Mattel Unveils Barbie President And VP

Mattel Unveils Barbie President And VP
Mattel Unveils Barbie President And VP

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Mattel has released a new Barbie, this time the world's most popular doll became president, and a colleague is also included - another Barbie VP. The set will be released in eight variations - each of them will have dolls with different faces and skin tones. Like other toys in the Who To Be? Series, the Barbie President and VP must show the girls that nothing is impossible for them. The idea of ​​equality and endless career opportunities is continued by the text on the box, which says that more and more women around the world are nominating themselves for leadership positions and each of us can make the world a better place.

Representatives of the company commented that the appearance of a Barbie president has nothing to do with their political preferences, although Hillary Clinton, who is running for the presidency of the United States this year, immediately comes to mind.

These are not the first steps of Barbie in big politics: Barbie President in different variations has been produced since 1992 (here is an interesting overview of all models). The dolls will go on sale in the US and the Mattel online store in July for $ 24.99 per set.

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