Convenient And Perky: How To Choose Erotic Lingerie

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Convenient And Perky: How To Choose Erotic Lingerie
Convenient And Perky: How To Choose Erotic Lingerie

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Erotic lingerie is often recommended to revive relations that have lost their heat. It is assumed that if you wear something red, transparent and piquant, a woman will immediately feel seductive, and a man will be inflamed with passion, and everything will be fine. In fact, as always, there are no simple recipes - but if you want to dress up for sex, there are many ways. We will tell you how to navigate the world of erotic lingerie and not spend too much.

Erotic lingerie does not improve sex life - it can change it a little, but not forever and not radically. The main task of erotic lingerie, with which it copes well, is to add dressing, play and fun, that is, a suitable mood, to your sex life. It is better not to listen to advice from glossy magazines on how to choose lingerie to arouse your partner: if a man is not aroused, you should work out together what kind of relationship problems you have, or find out what the problem is (maybe with health), and do not hope that the new cowards will immediately save you both. Erotic lingerie is required, first of all, to excite you with new sensations.

Erotic lingerie shouldn't ruin you. It can be very expensive (I remember my set of vinyl mesh, metal spikes and silk chiffon from Coco De Mer), and in the price of cotton slips from a teen store. You can choose what exactly suits you, but if you only go to the luxurious fitting rooms of Agent Provocateur to take pictures, do not be discouraged. There are many benefits to inexpensive lingerie. Firstly, he is not very sorry for him, so if he disappears in the washing machine after an unsuccessfully chosen mode, or breaks in a fit of passion, you will not cry. Secondly, in an intimate photo and video, cheap erotic lingerie looks exactly the same as expensive. Thirdly, you can gradually fill the chest of drawers with a wide variety of erotic underwear and use different ones depending on the situation. And you can also give it, send it to penpals, alter it, put it on a partner, or forget it under a pillow in someone else's apartment. Therefore, we can say that inexpensive lingerie has even more erotic potential.

Erotic lingerie is not lingerie. In the sense that there is no point in wearing it for hygienic purposes and every day - it cannot cope with these functions. Such underwear usually does not hold the chest well, there are no cotton gussets in the right place, the strength of the materials leaves much to be desired, and the size range is so arbitrary that sooner or later something starts to rub or get lost under the clothes. Erotic lingerie is an adornment for special occasions, even if such incidents happen five times a week. There is an intermediate option - richly decorated linen, created according to generally accepted linen quality standards, it is also called boudoir. In Russia, buyers are guided mainly by it, offering for daily wear. But knowing that you have an expensive lace bra under your Mickey Mouse sweater is a separate pleasure, not necessarily related to sex.

at the same time, Erotic lingerie is, in a sense, all the same lingerie. Namely, it must be tried on if the brand with its patterns or model is unfamiliar. In the case of a transparent baby doll, you can do without fitting, but everything else requires an understanding of how it will sit. After all, sizes with exact data on the size of the cup and belt of the bra are almost never found in this product category, there is a length in centimeters and letter designations. It's not easy to guess what a particular brand means in size M, so go to the fitting room. If there are no copies for fitting in the store, and the refusal is argued by the rapid wear of the linen, run away from there.Sex is much longer than fitting, why do you need such low-quality things.

Erotic lingerie needs a reality check. Models in advertising photographs are either very slender, or plus-size, that is, a woman of ordinary and very common human sizes will not see herself in the pictures and will not know how these frills on the sides will sit on her. In advertising for inexpensive erotic lingerie sold in sex shops, models are also all over the place with breast implants, and quite large ones. Natural breasts of this size after reaching the age of 16 are not worth it, therefore they are seriously misleading. Erotic lingerie often envelops the body, rather than gives it a shape, which threatens disappointment: we must remember that, having put on such underwear, you will remain yourself, and not turn into an image from the picture.

Buy with care:

Bras in the form of multiple bands, tied at the front or full body. If you have large breasts, you will most likely not be able to keep the tape in place - the nipples are not located at all, as in the picture, and the tape will slide out anywhere.

Strep-underwear, belts for stockings in the form of a thin elastic band and other things made of narrow strips cut into the body. They look good only on very slender girls, the rest can break the natural proportions, squeeze the body and add unexpected folds. There is nothing wrong with that: the body is alive, mobile and beloved, but if you are not ready for such side effects, pay attention to the wider stripes.

Bows, ribbons and fluffy frills, if you are going to not receive visitors in your own bedroom, but to go to dinner or to the cinema, and only then take off that very sweater. Why? Desperately crumpled - just like after washing or careless storage. Polyester chiffon holds up relatively well, and even then not always. Calculate your strength - you want the same sexual intensity, and not thoughts about the iron.

Bodysuits and catsuits without fastening between the legs and covering the thighs graceful with garters for stockings: use is limited to the first trip to the toilet. The bodysuit will have to be removed completely along with the clothes on top, and you will not wear panties for grace. You can't wear it under it either, because then you can't take them off, bypassing the stockings.

Stocking belts are tricky too. Narrow ones tend to slide down if they are loosely tightened, or dig into the body if they are tightened properly. It is not always convenient to put on panties on wide ones, they slip off satin panties. In advertising photographs, the underpants are always worn under the belt in order to demonstrate its appearance and bypass censorship restrictions. But in life, panties are worn on top so that they can be quickly removed at any time.

Panties with a cutout in the crotch or in the back are a great thing, but you need to understand that you can walk in them as far as a taxi, and it will be unhygienic to get into them, especially in a short skirt. In addition, the cutouts themselves, especially if the fabric is thin and transparent, constantly strive to part, and the linen loses its shape. Ideally, choose cutouts trimmed with a tape of dense, smooth fabric, they keep their shape.

Nipple cutouts and quarter-cup bras also need some form support - with tape trim or rigid seams. In another small incision, almost the entire chest jumps out from an awkward movement, but does not want to return, it is uncomfortable.

Bras with a tape around the neck should sit comfortably and not keep the weight on the "collar" - in the heat of sexy acrobatics, you can easily cut your breath.

Velvet, satin frills, sequins and pleating are incredible beauty that needs incredibly expensive maintenance or constant trips to the dry cleaning. Think about it carefully before buying.

It's hot and sweaty under latex, leather and vinyl. Go for something that is minimal in size or with large cutouts if you want to stay comfortable.

In shorts with a string of beads in the crotch, it is monstrously uncomfortable to sit, especially if the string is long.The beads roll excitingly over the clitoris and labia when you walk, and bite into your ass if you sit down, tired of standing on your feet. The larger the beads, the more pleasant it is to walk and the more uncomfortable it is to sit. Yes, and they perform under a thin skirt.

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