Creative Director Of Sergey Ostrikov About His Favorite Cosmetics

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Creative Director Of Sergey Ostrikov About His Favorite Cosmetics
Creative Director Of Sergey Ostrikov About His Favorite Cosmetics

Video: Creative Director Of Sergey Ostrikov About His Favorite Cosmetics

Video: Creative Director Of Sergey Ostrikov About His Favorite Cosmetics

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Sergey Ostrikov

creative director of

In Asia, men are okay with BB cream, but in our area it is still difficult to imagine


About use

cosmetics for men

It so happened that the attractiveness of a man is inherent, rather, in his body and behavior. Therefore, the maximum that men spend on is a haircut, which is key in a neat form, and some functional products like deodorant, shampoo and shaving products. I agree about the popularity of manicure and hair removal, but this is more a Moscow story than a Russian one. Of course, I would like guys to pay attention, for example, to face exfoliators and lip balms, but this is a question for personality development, education, self-awareness, and not for cosmetics manufacturers or society.

In the Scandinavian countries and Asia, men are quite normal about BB cream, but in our area it is still difficult for me to imagine, if we do not take into account those rare comical examples when first a layer of foundation enters the room, and then a man wearing it … My personal OKs in men's make-up are concealers and colored or clear eyebrow gels.

About the basics of care

I've been actively blogging for almost five years now, so every day some new tools appear in my arsenal. But despite this, the principles of self-care remain unchanged and are mostly dictated by my physiology - high testosterone levels and, as a result, very oily skin and hair. I cleanse my face with micellar foams or gels, they penetrate the epidermis to the least extent due to the larger diameter of the molecule, in contrast to traditional surfactants in conventional cleansers, and, accordingly, do not dry out the skin, but completely rid it of excess sebum. My toner and facial moisturizers are always acidic to keep my pores clean for as long as possible. I want to approach retinol, but have not yet found care with a comfortable texture, since most of the retinol-containing cosmetics are produced for aging skin, which is usually produced in a denser consistency. In eye care products, I have the opposite approach to most people: at night I apply light gels for bruising and puffiness, and in the morning - the most moisturizing eye cream, but not vice versa.

I use hair styling almost every day, and if we take into account their catastrophic oily content, I often have to clean my head both in the morning and in the evening (there is nothing worse than going to bed, for example, with clay for hair). I am absolutely not on friendly terms with shampoos of mass and luxury brands, I would rather pull out my hair from the itching that appears or shave baldly than I will use them longer than two or three days. Dimethicone and other silicone derivatives in their composition are evil for me personally, no matter what manufacturers and PR people say about the fact that silicones are cheap and expensive, with a small molecule or with a large one - everything is the same and everything is bad. I choose shampoos without silicone, these are most often found in Asian and "ethical" brands of cosmetics (I write in quotes, because everything is relative and often controversial).

I adore perfumery, I have a large collection at home, part of which is constantly rotated. I'll be honest, sometimes I get very upset when I forget to take a bottle with a scent that suits my mood when I leave the house for the whole day.

About blogging and work

To be honest, I don't often have time to read beauty blogs, but I watch youtubers with great interest. More precisely, I do not watch, but listen - I turn on their videos while I cook or wash the dishes. Separately, sitting down and purposefully watching me is also not enough, but from video bloggers you can glean a very valuable inner idea of girls about cosmetics in the context of their own experiences and problems they face in everyday life, and not only on the backstage of fashion weeks or photo shoots. But I get the most valuable beauty information from Instagram - so far nothing has been invented faster and more clearly.

I have been blogging, probably since the age of nineteen, he moved from site to site several times and was just about my life, design work and studies at the art and graphic faculty. A few years later, I realized that I could add posts about perfumery and cosmetics to it. This prompted me to cooperate with the once popular beauty shop "Beauty Club" and Tatyana Averina, who worked there, as well as my previous experience in Cosmopolitan magazine in the department of advertising special projects - I liked doing cosmetic models the most. As a result, beauty posts pushed all the others out of my blog, and now we see what we see.

That is, cosmetics is my job, a hobby, and even a means of entertainment / inspiration. From early childhood, I love poking around in banks, despite all my seriousness by nature and a scientific degree behind my back. I like to discover promising products myself - I order a lot of things abroad or buy in Russia to form my own opinion. Of course, I would like to fly to international cosmetic exhibitions of the Cosmoprof level in Bologna, I hope that our company will very soon grow to the scale where we can become not only a large retailer, but also a distributor of many interesting products. The main thing is that a start has been made, and now, for example, we are already bringing the world's best makeup fixers to the country.

About male

and women's cosmetics

To be honest, I do not divide cosmetics and perfumes into men and women. Appearance and the person who possesses it have different needs that cannot be satisfied with something "masculine" or "feminine." I love the scent of jasmine, but marketers will never release a masculine jasmine scent - they will roll texts about "feminine femininity" and "sensual sensuality" and make pompous bottles. Where will I go for such a scent? Of course, to the nicheviks, if I suddenly feel embarrassed about the pour femme inscription on the bottle, or directly to the women's shelves, if I am not embarrassed. The same with leaving - I have acne, I will look for a peeling or a regulating cream regardless of gender, and I will most likely find it in the assortment of professional or pharmaceutical brands of cosmetics that also do not write stupid feminine-masculine inscriptions on their vials. If cosmetics say “for men” or “for women”, then for me it is rather a bad sign, indicating that marketing for this brand is clearly higher than the objective function and active ingredient composition.

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