People's Stars: This Year's Most Popular YouTube Bloggers

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People's Stars: This Year's Most Popular YouTube Bloggers
People's Stars: This Year's Most Popular YouTube Bloggers

Video: People's Stars: This Year's Most Popular YouTube Bloggers

Video: People's Stars: This Year's Most Popular YouTube Bloggers
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Daria Tatarkova

Youtube - the third most visited site in the world, which is just under ten years old. In the world of the Internet, this is quite a respectable age, so its influence is great, and the opportunities for earning are endless. True, when it appeared, no one imagined that the platform for uploading videos would lead to the success of not only musicians, but also “ordinary” people who began to master blogging. Fast forward to the present moment: YouTube stars earn no less, if not more, Hollywood actors, while getting into the very heart of their viewers, being "just like them." We are talking about those who in 2014 confirmed that YouTube is not only a stream of videos with cats and a real black hole, but also one of the most powerful business platforms for bloggers and their projects.


Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg

In the tops of the most successful YouTube stars, the cheerful Swede Pudipay is always in the lead (yes, his pseudonym is pronounced that way, and you also have to make jazz fingers). He managed to amuse the audience of the site with a video, where, attention, he screams under the literally terrifying hit of four years ago "Amnesia". It is impossible not to yell at these sounds, but only one person did it so absurdly and in time to build a career on it. Over the past almost five years, he has become the largest YouTuber in terms of subscribers and earnings. Its revenue in 2014 is estimated at $ 0.825 million to $ 8.47 million a year, even after YouTube slashed its ad percentages.

He is engaged in PewDiePie "letsplay" - speaking in Russian, he comments on the process of his game in the console, with a tangled language and terribly funny awkward jokes. And also makes moronic photo-toads and all sorts of nonsense on camera with his girlfriend (whom he also met through YouTube, and she also has her own channel) and pugs. Felix refuses to streamline video production and hire outside workers, preferring to do everything on his own. In addition to his channel, he raised about a million for charity this year alone and voiced himself in South Park. He affectionately calls his fans "bro", regularly making a fistbump with the screen, that is, the viewer - perhaps his infantile spontaneity and ineradicably positive attitude towards the world have become the reason for such frenzied popularity.

33 112 077 subscribers

7 209 836 312 views


Ian Andrew Hacox

and Anthony Padilla

Smosh are the most popular funny guys on YouTube, posting videos almost since the inception of the service. Having started on the site with the independent animation Newgrounds, they quickly moved to a then new platform and have not lost popularity since then, moving away, of course, exclusively from flash cartoons. It is not surprising that now they already own a whole entertainment company: under their supervision there are 9 channels, most of which regularly broadcast programs created by other people. Over the years, Smosh have released four albums of their own songs, won a bunch of awards, including in 2014 at the 4th Streamy Awards. Friends' biggest breakthrough outside YouTube happened this year. They have officially announced the production of The SMOSH Movie, which will co-star with other popular channel creators like Jenna Marbles and Grace Halbig, and will direct no less than Alex Winter on The Incredible Adventures of Bill and Ted. just his handiwork.

19 446 803 subscribers

3 918 762 429 views


Jenna N. Morey

Jenna Marbles is the most popular female blogger on YouTube this year, and she has won the hearts of viewers for being the archetype of millennial. She does not have any one specific goal, except to live and enjoy life, which she demonstrates to subscribers. Her channel emerged as a place where she posted funny video sketches with her thoughts on a variety of occasions. Her first video, How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking, was viewed 5.3 million times in the first week. The channel began to gain popularity, the stream of consciousness began to be diluted with tags, events, video blogs, podcasts, and so on. Jenna has a great sense of humor, a complete reluctance to fall into conformity, as well as a psychologist degree and a few tiny dogs; for her there are no forbidden and awkward topics, she votes for common sense and jokes in life. She borrowed the nickname Marbles from her dog, Mr. Marbles, in the hope that her mother would not google, as she unprintable swears in her videos.

14 410 545 subscribers

1 637 109 572 views

Bethany Mota

Bethany Noel Mota

The most searched for on Google in 2014 was the seemingly unremarkable teenager Bethany Mota. The young California resident, meanwhile, is already on her way to building her own YouTube empire: she is not yet twenty, but she has been releasing a video for six years. She is adored by teenagers: she laughs loudly, speaks loudly and loves to make faces. Bethany loves all the bright and slightly tasteless things from Target, shows how not too neat but fun to decorate your room, pack lunch, dress up for Christmas, make up for the exit - all the classic themes that live on the beauty and life section on YouTube as if he ate Skitles and vomited like a rainbow.

She got into designers after she made a collection for the Aeropostale store, in which she traveled all over America on a theme bus of "inspiration", and advertisements with her giant face adorned Times Square. The Teen Choice Award chose her as the best youtuber among women this year, but Bethany does not want to remain exclusively on the Internet. This year, the YouTube star became a member of the American "Dancing with the Stars", after which her popularity reached cosmic heights.

7 930 052 subscribers

621 722 446 views


Michelle Phan

There is no need to talk in detail about Michelle Fan once again: she has long ceased to be an ordinary beauty blogger and has reached almost a glossy level in her approach to the instructions with which she started. Over the years of her career, she managed to create her own company Ipsy, which sends out beauty boxes by subscription, the cosmetics brand em. based on L'Oréal, and this year she wrote and published the book "Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success - Online and Off", and also launched her own music label Shift Music Group. In 2014, she also announced a partnership with Endemol Beyond USA to create a network to promote millennial talent on YouTube.

Her startup is estimated at $ 84 million, which could not but entail negative consequences. Owners of electronic music labels filed a lawsuit against Michelle in 2014 for violating the rights of their tracks: the beauty guru often used open source music to design her own videos. Since the game began to involve a lot of money, the copyright holders decided to draw attention to this - but Fan sent them a counterclaim.

7 331 144 subscribers

1 054 038 591 views


Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Among the British, one of the most popular was Zoe Sugg, who also made it into our selection of useful makeup blogs. The girl became not only the fourth most popular YouTuber in the UK, but also one of the most viewed in the world - her services outside the Internet probably played an important role here. This year she released Girl Online, a book based in part on her own experiences. The heroine of her book, like Zoe herself, is experiencing the fallen popularity of the blog and resolves issues on a personal front, coping with cyberbullying.

The teen beauty guru, showing mostly shopping, makeup and fashion, was buzzed when her book became an absolute bestseller. Her popularity was not shaken even by the fact that, according to the publisher, she was not writing the book alone, although this naturally caused a wave of criticism. This year, the mental health charity Mind named her as its digital ambassador, Zoe herself appeared in various commercials and TV shows, and also launched her line of beauty products, collecting several awards like the Teen Awards and the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award.

6 830 918 subscribers

321 714 713 views

Tyler oakley

Tyler Oakley

A young man with blue hair, who became the face and voice of the LGBT community on YouTube in 2014, was among those who managed to meet face to face with the first lady of the United States and conduct interviews - as well as visit the president at home. Achievement, if you think about it, is rather big: for a person who once just recorded himself on a webcam, expressing his thoughts, he has clearly achieved a certain level of influence on the minds of a generation. Tyler's main topics concern the problems of LGBT youth, in particular, suicide and legal protection of minorities, education, as well as pop culture. In 2014, he embarked on his own Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party tour, performing in pajamas and chatting with audiences. He has won five different awards this year and has raised half a million dollars for his charitable campaigns in support of the LGBT community.

6 065 297 subscribers

323 865 394 views


Ingrid Nielsen

Sweet girl Ingrid, in addition to making a career on YouTube with her videos about lifestyle and make-up, also launched one of the most touching formats on the network. Nielsen came up with the idea of making blogs (video blogs) on the principle of a Christmas calendar with gifts for every day - only instead of a chocolate, viewers received one video about her life. Her followers tagged this #vlogmas

(vlog + christmas), which has since become one of the must-have items of any youtubeer. This sweet story is very revealing: the cheerful Ingrid fell in love with many precisely for her cheerful character, like many others on this list.

Long work on your channel naturally affected its quality, which is now in no way inferior to professional videos of specialized sites. This year she participated in the Project Runway spin-off Project Runway: Threads as one of the judges and also appeared on the VMA as a reporter for CoverGirl. She remains one of the most talked about girls on thematic forums, including, unfortunately, due to a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Luke Konrad - also a Youtuber who found himself at the center of a sex scandal.

3 114 644 subscribers

224 224 040 views


Hannah Maud Hart

The failed and seemingly potentially dangerous idea of cooking while drunk has turned out to be just a gold mine in the world of YouTube cooking videos. We are already used to going after video tutorials when we need to cook something new, but Hannah greatly expands the boundaries of the genre. Her channel is not called that for nothing - Hart knows Japanese, so the name deftly plays up both her surname and the word "heart". Hart's most popular series, My Drunk Kitchen, has a companion book, My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, this year. Written with a fair amount of self-irony, this parody recipe book became a bestseller in the States this August. In 2014, Hannah was named Best Comedian by the Streamy Awards, and her comedy film Camp Takota, in which she co-starred with other popular YouTubers Grace Halbig and Mumri Hart, was released.

1 666 916 subscribers

129 537 753 views


Simon and Martina Stawski

EatYourKimchi is made by two English teachers from Canada who moved to South Korea six years ago and dedicated their lives to fostering Canadian-American-Korean friendship. Despite the fact that on a planetary scale this is a much shallower story compared to the rest on the list, almost no one has such a close-knit fan base and cultural achievements like theirs. Their channel has become the epicenter of the fashion for Asian pop culture, in particular South Korean - and the Western audience has a need for its conductors. At first, the couple told their parents through the channel how they live in a distant country, then to subscribers about the cultural differences and peculiarities of life in Korea: about what was not read on the Internet and certainly not watched. Gradually, their speculations about pop culture tightened, and the quality of the video and the degree of absurd humor increased.

Immediate Simon and Martina instantly melt any heart, as do their dog Spudzhi and cat Dr. Mimersworth. Therefore, the four have incredibly loyal fans, which the hosts call "nasties" and a wagon of insider jokes. Last year, they opened an office and hired a few employees, making EatYourKimchi a real company; in this - they opened their own cafe, where, in particular, classes in Korean and English are held. They go on numerous tours, gathering an audience like rock stars, participate in international conventions, interview top Korean stars and make plans to conquer Japan.

639 676 subscribers

178 892 159 views

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