Model Sasha Panic About Parties And Favorite Looks

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Model Sasha Panic About Parties And Favorite Looks
Model Sasha Panic About Parties And Favorite Looks

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Model and DJ Sasha Panika knows a lot about good parties and how to dress up for them. Together with stylist Sergei Gilderman, she created 5 practical looks for various events. As part of our collaboration between Play With Time and Wonderzine, we learned why the resulting looks are perfect for any party.

About "evening" images

I always look about the same - so much so that it is enough to add bright lipstick or more makeup on my eyes to go to any party. Therefore, for me there is no division of images into "everyday" and "evening". Unless a dress code is spelled out in the announcement of the event: I believe that it is obligatory, and the fulfillment of this wish is a manifestation of respect for the organizers on my part.

For some reason, I do not have things that I bought specifically for the party. I don’t wear bright accessories either, maximum - glasses and various hats, and I’m quite indifferent to catchy jewelry (I like only minimalistic silver, which suits everything). But I have memories associated with things. I still feel sorry for the coat that I bought at a flea market for 300 rubles, and someone just left in it from one of the parties. But I try not to get attached to things and hope that I will soon forget this story.

What makes a party fun

I have been to hundreds of different parties, but if we talk about the coolest, then the one that we started with my friends two years ago comes to mind. We then celebrated the graduation school of stylists and at the same time my birthday, danced a lot, were the queens of the evening and ate cakes. It was really great. At this party I played my first DJ set, and now it has become my favorite hobby. And to be honest, I believe that I can save any party if I stand at the console. I play music that everyone has heard at least once, but I think this is my main advantage. It's very simple, that's why they always dance with me.

In general, after filming the Instagram sitcom Play With Time, I can single out three whales of a cool party: good music, good company, good mood. When these simple conditions are met, everything else happens by itself.

There are tons of reasons to love good parties, but one of the main ones is the people you can meet at them completely by accident. For example, three years ago in the legendary St. Petersburg "Mishka-bar" I met the lead singer of the Tesla Boy group Anton Sevidov. Anton said that I looked like an actress from the film "Liquid Sky" by Slava Zuckerman, and I said that I had not heard any of their songs. All night, the guys from the group and I had fun and danced, even the video was left. I still remember this party. It's cool that we met that way.

Modern disco

Firstly, with black I have long been on "you" - this is the most versatile and practical color in the world, it is imperceptible that I will spill on myself. Secondly, things with lurex are extremely popular now, and I really like it, because they don't show "how sloppy you are."

There are 80s echoes in this dress: a little from Sharon Stone, a little from Sabrina. It creates a very sexy silhouette, but does not look vulgar. Plus, it can be paired with black tights for a night out theater look.

Sergey, stylist Clothes with lurex always look smart and, moreover, now it is one of the trends. The sleeves and collar make the look discreet, and the length accentuates the legs. When creating this look, I was inspired by the collection of Arthura Arabessera and the TV series "Vinyl", it turned out the era of disco in a modern way.

Denim for active

In denim - both for the ball and for nature. This House of Holland costume is bright and comfortable, in it I could easily dance at a country party, and climb a tree, while looking advantageous, but not too pretentious.

Sergey, stylist Denim is a good option for any off-site party: denim clothing is durable and comfortable, and for an outdoor event this is important. The shoes were chosen according to the same logic: a thick heel is comfortable.

Marilyn Monroe in a leather jacket

My friends joke that most of the time I dress like I'm inspired by the New York homeless. I usually wear the same things: boyfriend jeans, black trousers of different styles, white and black T-shirts, crop tops. But sometimes I really want to look like trying on the image of Marilyn Monroe, and this dress is just that case.

It often happens that in the morning, when you leave the house, it is warm outside, and in the evening it gets seriously colder. At such moments, my beloved leather jacket saves me. She is not only beautiful, but also very warm, just right for cool summer evenings. She also does not get wet and is not blown by the wind. And this white tight knit suit is an absolute must-have, it is both comfortable and looks in the classical sense feminine even with sneakers.

Sergey, stylist Light and versatile image. The white Uterque suit is perfect for city walks and parties, but can be replaced with pants and a top. In this situation, everything is decided by Sasha's jacket: she dilutes the too classic set of dress-shoes. Plus, good shoes are always a success (this time we chose # 21).

From bike to party

I just love to ride a bike, so in the summer my main goal is to dress as comfortably as possible: in a tight short skirt I would definitely feel uncomfortable. But it would be sly not to say that I really like to look bright, so you have to find compromises. It is important for me that I can get off my bike and go to some party.

In this look, I really like the rich burgundy color, it is bright, but not pretentious. I am delighted with the color palettes of this season: the combination of beige and flesh tones with bright scarlet and blue is very beautiful.

Sergey, stylist Cropped trousers are ideal for cycling and can be replaced with shorts if needed. The turtleneck fits into the concept, plus, it will not blow through the back and neck - it can be replaced with a sweatshirt or bomber jacket. I was inspired by the aesthetic of the 70s, but brought a bit of modernity. The image I associate with the movie "Lovely Bones": the main character was a free and cheerful girl.

Beach party

The best beachwear is the one that you can quickly take off and put on: any jumpsuits, oversized T-shirts, dressing gowns, and so on. Now there are a lot of beachwear for every taste, so you can collect a comfortable and beautiful image. And don't forget about hats: straw and knitted hats made of unpainted straw, unbleached linen. I really like that.

For a party on the beach, you can be inspired by the images of Mila Jovovich from the movie "Blue Lagoon": everything from very light, natural fabrics, reminiscent of the boho style.

Sergey, stylist A light white jumpsuit, gladiator sandals, a stole and a hat - everything you need for a summer beach party.

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