New Name: Rapper Kamaiyah And Her Carefree Hip-hop

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New Name: Rapper Kamaiyah And Her Carefree Hip-hop
New Name: Rapper Kamaiyah And Her Carefree Hip-hop
Video: New Name: Rapper Kamaiyah And Her Carefree Hip-hop
Video: Kamaiyah - \"Fuck It Up\" ft. YG (Official Music Video) 2023, February

Dasha Tatarkova

IN THE RUBRIC "NEW NAME" we talk about promising newcomers: musicians, directors, artists and other creative people - that is, everyone whose name appears more and more often on the pages of magazines, in social media feeds and in our conversations, and who is clearly on the verge of great success. Today we will talk about a young rapper Kamaiyah, who conquered her native Auckland and recorded the perfect soundtrack for a summer party.



21 years old

released a mixtape

"A Good Night in the Ghetto"

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Sometimes the perfect summer records come out before the snow has melted. This happened with Kamaya's debut mixtape "A Good Night in the Ghetto", which was released in March - however, in Oakland, California, where the rapper lives, summer almost never ends. Kamaya is a young hip-hopper whose debut, solidly on The Fader, is already being hailed as one of the best things to happen to music this year. “A Good Night in the Ghetto” turns out to be the perfect soundtrack for a summer evening in the city: with chill and hanging out with friends.

Kamaya is not just flirting with the story of the ghetto, for her poor areas are her home. A year ago, her mother drove the girl out into the street, after which she decided to use all her resources to do what she loved without looking back. The risk paid off: now Kamaya can boldly sing not only about how his whole life has been without money, but also dreams of a comfortable life, when you don't need to think about bills all the time. The singer realized that she was able to write folding texts, as a girl, when she saw and heard the prodigy Bow Wow - at first she had the opportunity to study in the studio, and then the singer worked with other teenagers in the Youth UpRising club. Today, she has the first large disc with sixteen tracks in her hands, in which the rapper leisurely reads about how she is not yet ready for a long relationship, likes to skip a couple of cocktails and chases guys away in the morning, as well as how she will never be shy again yourself, "a simple black girl from the district."

Many appeal to the longing for the 90s, but few give them up as unrequitedly as Kamaya in his mixtape. She says that it was the music of those years that was her universities: she grew up on TLC, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim ("a ghetto diva like me") and Aliya, nostalgic for G-funk and the times when African American culture was on the rise. So now Kamaya is meticulously dressing up and composing melodies and beats corresponding to the era, and also calls his friends from a cell phone that looks like a small brick, which he wears instead of an iPhone. On the cover of the mixtape, by the way, she is just in the circle of friends - for the singer it is a real family - depicts an ideal evening in the ghetto: “Everyone is having fun, no drama and no shootings,” as she herself describes it.

Her motto is: "Dance while you are young." In an interview, the talented rapper directly says that there are so many serious records around, and although she had to face many difficulties, this recording was made by a person who wants to have fun so that those who will listen to her follow her example. “I’m barely twenty years old! I am supposed to rejoice,”and rightly so. The only exception is a simple but very sad song about her best friend who died of cancer. So far, Kamaya does not have a record label (as if everyone took note of her, but she carefully weighs her capabilities), but she already has a name for the first full-fledged album. True, before that she promises a few more mixtapes with which she will test the waters, and new collaborations following the joint track with Drake, which was released in the fresh album of rapper YG.

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