Vaginal-clitoral Rotator Vanity By Jopen

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Vaginal-clitoral Rotator Vanity By Jopen
Vaginal-clitoral Rotator Vanity By Jopen

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Text: Tatiana Nikonova, the author of the sex blog

California Exotic Novelties has a number of well-known brands, one of the relatively new ones is Jopen. Say it out loud. I don't know what awaits them on the Russian market, given that the brand's toys are positioned as luxury ones, but in the end, most of the success of a sex device manufacturer is the quality of its products, and in Jopen (no, say it out loud) it's great. The brand has a Vanity series, which consists of a line of numbered devices in the same pink and purple color. I'll tell you about the VR17, which can be described as a twin-motor rotator rabbit with clitoral stimulation and independent control.


Behind the industrial character of the description, there is a device for stimulating the walls of the vagina and clitoris, and the main part does not just vibrate, but rotates, providing a complex and exciting sensation. This mechanism is called rotation; such devices in large sex shops are sometimes singled out as a separate category. That is, rabbits can be static (rarely), vibrators (almost all), pulsators (a separate category) and rotators (and now they got to them).

It is unrealistic from an engineering point of view to cram all the possibilities into one device, without exception, or it would turn out to be too expensive, but with some thought, it is easy to determine which type is best for you. For example, if the pulsator imitates frictions for a long time and tirelessly, leaving your hands free, and this is what excites you the most, take it. The rotator has a different task: to stimulate the vagina as varied as possible by pressing on the walls at different angles. Best of all, this is possible without toys with your fingers or during sex with a quick change in different positions. But with the presence of a partner's device, you can not bother and achieve the necessary stimulation on your own, especially since there are no fingers of this length (working part Vr17 - 13 cm). The parallel, rounded protuberances on the appendix pull on the clitoris, and the orgasm comes much faster.

The Vr17 has two motors: one for the main body, the other for the clitoral process, they also turn on separately. The toy is completely covered in soft and delicate silicone that retains body heat. It covers both the internal machinery and the power buttons - so nothing gets hammered under them and it's easy to keep the device clean. Another consequence of the single coating: The VR17 is a waterproof device that can be taken in the bath or shower alone or with partners.

Life hacks and safety precautions:

First enter Vr17, and then turn it on. If you think that a wriggling, switched on device is really easy to shove into the vagina, your way to the arcade is to put your super skills into practice.

The toy is shipped locked against accidental activation. To unlock, press both buttons simultaneously for four seconds. To block (for example, for travel or against other people's curiosity), press the buttons again simultaneously for four seconds. If you hold it longer, locking or unlocking will still work, you will not need a stopwatch.

Both parts of the VR17 are controlled separately. That is, you can easily turn off the rotation in order to focus on the clitoris, and vice versa, and also give both parts different intensities to your liking. Use the upper button for the main body and the lower button for the clitoral process.

Toys are often turned on with a long press, and the modes are switched with a short one, but here it's the opposite, and at first it's embarrassing: out of habit, you press shortly to enhance the impact, and Vr17 takes it and turns it off. So the new way of interacting will take some getting used to. However, if you have not had rabbits before and the model of handling the buttons did not work out, there will be no problems.

Use only water-based lubricants with Vr17 to increase arousal - everything else destroys the silicone of the surface. Lubricant may also be needed to facilitate penetration: the silicone material of sex toys has a sufficient coefficient of friction for the first frictions to require lubricant, and the subsequent ones to properly stimulate the vaginal walls.

Lubricant and traces of vital activity are washed off with soap and water or a special liquid for cleaning sex toys, sold in sex shops.

If you are interested in an additional experience and are not confused by anal stimulation, try inserting a butt plug of the correct size for you, and then do VR17. When the device presses on the back wall of the vagina, on the other side it will be squeezed by a cork, and the sensations will be much stronger.

Similarly, VR17 is exciting to use for double penetration: with a penis in one place and a toy in the next - it's up to you to decide which one and where, VR17 is suitable for anal penetration. In the process, the penis will also feel the movement of the rotator through the wall separating the vagina and rectum, and the toy turns into entertainment for two.

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