12 New Mobile Games That Will Take You Away From Pokemon Go

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12 New Mobile Games That Will Take You Away From Pokemon Go
12 New Mobile Games That Will Take You Away From Pokemon Go

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Dasha Tatarkova

It's no secret that the main mobile game today is pokemon Go… However, the release of one loud game does not mean that the market is frozen and has nothing more to offer. There have been many mobile games released over the past couple of years that will make you stick to the screen as tightly as catching Pokemon. Here are twelve great games to tackle if you're sick of Pokemon Go.


IOS: $ 2.99, ANDROID: 231.61 rubles.

_PRISM was single-handedly conceived and made by developer and handyman Clint Sue, and it immediately became the indie gaming community's new favorite entertainment. The main thing is not to confuse it with the Prisma app - they have nothing in common. _PRISM is an elegant 3D puzzle, vaguely reminiscent of a Rubik's cube. The levels here are built like a microgalaxy, each is a separate planet. The player is given several input data: a three-dimensional figure with points on planes, with which a second, already flat figure must be combined. It's easier to see once than to describe, just believe that of all the puzzles, this one is undoubtedly worth your time.

The Westport Independent

IOS: $ 4.99, ANDROID: 279 rubles.

The Westport Independent is literally a noir-style censorship game. It works as follows: the player finds himself in the position of a newspaper editor in the post-war period. Due to the current situation, he constantly needs to change the texts, depending on which side he chooses: the rebels or the current government. The course of the game is influenced by every decision to publish an article about one of the parties to the conflict or not, and if so, in what form. This story takes the place of a man who vowed to broadcast an independent view of the world, but faced the inevitable realities of journalism.

Her story

IOS: $ 4.99, ANDROID: 199 rubles.

A detective game unlike any other. The player will play the role of an investigator: in front of him are dozens of videos from the interrogation of the same woman. It looks like you have a computer with Windows 98 in front of you, and this was done on purpose: the video was even deliberately re-recorded several times from one VHS tape to another to obtain the appropriate effect. To solve the crime, the player will have to make a whole picture of what happened. Her Story was invented by the author of British Silent Hill, Sam Barlow, and if there is anything here from his previous works, it is not leaving the nervous tension. So start digging into the interview with Hannah Smith, the wife of the missing person, to see if the murder happened and if she was to blame for it.

Circa Infinity

IOS: $ 2.99, ANDROID: 222.81 RUB

The game, from which, as the developers themselves say, your brain will melt. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer - you've never seen such a platformer before. The levels in Circa Infinity look like concentric circles - each new one grows from the center of the screen. Controlling a character (sometimes two), you have to avoid numerous obstacles, mainly in the form of demons, and also figure out how to get to the next level. It looks like a visual pixel model of the circles of hell, hypnotizing the player due to constantly diverging circles. In general, a must-have item for a lover of mobile games, approved by PewDiePie itself.

The room three

IOS: $ 4.99, ANDROID: 279 rubles.

The third installment in the multi-award winning The Room series. All of them are united by a common goal: to solve puzzle levels, which include the need to open mysterious boxes and get out of locked rooms. It sounds simpler than it really is: the levels themselves are real Pandora's boxes, which are very, very difficult to hack. Opening each of them, the player unravels the chilling story of a man who once solved all these mysterious puzzles, which drove him to madness. In general, play at your own risk.


IOS: $ 0.99, ANDROID: 65 rubles.

Another favorite of festivals and critics, Prune is, in the words of the developers, an ode to the love of trees. The game was invented by a man who was very tired of the shooters with which he worked all the time.Prune, both externally and in its mood, is very similar to Japanese prints: in fact, everything that the player sees every time is one and only sakura tree. As if it were a Tamagotchi, this tree needs to be cared for and cherished all the time, to help it grow and grow stronger. At first, it is about pruning branches - hence the name - then, logically, the tree will only grow more difficult and more difficult due to various obstacles. But when it blooms - there will be no limit to happiness.

Progress to 100

IOS: $ 2.99

Progress to 100 is like a half of the game "Truth or Dare" we all know: here you have to do different things all the time, as if on an argument. Swipe the screen, laugh, tickle it or bury your nose in it - there are many options. Progress to 100 looks minimalistic and promises exactly what the title says - to drive the player to level 100. Only the most decisive will get there. Just like Pokemon Go, Progress to 100 is a very social game, perfect for a party. You can take turns passing the levels or show your skills to friends - go through the game from start to finish.

Lara croft go

IOS: $ 4.99, ANDROID: 379 rubles.

Lara Croft Go has nothing to do with Pokemon Go, but is associated with another mobile hit Hitman Go. The latter was released a couple of years ago as a kind of companion game to the main Hitman game. The mobile version was similar to a board game, where the main character had to be moved along rigidly defined lines. The game with Lara Croft is built on exactly the same principle: each level is a puzzle with moves like in a board, and you need to go through it the same way. Incredibly beautiful, albeit short, Lara Croft Go is another piece of luck in the updated franchise.


IOS: $ 0.99

Another puzzle on this list that will drive you crazy with its crazy physics. Elegant, painted levels in the hocus. they look like a Mobius strip and represent impossible figures, that is, optical illusions pretending to be flat objects. Look at this triangle, and you will understand what we are talking about. In fact, the figures in the hocus. are voluminous, and you need to roll a cube on their planes to bring it to the end point.


IOS: $ 2.99

There are never many platformers - this is the unspoken rule, not necessarily even mobile, but just games. As always, there is plenty to choose from: here is a story about a jet cat that is so easy to catch, here is about a tiny astronaut looking for love, and Telepaint is about a cute bucket of paint. The game resembles a puzzle based on Portal, only here you need to move through the levels using portals with paint. And yes, we repeat, you need to play for a very cute bucket. With paint.

Peter panic

IOS: free

The last couple of months in the West, the main sensation has been Hamilton, a Broadway production about one of the founding fathers of the United States. The performance made such a strong impression on the audience and critics that we may well expect the second coming of musicals into popular culture. At least this game already exists. Peter Panic is a new creation from Adult Swim, and, surprisingly for a mobile game, everyone sings, "This is a mobile musical." The main character Peter is a young director who dreams of opening a theater in a small town. To progress through the story, the player must complete mini-games and love musicals very much, because they are all provided with numbers performed by real actors from Broadway.

Toca blocks

IOS: $ 2.99, ANDROID: 149 rubles.

In general, Toca Blocks is nominally a child's game, but it is made so cool that adults will also like it. It was invented by the Swedish studio Toca Boca, which specializes in applications for those who are younger. The developer already has a couple of dozen titles in its track record, and Toca Blocks continues the line of games with the "Toca" prefix. Blocks is something like Minecraft on a tablet, only much more rosy. There are not too many restrictions in the game world, so you can create 2D structures, guided only by your imagination, using different blocks to build (or dig) a whole new world.

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