All The Glitter: Metallic Triumph In Makeup

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All The Glitter: Metallic Triumph In Makeup
All The Glitter: Metallic Triumph In Makeup

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2016 is the year of goodbye to matte textures: they promise to stay with us for a long time only in lip makeup. All other trends and ideas are somehow connected with radiance: strobing has become the main way of sculpting the face, glitter has long been applied to any part of the body, and in general it has become much more difficult to find products without a shimmer on store shelves this summer. Before that, metallic colors in makeup were often used, but carefully: until recently, they were included in the category of things with which it would be better not to overdo it. Now, many makeup artists and brands have adopted metallic and offer to handle it more boldly. As, however, and with everything else.

How it all started

The era of disco gave us shine and bright colors: both clothes and makeup were supposed to dazzle everyone around. Bronze and mother-of-pearl, generosity and carelessness in application - redundancy has become one of the main features of the style. Then the wave gradually subsided, and the shine remained an attribute of evening make-up. This applies primarily to eye makeup, in which the metallic effect was welcomed in all possible colors and shades of colors. It is not surprising - it seems that there was no simpler way to make a face elegant. Gold, silver and bronze accents regularly appeared on the faces of runway models and quickly became safe classics.

The modern metallic trend took shape by 2012. Then make-up artists offered not only to choose a metallic shade to their liking, but also to wear metallic on the eyes, lips and skin during the day, simply giving preference to calm options. In the future, the love of metallic on the catwalks only gained momentum in connection with the general course towards radiance and the fashion for futuristic and avant-garde techniques. Metallic makeup was adapted in different ways - for example, applying foil and gold leaf to the faces of models, drawing arrows and placing metallic accents all over the face. Liners, shadows and glitters of metallic shades began to appear in the assortment of brands, and some dedicated entire lines to metal - for example, Tom Ford, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. In the last few seasons, you can't do without gold and bronze in summer makeup: these colors are used for contouring products, flash tattoos and multifunctional pigments. In nail art, metallic colors and textures are also firmly established next to mirrors and glass - they are extravagant and versatile at the same time.

What brands to look for today

Metallic in all its splendor and splendor can be seen in the new autumn collections - at Burberry, Dior, Givenchy. Bronze is called the main metallic accent of the season: it suits everyone and, according to the latest trends, does not require any careful application. The holiday does not end with the above-mentioned luxury brands: the metallic shades of Lime Crime Perlees have long been hits, ColourPop also showed a line of metallic lipsticks last week, and Kylie Jenner also distinguished herself with her love for the characteristic shine - as you know, this is a reinforced concrete trend statement among the people. Pigments remain the most versatile product for metallic makeup: they allow you to adjust the density and texture of the coating, and they can be applied and mixed anywhere.

How to wear metallic

When using shiny textures, do not forget about the primer - especially if you want to achieve a dense coverage and maintain its durability throughout the day (or night). If you don't want to draw arrows or shade smoky, but you want to shine, almost any shadows and glitters can be converted into a highlighter or worn solo. Glitter and sequin appliques do not lose their relevance, they also perfectly combine with other shiny cosmetics.

Today, glossy pigments can be found for every taste and wallet; a huge selection of shades is provided by both professional brands and the mass market. Do not spare your means and efforts: there are probably a lot of reasons ahead of you to portray something grandiose on your face and dance until you drop.

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