13 Movies And TV Shows For English Learners

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13 Movies And TV Shows For English Learners
13 Movies And TV Shows For English Learners

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You can learn a foreign language without leaving your home. There are many ways: classes on Skype with a native speaker, studying online tests and special programs. But there is also one fascinating help - these are films with original voice acting. Ruben Grigoryan, a teacher at the Englishdom online school, talked about how to find suitable films for English learners and compiled a list of films that will help hone their knowledge.

How to find the right movie

in English?


“Watching American and British films helps both beginners and oldies to improve their English: to“eavesdrop”on authentic pronunciation, memorize correct intonation and, most importantly, expand vocabulary. All words and fixed expressions in films are presented to you in a certain context, due to which you can guess the meaning of the phrase, even if you hear it for the first time. However, in order to get a tangible effect from watching films with original voice acting, you first need to not flatter yourself and choose the burden on your shoulder.

If you are completely new to English, do not rush to TV shows like House M.D. or Elementary: a bunch of medical and forensic terms can discourage you not only to watch films without translation, but also to learn English in general. In my practice, there were examples when a student began to re-learn the language after several years of pause, caused precisely by incorrectly selected films and other educational materials - too complex and not suitable for a beginner.

In the early stages, do not hesitate to subtitle. Some stubbornly call subs "crutches" and do not want to watch films with them, even at first. And in vain, because for beginners, subtitles are a great option to pump not only the perception of English by ear, peeping at the bottom of the screen, but also to improve their writing skills. However, you should not abuse subtitles: as soon as you reach a more or less acceptable level of language, turn off subtitles and focus on sound and picture.

Choose films of the genres that you like. If you like thrillers and action movies, you will hardly be happy to watch adaptations of Jane Austen's novels for the sake of learning English. And vice versa. In general, choose movies for fun, not for training. The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean are films with short, vivid dialogues and clear pronunciation. But, for example, "Harry Potter" will not advise beginners - specific expressions and spells can be confusing. By the way, many of my adult students also enjoy watching Disney cartoons without translation - but this, of course, is not an option for everyone."

Films and series

for learning British English


My fair lady

Although filmed in the United States, the British pronunciation is perfect. This is an adaptation of Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, where the refined gentleman Professor Higgins undertakes to teach the flower girl Eliza to speak competently, as in high society, and at the same time get rid of a pronounced accent. In general, feel free to download this film in the original voice acting and enjoy classic English.

Bridget Jones's Diary

In this film, there are a lot of simple everyday dialogues - just a storehouse for those who want to tighten up informal British English. By the way, the leading actress Renee Zellweger did not stop using British English outside the set during filming. Take an example.


The adaptation of the novel by British writer Terry Pratchett is a must-see film for fans of the master and the fantasy genre. A very entertaining comedy with elements of a detective story and good British English.By the way, in the last scene, Pratchett himself starred as a postman.


A modern interpretation of Conan Doyle's iconic stories. I note that if you see Martin Freeman (he plays Dr. Watson) on the screen, know that you are watching a useful movie for improving British English.


Another British TV series with Freeman, in which you can hear many vivid expressions from the vocabulary of British office workers. If in the future you plan to join their ranks - "The Office" will help you easily and naturally join the team. Just don't confuse this show with its American version.

Miss Marple / Poirot

The good old series about Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are classics of the detective genre, a film adaptation of the works of Agatha Christie. Gripping storylines, elegant crime solving techniques and good British English.

Extra @

Before you start watching all of the above, take the time to watch the cool British youth TV series "Extr @". The thing is really sensible and therefore popular. Usually it comes with subtitles and files for printing the full texts of the episodes, so there will be no problems here.

Films and series

for learning American English


Forrest Gump

Zemeckis' touching drama is a useful movie for beginners. The main character speaks slowly, simply and clearly, so even beginners can master the film.

Crime novel

A chic choice for lovers of casual dialogues spiced with strong words. From this film, you can glean a bunch of recognizable poignant aphorisms and catchphrases like “You okay? - Nah, man. I'm pretty fucking far from okay."

Lake house

A fantasy drama, a really useful movie for improving written English. The plot is tied to the correspondence of characters living at different times, which will help you develop the skills of correctly composing informal letters.

Jerry Maguire

A comedy drama for student viewers planning to further decorate the state of a large American corporation. To speak correctly, to formulate correctly and even to think correctly in English - Jerry Maguire will teach you all this.


Unobtrusive humor and light dialogues will help you quickly master the basic wisdom of informal American English for everyday communication. True, in the series there are frequent insertions of loud offscreen laughter, but in our case this is not bad: a couple of free seconds appear to digest the new information received.

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