Prince Harry Made A Live HIV Test

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Prince Harry Made A Live HIV Test
Prince Harry Made A Live HIV Test

Video: Prince Harry Made A Live HIV Test

Video: Prince Harry gets tested for HIV 2022, December

Prince Harry took an instant HIV test and broadcast the whole process on the official page of the British royal family. The purpose of this event is to show that it is quick and easy to find out your HIV status (a negative result of an express test does not require confirmation, and with a positive result, the patient will be sent for rechecking to the laboratory). Prince Harry expressed the hope that his example will help destigmatize the disease and motivate people to take the test - we already talked about why everyone should do this last year. The result was negative (hurray), but the clinic employee stressed that today HIV infection is not a death sentence, and people with the infection can lead a normal sex life and live a long and happy life. The main role here is played by the patient's awareness: the earlier a person learns about his status, the more effective the treatment will be.

A few hours after the broadcast, a post appeared on the page in which the royal family expresses concern about the health of their subjects and indicates that about 17% of HIV-infected people do not know about their status, which contributes to the spread of the disease. Prince Harry will be attending an international AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa next week.

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