Scientists Have Discovered The Oldest Cancer Case

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Scientists Have Discovered The Oldest Cancer Case
Scientists Have Discovered The Oldest Cancer Case

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Video: Ancient skeleton with earliest case of cancer discovered 2022, November

A team of researchers from the UK and South Africa discovered signs of cancer while examining the remains of the paranthropus, an extinct species of anthropoid that lived in South Africa about 1.7 million years ago. The earliest known cancer case was published in the South African Journal of Science.

The male was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive malignant tumor consisting of bone cells. Experts believe that the disease affected all limbs of the paranthropus, depriving him of the opportunity to move around painlessly. It is not known what exactly caused the death of an individual - cancer itself or another factor, for example, an attack by a predator.

This finding confirms that cancer is not a modern disease. Although the records of Pharaoh Imhotep (2600 BC) are considered one of the first described cases of cancer, the correct medical description of the symptoms of cancer did not appear until the 18th century - therefore, the appearance of cancer is sometimes associated with environmental pollution and the way of life in an industrial society. Scientists emphasize that cancer has existed for a long time, and environmental factors only affect its forms. National Geographic writes that the spread of cancer is also associated with an increase in life expectancy: cancer most often manifests itself in people over 65, and our ancestors, until recently, simply did not live up to this age.

"You can go on a paleo diet, you can live in an environmentally friendly place, but the predisposition to cancer has an ancient origin, it is in us, no matter what we do with ourselves," the authors of the study say.

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