How To Combine Family And Career: Advice From TV Host Katie Couric

How To Combine Family And Career: Advice From TV Host Katie Couric
How To Combine Family And Career: Advice From TV Host Katie Couric

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LOTS OF ADVICE ON HOW BETTER TO BUILD A CAREER AND SUCCESS in the professional field, it's easy to get lost. In our section, we propose to focus on the advice of famous people and explain why it is worth listening to them. In the new issue, we turned to the recommendation of the American TV presenter Katie Couric and discuss why you need to pay attention to her.


Mothers often feel guilty

due to the fact that, combining both cases, they cannot devote themselves to either of them completely

TV presenter Katie Couric is now a Yahoo! host, and before that she was an ABC News host, hosted her own talk show Katie on ABC, and hosted the CBS Evening News and NBC's Today Show. Katie's journalistic work had to be combined with raising children: Couric has two daughters - 25-year-old Ellie and 20-year-old Carrie. In an interview with Business Insider last year, she gave working mothers advice on how to balance career and family. “Get rid of your guilt. When you are somewhere, do not beat yourself up for not being at work right now, and when you are at work, do not beat yourself up for not being at home,”she said. - You need to prioritize. And when something important happens and you need to be present, don't apologize for it. " She also says that she appreciates the workers who help her look after her home and believes that it is very important to provide them with adequate remuneration.

The question of the balance of family life and career is still one of the most difficult for women: the Soviet tradition, which is often cited as an example of equal opportunities for women, in fact made them responsible for looking after children, and looking after the house, and working on an equal footing. with men. Mothers often feel guilty about not being able to devote themselves completely to either one of the two. Public opinion also influences how we prioritize and make choices: according to the VTsIOM survey, most Russians believe that when choosing between family and career, a woman should give preference to family - only 20% of respondents would advise a woman to focus on work.

That said, research suggests that mothers who find balance are a good role model: a study conducted last year by researchers at Harvard University showed that the example of a working mother is good for children, especially girls. Using data on residents of 24 countries, the researchers found that girls whose mothers were not only engaged in raising children and doing housework, but also building a career, achieved greater success in work, received higher salaries and built more equal relationships with partners. The sons of working mothers, according to the study, were more involved in raising children.

At the same time, speaking of balance, it is important to take into account how your relationship with your partner is being built (is he ready to share responsibilities equally so that both of you can combine work and family affairs?) - without this, it is impossible to talk about complete equality. Well, if your income, lifestyle and beliefs allow you to use the services of nannies and cleaners and shift them to some of the daily duties for which you do not have enough time, do not feel guilty about it.

Illustration: Dasha Chertanova

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