Ears Makeup: Cosmetics Instead Of Earrings And Ear Cuffs

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Ears Makeup: Cosmetics Instead Of Earrings And Ear Cuffs
Ears Makeup: Cosmetics Instead Of Earrings And Ear Cuffs

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Until summer suddenly and sadly ended, and we are not wrapped in hats and scarves, it's time to experiment and use glitter and crazy colors (if you haven't already). New, more and more strange beauty fetishes appear every other day; the latest hot news is ear makeup. If everything has already been redrawn on the face, you can go beyond it and test for yourself the viability of the new trend.

Who invented it

In fact, it's too early to talk about the trend on ear makeup: its history is not the simplest. About a month ago, they started talking about the fashion for coloring ears - however, it was mainly the media, including very large ones and not necessarily about beauty. This was reported by both Marie Claire and pop feminist site Bustle and even the British tabloid Metro - which seemed to be indicative of the scale of the phenomenon. However, the powerfully declared trend is still in the category of a concept. Publications dedicated to the conquest of the new make-up territory continue to come out to this day, but there was no active reaction from the public. There are no more than fifty publications on the #earmakeup tag on Instagram, and most of them are reposts. Just last week, a few beauty enthusiasts tried to make the trend a reality.

This time bomb was planted on the podium several years ago. For the first time, models with ears covered with bronze sequins took to the catwalk at the Cédric Charlier F / W 2012 show: there were no other makeup accents, slicked hair was pulled back. However, there is an option with eyebrows painted in the same bronze color. Another example of bold handling of the ears was shown in the Spring / Summer 2015 show of Anthony Vaccarello's collection. Make-up artist Tom Pesho chose this graphic application not only in the name of harmony with clothes: black sequins generously placed on the earlobes serve as a piece of jewelry. The same shining powder is carefully scattered under the eyes. For the integrity of the image. Even then, beauty publications tried to guess the trend in this, but the fireworks did not work. Then the idea was picked up by Opening Ceremony. In their makeup, sequins travel around the face and neck and are combined with a massive earring.

Once again, attention was drawn to the dotted undertaking after Pat McGrath's work for the Louis Vuitton S / S 2016 show. McGrath covered the model's ear with silver pigment and added grotesque false eyelashes. The image turned out to be so expressive that many began to consider the color of the ears more seriously than the innocent pranks of the makeup artist. Probably the hardest part in reproduction is finding equally cool eyelashes.

Slightly more humanized versions of ear makeup were shown on her Instagram by French makeup artist Violette Serra. Photos of the ingeniously simple drawings on the ears of her authorship were posted on several blogs, and from there they set off on a long voyage. At least it became clear what an ordinary person can do, even if Pat McGrath's magic dust is not at hand (but it would be better if we all had it).

Why do we need it

There are many ways to use makeup on your face, including the most unconventional - so why limit yourself only to its boundaries? Especially if you live at a time when contouring of all possible parts of the body was invented, and ears, by the way, too. You can paint your fingers or apply color to the collarbones, you can roll in glitter from head to toe - everything will be fine. With ears it is already more difficult: depending on the angle and visual solution, they can be perceived as “complete” both with the face and with the hairstyle - so, as they say, there are options here too.

The reasons for the difficult birth of this trend are, in general, very simple. Effectively, not everyone can do such a make-up on themselves: it is not for nothing that there is a proverb “You cannot see your ears”.But this is probably a good reason to use your communication skills and ask your friends to draw a little on you. The selection of cosmetics can also be a road of suffering, as happened with the author of the experiment at Allure. In short: the Sephora pencil is the enemy of the ears, the reaction of others is awkward, only Rihanna can make this story a mass trend. On the other hand, there is no reason to wait for Rihanna to do it.

How to do it

You can draw with almost anything, the main thing is to choose persistent and non-melting means. Pigments, liquid and cream shadows, liners are suitable. If you are afraid to miss the color, then use shades tested on traditional "ear" jewelry for such makeup: gold, silver, graphic black. You can stretch the gradient with shadows, or, conversely, take a liner and draw clear outlines. To reproduce the makeup from Anthony Vaccarello's show, you need glitter, a matching pencil and a thick ointment (Tom Pesho himself used Homeoplasmin). The ointment is drawn on a pencil and applied to the earlobes, and for the effect to be the same, it is important to monitor the quality distribution of glitter.

Metallic shades on the ears look great with minimalistic jewelry that matches the tone. It is better not to choose large or long earrings if you do not want a wild look, like in the Opening Ceremony models. Following the example of Pat McGrath, you can add a contrasting accent to the face, for example, draw small graphic arrows or put dots along the lower eyelid. Otherwise, extreme naturalness will be the best solution.

Makeup artists say that such make-ups are created for owners of colored hair. However, if your hair is longer than a few centimeters, it is better to take it up or style it like Cédric Charlier models. In general, to bare your ears and get used to the fact that they temporarily turn from a part of the body into an accessory.

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