Fashion Designer Nelly Nedre On Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Fashion Designer Nelly Nedre On Her Favorite Cosmetics
Fashion Designer Nelly Nedre On Her Favorite Cosmetics
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Nelly Nedre

clothes designer

I have had periods in my life when I looked very strange


About makeup

I have very little time and all my makeup can be put on very quickly. I have a tattoo on my eyebrows, it is very light, but in principle I can not tint my eyebrows, although I still do it for evening make-up. I am also a fan of eyeliners and have been drawing arrows since the 9th grade, so in five minutes I can draw absolutely any.

At one time I was some kind of space girl: I dyed my hair in pastel pink, I already wore my usual dots on the lower eyelid. I have been drawing them with eyeliner for several years, and it all started with the fact that I wanted to paint over a mole. One boy even fell in love with me because of these points. And usually I have pretty simple makeup, but sometimes I glue shiny stones on myself. They look really cool with bright lipstick and two tails.

About the community

Taking into account my time, I can only go to MAC, Kiehl’s and my makeup artist, and then once every three months. I love the Kiehl’s brand, although I drew attention to it because of the design of the cans, but then I got my mother hooked on their funds. As for decorative cosmetics, I have the most MAC, largely because when the brand appeared in Russia, I just started to paint. I like that in their corners they always recommend what I really need, and not push.

At one time, I moved to the "Temporarily" space, and there we formed a community of creative people who helped each other in everything. I do clothes, so soon the guys at Space started wearing black sweatshirts; the graphic designer drew everything for everyone, the hairdressers helped with the hair. When I came to one, I had white burnt hair, he saw me and said: "So, we will work with you." In the end, the hair was healed.

About appearance

I am a designer and I have had periods in my life when I looked very strange. My parents have photos of me in their house, which I hate: there are eyebrows, black hair, red lips, tan. I went with dark hair for four years, then went to college, where I met girls-makeup artists who made me grow normal eyebrows. As a child, my mother always made me a square so that my hair would not get tangled, and they also have a mouse color, which I do not like.

Now somehow everything in my life has settled down, and it seems that I have found my own style and makeup. Now I pay more attention to caring, because I really have little free time and a lot of stress. I have very dry skin, so even on a trip to the Sapsan I do simple procedures: I generously smear my hands with cream, use cuticle oil, and remove makeup with micellar water, if necessary.

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