Why It's Time To Stop Being Afraid Of Bright Colors And Makeup Tricks

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Why It's Time To Stop Being Afraid Of Bright Colors And Makeup Tricks
Why It's Time To Stop Being Afraid Of Bright Colors And Makeup Tricks

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In the last few years, we have been asked to wear pink eyeshadow, gold lipsticks and bright blue eyeliners anywhere, anytime, for any occasion. If you start your morning with Instagram, then it seems that everyone has colored hair, and funny rainbow highlighters are already included in the basic cosmetic set. But one has only to go out into the street, and it becomes clear that things are not quite so.

Makeup can be a game, a communication tool, and a very effective exercise in liberation

Two identical Google queries - "bright colors in makeup" in Russian and "bright colors in makeup" in English - reveal a telling difference. In articles on the relevant topic on Russian beauty portals, you will almost certainly find a decent list of items, as in no case should you do it. You can't put more than one accent, you can't add blue to red, warm blush to cold shadows - you can't either. Apply a rich shade to your lips? Slap your hands if they reach for bright eyeliner. Well, in fact, you do not want to cross this fine line and turn into a clown. In the meantime, an English-language request comes out a year ago on Bustle on how to adapt neon colors for the fall season. And, of course, hundreds of video tutorials in which smiling people demonstrate a variety of combinations of colors and shapes.

There is another understandable pattern from childhood: if some undertaking is accompanied by a bunch of prohibitions and rules that cannot be violated, then the desire to do this business instantly disappears. I know many girls who are very fond of makeup, but their experiences cannot be taken beyond home selfies. There is still a working day ahead, there will be no time to fix it. We admire the cool work of makeup artists that we follow on Instagram, but we believe that only professionals or tumbler fairies who have too much free time and a thirst for attention are allowed to have fun in this way.

Many of us also lack confidence in our appearance. Fear of wearing makeup because “it won't suit me” and, as a result, the same smokey for every day is a common story. Something more daring needs a good reason. Graduation, your own or someone else's wedding, birthday or New Year. And for experiments, perhaps only Halloween. The question of practicality and relevance should not be raised in this conversation: it is practical and always appropriate to do without makeup at all. But makeup is indeed a great complementary tool for self-discovery and is not just for beauty addicts.

The attitude of Russian girls to makeup is understandable: it seems to exist in order to make us more attractive. To do this, it is often recommended to master the rules of face correction, color combinations, choose "your" products, determine (oh my God) color type. The debate about whether the doctrine of color types is fair or is it nonsense does not subside. The situation is most likely such that it is impossible to categorize oneself unconditionally in one of these clear categories - and the experiment of colleagues from Beauty Insider proved this. The so-called temperature of your appearance can easily vary, and you can choose any makeup you like, as long as it suits your mood and occasion. They also love to classify colors by seasons: bright and pastel - for the summer, wine lipsticks - strictly for the fall. Probably, this greatly simplifies the sales algorithms of cosmetic companies, but it certainly does not decorate life in any way.

The rest of the world is mastering completely different functions of make-up - after all, it can be a game, a means of communication and a very effective exercise for liberation. The psychology of color perception is a whole science that has been actively used in the visual arts for a long time.So we lose a lot by denying ourselves bright colors. The path from the outside to the inside is not that long; here you can read about what effect the introduction of red lipstick can have in everyday makeup. In short, very noticeable.

Knowing how colors work, learning to "fit" them onto your face, and being able to pick the right shapes are very helpful. But mastery of technique and theory should open up new horizons, and not be reduced to a list of points that must be followed in order not to make mistakes. Making mistakes is just our way. There are a great many shades and textures of the notorious red lipsticks alone, and you will never know what this or that will bring to your appearance if you don’t try. And the main indicator of whether you succeeded or not should only be your state of health. I am aware that lilac lipstick is wonderful for highlighting the huge blue circles under the eyes created by lack of sleep and work, but what do I care if I feel Psylocke with it and am ready to wreck?

If you limit your understanding of makeup to a way of correcting imperfections and unobtrusively emphasizing the advantages of your appearance, then it turns into some kind of unpleasant work. Firstly, already due to the fact that you need to evaluate yourself, sorted into two piles of disadvantages and advantages. Secondly, after you do this, you will have a small set of techniques that will decorate you, and a huge amount of what will have to be left behind. Boredom.

Your self-esteem is much more important than anyone's opinions, and a cool make-up is an effective way to raise it in a few minutes

I write all this, being firmly convinced that makeup is for myself, and not in order to impress loved ones and, moreover, strangers. Because if you think about this, too, you can finally fall into sadness. The topic of make-up shaming is not much raised here, but in vain. Makeup is often referred to as a means of fighting for the attention of men and attributes of women who seem to have nothing else to do. Modesty and moderation in such matters are imputed to virtue, everything else is already superfluous and repulsive.

In an amicable way, no one should care at all, but no. So, in the store of one well-known brand, positioning itself as professional and progressive, consultants giggled at the red smokey of our former designer Anya - what can we say about the reactions of communities in which this is generally not accepted. After all, no matter how hard you try, the result is the same. Almost all of us face different types of discrimination based on appearance, so it's best not to try at all. Your self-esteem is much more important than anyone's opinions, and a cool, in your opinion, make-up is an effective way to raise it in a few minutes.

Today is not the time when well-pigmented and high-quality cosmetics of non-standard colors can only be found in luxury and professional brands. My first colored ink was a green Divage 90x60x90 with a giant brush that stained everything from neck to ears, but I really liked it and looked fabulous in company with anything. Of course, if we are talking about pink hair, then this is the case when the scale of the cost of fulfilling a desire needs to be weighed against reality and prepared: time and money is taken away by dyeing, and the selection of new care, and other related rituals. Although even here there is a simple solution in the form of a wig. But if we are talking about colored mascara or lipstick, then there is no need for any special skills or training, except for the selection of high-quality and suitable products. And then everything was as usual - I put on makeup and went.

All the craziest tutorials and photographs are not only there to amaze us with gimmicks or to validate makeup as an art. You can master something new without leaving your home - thanks to numerous thematic publications and beauty bloggers, there are simply no secrets left in makeup.Since we live (once) in such a fertile era, let's use all the possibilities to the maximum.

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