Bezmato"), the future ("Teleport" and "3000"), or not at all About. Ivan immediately breaks the canons in passing: for example, he makes the synthpop "The Bear is Guilty" with a text in the spirit of Russian chanson - and this is a brilliant move.


"Ill-mannered"… Dorn can afford a lot. And go to the Muz-TV awards with a song that contains the word "amphetamine", and sample the main house track in history, and swear in a song called "Bezmato", and go to the producers in "You are always in the black" and for glamor - in "The Actress". "Randorn" is a very caustic album in places, written by an honest man; he has enough irony and self-irony, but these qualities are always lacking. You will not find Kanye West's ego at Dorn. To the question "How can your fans stop suffering so much for you?" he replies modestly: "Listen to Pharrell Williams, he's better than me." It is understandable, however, that Dorn challenges everyone else to battle like a boy looking for competitors.His dashing enthusiasm not only delights, but makes him look at the musician with interest.



"Number 23"… Jackson, Tyson, Jordan - from the great trinity Jay Z Dorn would obviously choose the latter. For him, it seems that music is something akin to dancing, which he once did, that is, a sport that seems to be something simple in appearance. The 669 days of writing "Randorn" shows how long and hard it has been worked on. Having easily won the hearts of many with his debut album, Dorn is not afraid to experiment right away. Many fans consider the new disc a step back, but we have something to argue with them - no one seems to have written more sound songs this year.


«3000». André 3000 is one of the most obvious sources of Dorn's influence, if only because it is mentioned in the tracklist. Judging by the album trailer, Jamiroquai, Pharrell Williams, Freddie Mercury, Lenny Kravitz are also among the inspirers. Relying only on our ears, we can immediately notice Prince, and Kanye, and Disclosure, and Craig David, and James Blake, and whoever is not. However, before us is the case when these are all only sources. While everyone is screaming “oh my God, this is definitely some kind of song that he just sang in Russian, but I don’t remember which one”, one cannot help but notice that Dorn, like any great musician, prefers graceful stylizations and light references to direct borrowings. It is simply impossible to imagine an excerpt from "Stairway to Heaven" in a falsetto soul track in the repertoire of any other musician.


"Random"… On an album with this name, everything should be extremely unpredictable - and Dorn, in general, justifies it. However, it is not in vain that one of the tracks sings "There is nothing accidental." The songs here do not flow into one another, they often seem to break off (although it would be more correct to say: they end when you don't want it at all). At the same time, on "Randorn" you can find cross-cutting themes: the strong against the weak, criticism of a vicious society, dislike, time that cannot be stopped, the future, which may be happy, but just do not know for sure. Those who have read this far and have not yet played any track from "Randorn" would like to ask: what Russian pop album of this year can you say all of the above, dear readers?


"The river changes its course"… Dorn is clearly a game changer and forces Russian pop music to follow new ones. Some of the colleagues have already been looking in the right direction for a long time (from Dorn's compatriots - Onuka, Jamala and Monatic, from local ones - Vintage, Silver and Nyusha). But for the most part pop musicians cannot yet accept the new rules, so Dorn has to go out on New Wave in heels or in a sweatshirt with a trident. Thus, he shows that it is okay to be different. It's okay not to walk on the beaten track, but to experiment and try something new. It's okay to remember to look back: to the Scriabin group, Shura and amazing, but half-forgotten examples of pop music of the nineties, Dorn owes no less than Farrell. In the end, it's okay to get up and say "come on, get up." And become the first to do it.


"You are always in the black"… In this case, “you” is the listener, because we have on our hands a whole hour of songs for all occasions. On Wonderzine, in the seasonal selection of new albums, from time to time they advise what is best to do with this or that record. You can do whatever you want with "Randorn" depending on the song. When Dorn's debut Co'N'Dorn came out, it became clear that we had a brilliant and inventive musician singing in Russian. But that was just the beginning: Randorn is about consolidating the result.

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