With Your Own Hands: 7 Instructions On How To Do A Facial Massage

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With Your Own Hands: 7 Instructions On How To Do A Facial Massage
With Your Own Hands: 7 Instructions On How To Do A Facial Massage

Video: With Your Own Hands: 7 Instructions On How To Do A Facial Massage

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Facial massage came to us from Asia and has been considered an effective anti-aging treatment for decades. It was used in ancient Chinese medicine, and not only for rejuvenation, but also for solving a variety of health problems. Scientific research on the benefits of facial massage mostly concerns not its anti-aging effect, but its therapeutic effect - for example, it plays an important role in eliminating paralysis of the facial muscles. Nevertheless, cosmetologists and aesthetic dermatologists recommend facial massage to relax muscles, increase blood circulation and normalize the outflow of fluids in the body. And this, in turn, helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, preserve the oval of the face and remove swelling. Japanese scientists have also found that facial massage can help relieve tension, improve mood and cope with anxiety.

In spite of its benefits, facial massage has a number of contraindications. First of all, facial massage is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, so as not to provoke irritation and redness. Also, do not massage if there are active acne on the face, because they can be accidentally opened in the process, and the consequences can be the most unpleasant - from scars to infection.

When it comes to facial massage, massage lines come to mind almost immediately. In theory, these are the vectors along which you need to apply cosmetics and massage the face so as not to stretch the skin in the wrong directions and not to provoke premature aging. However, there is practically no scientific research or at least professional opinions about the benefits or harms of such an approach. Therefore, we advise you not to rely on pictures with lines, but to carefully study the structure and location of the muscles of the face and how they are related to certain areas of the skin, using medical atlases. This will help you understand which muscles you need to pay special attention to during the massage in your case.

The effect of periodic massage is questionable, and not everyone can afford regular procedures in the salon

Facial massage can be done not only with your hands, but also with the help of special devices. For example, The Body Shop, Sarah Chapman or La Mer have such. Whether massage becomes more effective with such instruments is a separate question, but some of them can at least make the process more enjoyable and easier.

Of course, the easiest way to get the right facial massage is to go to a specialist. But not everyone can afford regular procedures, and the effect of periodic massage, according to studies, is questionable. Therefore, we suggest trying to do it yourself, focusing on the video instructions we have selected, among which you can find a variety of techniques.

Alexandra Soveral - beautician and founder of his own line of aromatherapy cosmetics Soveral. Alexandra advises using quite a bit of oil for massage and massage on only the face, but also the neck. Her technique helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and relieve puffiness, including around the eyes. As the video progresses, she explains in detail why she makes certain movements and at what point she needs to stop. And this frees the viewer from unnecessary and meaningless movements. This is especially important because even with a facial massage you can overdo it.

Lisa Eldridge, no doubt a great woman and a great makeup artist. In addition to extremely useful videos about makeup, she sometimes shares her care secrets, of which she considers facial massage an important part. At the beginning of the video, she talks about the different balms that can be used for massage and its benefits. In her massage technique, Lisa uses both light and rather intense movements to smooth the skin and lymph drainage.At the end, she talks about the Eyecicle cooling massager, the cost of which we are afraid to even name. But such a device, of course, is not necessary to use.

Makeup Artist Jing Sai Mule has worked with a huge number of Korean celebrities and even launched her own cosmetics line. But besides make-up tutorials, she often uploads videos about skin care and preparing her face for makeup. This video is not entirely about facial massage, but rather about how to properly apply cosmetics to certain parts of the face and neck. Each product is applied differently, but always with light massaging and pressing movements. This video can be a great start for the laziest of us: it is also important to follow the correct technique when applying cosmetics, and with the help of daily three-minute pats, you can prepare yourself for more difficult types of massage.

Yukuko Tanaka is considered one of the main adepts of anti-aging facial massage in Japan, and the video of her massage technique has gained 4.5 million views. She has developed a series of techniques for both general facial rejuvenation and for individual parts of it. These techniques involve intense pressure on the muscles of the face and promise that within two weeks of regular treatments, the skin will noticeably transform. And if you start doing it from a young age, writes Tanaka, then wrinkles will not appear at all. Massage should be done daily, slowly and consistently, but during the period of illness it is better to refuse it.

Blogger Wendy Guang is an Australian of Chinese descent and does not look at all in her thirties. Genes are most likely responsible for this, and Wendy herself jokes about the famous picture of the aging of Asian women. Nevertheless, she actively looks after herself and considers massage to be an important part of her daily care. Most of the video is devoted to telling the story and the benefits of massage. Her technique is based on the terrifying ancient Chinese massage Gua Sha, in which the skin is scratched with special tools, but Wendy uses a quartz device that does not damage the skin. She also wisely warns that massage is not a substitute for all other grooming and a healthy diet.

Annie Jeffrey - a blogger from Switzerland, an expert in business and marketing in the field of fashion. Her massage videos also provide some useful tips. For example, at first she makes very light relaxing movements, and then moves on to more intense ones. She tells in detail why she makes certain movements: to relax the muscles, for lymphatic drainage, to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Finally, she applies a warm towel to her face for a while to remove oil residues and further cleanse the pores.

On her channel there is also a video about a scalp massage, which may not affect the health of the hair, but it will certainly relax quite well.

Lisa Gusto is a nutritionist, and she specializes mainly in healthy food recipes, but there is little space on her blog dedicated to cosmetics and care. In her treatment, she adheres to the use of natural cosmetics and regularly does facial massages. Lisa offers a set of intensive and light movements, usual for a massage, to smooth the skin and relieve swelling. Her technique is notable in that she pays attention to the muscles in the back of the neck. She advises doing this massage before bed because it is very relaxing. Finally, she rinses off the remaining oil, sprays a moisturizing spray on her face and uses an anti-aging cream. She applies it with the same massaging and pressing movements.

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