Girls About The Selection Of Underwear And Clothes For Large Breasts

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Girls About The Selection Of Underwear And Clothes For Large Breasts
Girls About The Selection Of Underwear And Clothes For Large Breasts

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Our heroine Olga Lukinskaya recently told in detail, why big breasts are a big problem, and how she decided to reduce it by surgery. The material evoked a great response from readers - many recognized themselves in it. It turned out that the problem of finding suitable underwear and clothes in one way or another concerns everyone whose breast size is slightly more than a third. “With large breasts, the question“like it or not”is not raised at all, you buy what you can fit into,” they noted in the comments. It would seem: more and more wonderful body-positive campaigns are appearing, plus-size models and ordinary girls with forms are becoming heroes of the generation, and finding a bra for big breasts is still a quest that takes a huge amount of time and effort. We asked seven girls from different cities who were familiar with this problem firsthand, to tell how they deal with it.


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Zlata Nikolaeva

communications specialist

at Qlean

At the age of 19, I lived with a size 1 breast, and it was wonderful. I could walk in a T-shirt or a T-shirt without a bra - it did not look defiant and did not create problems like harassment on the street. Shopping for lingerie or, for example, swimwear was also not a problem. It is not the first year that I remember these times with nostalgia: first, my breasts grew to size B, then to C, and for the last couple of years I have been living in a size line between D and E.

I remember very well how, the spring before last, I realized that I have big breasts. I went to the store of one well-known brand, put on a dozen bras of the usual size 85 C - and in the fitting room I did not fit into any: my breasts fell out of the fabric, the straps cut painfully into my body, except that everything on the back was fastened normally. I could not sin on the fact that I had grown fat dramatically - I had just lost a lot of weight that spring, but I left the store in tears and curses. I came to another store, much more modest, complained to the saleswoman, imagine, they say, what kind of cattle your competitors are small in size. “Choose bras, now we'll pick everything up, don't worry,” said the saleswoman. - This one, this one and that one? Size 85 C? Go to the fitting room, I'll get you. " Two of the three covers I selected sat down perfectly, the tears dried up, I bought them, taking a dozen more panties, and left happy. And at home I found out that the bras I bought were in size D.

I was always (even in the "average" third size) surprised that with the "cult of big breasts" existing in society, it is rather difficult to find suitable underwear and clothes. I, with not yet the most outstanding sizes, rarely buy a bra because it just seems beautiful to me - I am looking for something that will fit and will not rub. Because people like me are sewn to “support”, and not to make it beautiful. By the way, I was more lucky with sports underwear - maybe because in his case I don't think about aesthetics at all and I can buy “to keep things” in “Sportmaster” or in the clothing department of some supermarket. And sometimes I wear it not for sports - sports bras rub less often and are generally comfortable.

My case is a little simplified by the fact that I am generally curvy and plus size - Russian size 50-52. Here, by the way, there is also a huge contradiction: I do not find my size in most mass-market stores in Moscow. This is surprising: I am a normal, large, curvy girl, I go out into the street, go down the subway and see many women like me, and a lot of those who are bigger than me. But we don't exist for hangers and counters in stores. On trips to Europe, I always note (gutting a credit card) that in the same stores the size range is much wider and there is more choice. Even if this is the Baltics, where there is quite a cult of harmony and women seem more subtle than Muscovites.

So most of the stores I just don't go, at all, what's the point of teasing? A huge salvation - Marks & Spencer, they sew very cute things on large (and busty) ladies, not motorcycle covers. And they also have spacious fittings in which the air conditioner works normally. It seems to me that sixty percent of my wardrobe is from there, I buy simple underwear there. I can find things in H&M, Zara, but in the men's department.

Online stores save a lot: Bonprix, Lamoda (it's cool that "Lamoda" has the opportunity to try on and immediately return it to the courier if something doesn't fit). Recently - I am a brake - I discovered ASOS Curve and am in awe of both things and the way they sit. I will definitely try and buy underwear there.


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Nailya Sinitsyna

founder of the photo agency Eight Agency

I have an 8th breast size. For a very long time, the search for clothes and underwear has been a problem for me. I started to deal with this in my senior year. Forms began to develop rapidly, and I realized that I was different from most girls in my size. It embarrassed me, I began to hunch down, wore only sports underwear and put on several layers of clothes to hide these shapes. I grew - and the forms grew too. At the institute, I was faced with the fact that the choice of lingerie for me became very limited: it was very difficult to find something cute and comfortable.

The mass market does not sell such sizes, all sorts of shops like "Wild Orchid" and "Bustier" too - and then the Belarusian Milavitsa lingerie came to the rescue. Mom told me about her, who also has a fairly large breast size. This brand turned out to be just a salvation. Pretty nice, high quality and very affordable lingerie. I can't say that there is a wide choice for me, but at least it is. I shop there every 2-3 months, as the laundry wears out quickly. It is very important that the straps are thick and not cut into the shoulders, the cups are only soft and rather closed, the bones are strong. Over time, I realized that I was less and less interested in the aesthetic look of the underwear, it is much more important to make it comfortable, since large breasts and uncomfortable underwear cause terrible discomfort. Big problem with swimwear. I have probably had four of them in my entire life, and I kept each one like the apple of my eye. In Moscow, it is almost impossible to find anything, the last time I found something of my size in Spain in a Triumph store, I bought two at once. It is impossible to buy kits at all, because the top is always larger than the bottom.

Another problem is sports underwear. I do a lot of sports, and it is important for me to feel comfortable, otherwise the activity brings pain. Large sports underwear is expensive, from 7 to 12 thousand rubles. I liked the Panache brand the most. Mom also told me about her. The hardest part was during pregnancy and lactation - the breasts became three more sizes larger. I no longer fit into my usual underwear, and a friend told me about the Anita brand, only there I could find underwear of my size, and it was for feeding. The brand is quite expensive - the kit costs from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. I bought myself two and wore them throughout my pregnancy and lactation.

As for clothes, here I am also very limited, but there is still a choice. I already know the styles that suit me, and I know exactly what I need when I go to the store. If I wear a wide top, then the bottom should be narrow, and vice versa. If I find a top that suits me - and with it the main problem - I often buy it in several versions. As a rule, I buy clothes in the mass market. I love Uniqlo very much. I mainly buy clothes in Russia, sometimes on trips and almost never in online stores, since I need to measure everything. I have never sewed to order, I don't want to bother so much.

On the one hand, I am even glad that I am limited in the choice of clothes - it helps me not to make hysterical purchases and clutter up the closet, but it still upsets me that modern fashion is focused on small breasts and women with large shapes somehow feel infringed and limited.I even had an idea to create a basic wardrobe for girls with big breasts, maybe I'll do it someday.


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Alina Vorzheva

segment producer of the program "Evening Urgant"

I have always had big breasts. At the age of 13, I already proudly possessed the second size, from 20 I had a D - and I thought that it was not easy for me to buy clothes. Three years ago I recovered, my breasts grew to E - and I realized how much I was wrong. The world has really turned upside down. I'm not plus-size yet, and the L size of almost all average brands has become too small for me only because of the chest. In chain lingerie stores, where I had some difficulty finding D, it turned out to be almost impossible to find E.

Among the democratic brands of lingerie, I have always loved Etam - as it turned out, in the basic collections they have a size E, in the spring I even bought fun colored bras there, which fit surprisingly well. With a little more effort, I found a nice bodice at Intimissimi. Also, with the recent new things, the consultants at Victoria's Secret helped me a lot, clearly well prepared for the correct selection of lingerie. With an incredible variety of assortment, the percentage of what is suitable for large breasts is small, but you can find it.

I also ordered lingerie on the Internet more than once on my favorite ASOS - how lucky it is, it depends on the brand, until I found mine. But, at least on the Internet, they admit that there are beautiful lingerie larger than size D. ASOS itself recently launched the Fuller Bust collection - just for large breasts, but my experience with one order from this collection is still unsuccessful: despite the declared E cup, the bust was right next to a friend in size D. Speaking of the brand, I also order most of the clothes there, focusing on more or less safe styles. Items directly from the ASOS brand itself came without surprises in the size grid.

Almost all the clothes are still a little small in my chest. Once I had a seamstress with excellent taste and golden hands, whom I could completely trust, but she moved to live in another country, and I will not start looking for a new one. This is, of course, a lifesaver. It is clear that in order to sew everything individually, you will not have enough money and time, especially since fabrics have become very expensive now, but some iconic things - a good coat, a jacket for a figure, a really comfortable beautiful daily dress or a dress for a special occasion - are worth spent funds.

I am often frustrated that I cannot buy the things that I like so much on a hanger or in a picture. Slightly girlish styles look pornographic (even if they have no cutouts), big breasts incredibly simplify things in vintage style and make them look "rustic", the neckline is almost never delicate, and I will not repeat myself about the impossibility of wearing clothes without underwear.


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Asya Bobkova

freelance copywriter

The fact that going for new clothes and linen is the most difficult quest became clear in the course of the first or second. In school, I went with the second or third size, and then the chest grew to the fourth or fifth, while the hips remained narrow, the difference between the top and bottom of the size is four.

It is very difficult to find a long down jacket or a dress - either it does not fit on the chest, or you can shove a couple more asses in the hips. Many dresses, shirts, blouses and tops simply don't have darts. Surprisingly, it seems like there is a cult of the breast in the world, but they sew everything for some androgyne. Previously, jersey and polyester came to the rescue, but now I have recovered quite a lot, I have to wear loose T-shirts and shirts and dresses a la hoodie.

I buy lingerie from DIM and Golfstream. I used to be very fond of deep cleavage, so I bought regular bras with underwire of large sizes. Now the breasts have become even larger, the deep cuts look completely vulgar, and the bras on me do not last long - the straps quickly deteriorate, even wide ones. Now is the time to ditch the cleavage and wear special bras for a large bust - with really wide straps, maximum support and a wide band under the bust.Moreover, I want to buy a minimizing bra, I hope it will make the choice of clothes easier.

I dress most often in second-hand shops, but sometimes I buy something from Promod, H&M and Stokmann. In general, I cannot single out certain brands - in my situation I have to buy something that fits and does not disfigure the figure. I don’t order clothes on the Internet, again because of non-standard parameters. Sports were banned many years ago for medical reasons, so the issue of sportswear and underwear passed me by.

Maria Tikhonova


Finding clothes is not a big problem for me. Of course, you have to spend a little more time - shops of youth (or at least "not age") clothes rarely rely on customers with large breasts. Sometimes problems arise with dresses: in the chest it is not enough, and in the hips it is large. Most often I have to buy clothes not in the mass market (in more high-profile stores, things are more likely to suit my figure), and therefore it is more expensive. But in general, I repeat, you can quickly get used to clothes.

As for the choice of lingerie, the situation is more complicated. Depending on the correct or incorrectly selected underwear, the clothes fit, respectively, better or worse. Now there are many stores that specialize in large sizes, and various social media regularly advertise them, so finding one is not a problem. One of these specialty stores uses the slogan "Wear not what fits, but what you like." It clearly reflects the problem of choosing large bras. Again, I would like to note that linen in such stores is more expensive, but it’s not a pity to pay for comfort in every sense. In addition, I have found that lingerie from specialty stores lasts longer than lingerie of suitable sizes from regular lingerie stores.

Not so long ago I found specialized shops "Bra-shop" and Сrazy Beach. Separately, it is worth dwelling on swimsuits, since I think that recently the market for youthful swimwear in large sizes has grown significantly, which is good news. Previously, I had to deal with the fact that the size of a swimsuit is suitable, but it looks as if it is intended for women much older. The same can be said for underwear. I buy things in Russia. I love the Panache and Curvy Kate brands. I buy clothes on trips, but I have never bought underwear. I haven't risked it on the Internet yet.


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Maria Servetnik


From the age of five to nine, I was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics at the Palace of Pioneers. At the age of ten, it finally became clear that stick girls, as gymnasts seem to be, will not come out of me. At eleven I had a size two breast. Well, okay.

The mass market in Russia and, to a lesser extent, in the world, at the sight of people with a non-standard figure, metaphorically closes its eyes with its palms and shouts “I'm in the house!”. It doesn't matter how you are different - petite girls in the comments will surely tell you how much fun it is to try on XXS and understand that it is two sizes large. I am on the other side of this spectrum. I’ll probably find a tight T-shirt in the nearest store, but the search for a bra for a long time looked like this: “Do you have a cup larger than D? No? All the best". Repeat ten times. Cry.

I have not only a large chest, but also a narrow chest. Dimensional grids of brands, which in Russia are responsible for large size underwear, usually start with a coverage of 85 centimeters. And I need 75, even 70 is better. In addition, almost no one explains to girls how to choose the right bra - the saleswoman can occasionally ask: "Well, how do you like it, does it press?" - but that's all. How the bra should actually fit is unknown. Some advice is passed from mouth to mouth, they say, if you jump in the fitting room … Or if the bra does not crawl up from the back … No, wait, on the contrary, if it crawls!

In fact, the bra should not be held at all by the straps, it should not crawl upwards either, and if you jump in it, then nothing needs to be corrected.How did I know this? Thanks Reddit! About a year ago, I came across the ABraThatFits reddit and was surprised to learn that I have worn an undersized bra all my life - however, like most girls. In Russia, not everyone knows how breast size is measured at all. For example, "four" is what? Four of which? Four apples? Four hours of searching for a sconce in which nothing falls out of the cups? Girls most often think that the A cup is "small breasts" and the DD cup is "huge". ABraThatFits has a whole gallery of pictures of girls wearing D and DD cups, and not everyone there resembles Pamela Anderson.

I read the forum for two days in a row and using a special calculator, I figured out that I needed to wear a 75J bra. J, you see! Just because of the narrow chest. Of course, there are no such sizes in Russia, and for a year now I have been ordering lingerie on the Internet - fortunately, I have hardly bought clothes in Russia for a long time. Just one more item in the package. I order bras - both regular and sports bras - on Amazon, each time I first study ABraThatFits and the base of reviews for bras on the Bratabase website, because different models of different brands differ in the distance between the straps, the width of the cup and much more.

Once, even before I met ABraThatFits, I walked into Primark in London and almost burst into tears: in a cheap clothing store in central London, bras with an F cup were sold, but in stores with five thousand underpants in Moscow, they were not. This makes me very upset: specifically, I have the resources to select and order the right bras, but how many people do not have them? How many people suffer, constantly straightening uncomfortable bras, embarrassed that a cup is pressing on their breasts, because of this, they do not wear the clothes they want?


↑ Asos

Vilena Karjakina

journalist, teacher

It should be immediately noted that I live in a colorful southern province - in Krasnodar, and before that - in very small towns. By the end of school, I had my current size 75 E. Realizing as a teenager that my figure, frankly, was non-standard, at the age of fourteen I went to learn to sew. The classes gave us ideas, first of all, about technological processes - we sewed clothes without long conversations and theorizing. Moreover, of any complexity - so, it was in those distant times that I learned to sew summer dresses with a bustier top or a strap-loop that can be worn on a naked body.

The acquired skills, on the one hand, turned out to be extremely useful, on the other hand, they spoiled me hopelessly: looking at the prices of clothes in stores, even in the mass market, not to mention "high" brands, my reaction most often ranges from surprise eyebrows to grin. Well, an ordinary two-seam A-line skirt cannot cost three thousand rubles, or a simple dress made of nasty fabric - seven. I still sew clothes, albeit not in such quantities as in my youth. Although some rituals are unshakable: sewing, for example, an outfit for the New Year is already a tradition. Therefore, I buy things mainly from the categories "to sew more expensive" or "this is definitely not sewn".

There are no problems with the purchase of knitwear, sweaters and jeans, especially since I am "normal" at the bottom. Krasnodar is a city of shopping and entertainment centers, the leader in terms of their number per capita in Russia. This makes the strategy for finding custom-sized shirts, jackets, dresses and underwear very clear: stay away from shopping malls. Small shops, inconspicuous signs, sleeping areas instead of the center - this is where the treasures are. Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of shopping and entertainment centers and shopping and entertainment centers, there are fewer “kids”, but nevertheless. It is unlikely that the word "brands" is appropriate here - I pay attention to fabrics, style and sewing, and I cut off any tags right away. I have zero brand dependence, I am not at all worried about the lack of items with loud or popular labels in my wardrobe.

Lingerie has a special story: it can not but rejoice that now there are many more opportunities.Once there was one and only Milavitsa - there was and is, I hope, and will be - and three eternal colors (black, white, flesh). Now, in addition to it, there are other manufacturers, and the owners, again, of small shops, who bring absolutely incomparable underwear of all colors and levels of support and elegance from the Baltic States, Italy, Poland, France - and at the price of underwear, not a car or Boeing. Once, out of idle curiosity, I walked into a small room with a signboard "Underwear" in the tax office building, not believing what was happening, tried on, as it seemed to me, a third of the assortment for an hour and eventually took away four sets of incredible beauty and unusual colors. The owner of the store responded so sincerely to my enthusiasm and surprise that she made a discount and handed over a mobile phone number, and after a while she announced the move of the store and a new address.

Swimwear and sportswear have been a real problem for a long time. I remember even at the university I was amused by the fact that I went to the coolest shops and boutiques and confidently declared: “Find a swimsuit for me - and I will buy it. It doesn't matter how much it costs. " Well, yes, it is disgusting, of course, to treat naive sellers that sincerely tried to find something for me, but a swimsuit was needed. I regularly won champagne from friends who did not believe that swimsuits for 75 E did not exist. Later, at a local forum, they told me the coordinates of a shop, where they would definitely help me - and really helped. Now the situation has improved so much that I bought my last swimsuit in one of the villages, almost a resort, completely without any difficulties and with the possibility of choosing from several models.

Most often I take sports underwear at Decathlon. Although the very first bras and high-end support bras were bought abroad, in the Nike brand store in Lille, France. In general, my eyes widened abroad - in any, even a chain lingerie store, you can find something. However, there are also a lot of opportunities with clothes - at least in stores, at least on street "ruins" there is something to profit from, from a plaid skirt for 1 euro to a summer cotton sundress, which the luxurious African queen from among the customers will closely examine and clap with delight: “Très belle couleur! " I have not been to Asian countries, but in Europe, wherever you are, there is always something to choose from. Sometimes I think that the non-standard size and living in the Russian provinces save me from bankruptcy - if I had a standard A or B, or even if I lived with a non-standard E-F in Europe, I would have gone broke buying clothes and underwear!

In general, I have come to believe in the advantages of the era of consumption so much that recently I began to make purchases on the Internet - neatly and a little bit. This fact in itself is a small step for all progressive humanity, but a huge step for me personally. Before, I didn't even consider buying something without trying it on. However, I bought a pair of denim dresses at ASOS, moreover, from the usual line (one had to put a couple of additional seams - a matter of a couple of minutes, and the village was like a glove), and simple cotton bodices without pits (for "sample" Internet sizes) - on Bonprix, after idly flipping through a directory thrown into the mailbox.

Perhaps clothes and underwear remained the only problem for me personally - but now they have ceased to be such. My chest does not give me either physical or moral discomfort, the era of youthful complexes is over, and correctly selected physical activity (in strict accordance with the doctor's prescriptions) brings only relief and joy. The road to harmony with my own body has been long and difficult, but now it seems that I am finally at the point of balance. Hopefully for a long time.

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