Bartender Recipes: Cocktails That Will Help Prolong Summer

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Bartender Recipes: Cocktails That Will Help Prolong Summer
Bartender Recipes: Cocktails That Will Help Prolong Summer

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The closer to autumn, the more exciting every weekend - will the thunderstorm disrupt Sunday's plans? Will you be able to capture the last warm days? If you have a feeling that summer is rapidly disappearing, there is one good way to deal with it: throw a party now. So what if the days have become shorter - but the drinks are stronger. We asked the bartenders of our favorite establishments to share recipes for their signature and signature cocktails, which will surely be among your favorites.

Vladimir Kolganov

Caribbean "Negroni"


30 ml light rum

30 ml light vermouth

20 ml coconut liqueur

4 desha aromatic bitters

3 deshes of orange bitters

1 wedge of grapefruit (a little pulp, more zest)


Mash a slice of grapefruit in a mixing glass. Pour in all the other ingredients and add ice. Mix, strain into a rock glass on ice. Garnish with grapefruit before serving.

Pinch club


45 ml blackcurrant gin

20 ml dry orange liqueur

15 ml lime juice

15 ml prosecco

2 desha aromatic bitters

2 deshas of orange bitters


Blackcurrant gin is easy to make yourself: pour 500 g of black currant with 1 liter of gin, leave to infuse for 2 days, strain - and you're done. A cocktail is also easy to prepare: you need to pour all the ingredients (except prosecco) into a shaker and shake. Strain into a rock glass on ice. Add a couple of drops of lime essential oil and top up prosecco.

Igor Zernov



40 ml tequila

25 ml lemon juice

10 ml sugar syrup

10 ml Salted Caramel syrup


Mix all ingredients in a highball glass, add ice and top up with lemonade with orange extract. Decorate the cocktail with a knife, lime and sherbet.

Sunflower margo


40 ml tequila infused with fried sunflower seeds

20 ml honey syrup

25 ml lemon juice

10 ml gentian aperitif

10 ml protein


Mix all ingredients in a shaker, shake vigorously and pour into a serving glass, strain through a sieve. Decorate the edge of the glass with foundation. Top with chrysanthemum petals and lemon peel.

Pavel Andreev

Morning glory fizz


50 ml whiskey

25 ml lemon juice

25 ml sugar syrup

protein of one egg

a few drops of absinthe

chamomile soda (to the brim)


The cocktail named after the bindweed is actually a variation on the classic cocktail of the same name. The difference between my version is that instead of the usual soda, chamomile soda is used in this recipe. It is done in an elementary way: you boil chamomile, cool it down, pour it into a siphon and make soda out of it. I found the original recipe in Harry Caddock's Savoy Coctail Book, a collection of recipes from the 1920s and 1930s, the classic period of the famous American Bar at London's Savoy Hotel - Craddock was his first bar manager.

Clap spritz


30 ml herbal aperitif

20 ml elderberry liqueur

100 ml Club-Mate lemonade

ice cubes (on the rocks)


This is a cocktail variation based on the popular Italian aperitif, it is prepared in the same simple way: the ingredients are mixed in a glass, mixed with a spoon - you're done. The tricky part is getting the balance right. It's like with pilaf: it's easy to do, but the most important thing is to correctly calculate the proportions.

Denis Zhiganov

Fuji Syringe


20 grams of aloe jam

15 ml sake

150 ml dry apple cider

lime leaf for decoration


Pour ice almost to the brim into a chilled wine glass, pour aloe jam, sake and cider. Knead thoroughly to dissolve the aloe jam. And for the final note of freshness, throw a couple of lime leaves into the glass.

Basil Tini


50 ml vodka

25 ml French sweet vermouth

15 ml lime juice

2 teaspoons of sugar

sprig of red basil for decoration


Mudle, shake, double strain. We throw basil, granulated sugar into a shaker, knead with a mudler, pour the remaining ingredients, make a good shake, pour into a chilled glass on ice using a strainer and a sieve. Decorate with a sprig of basil.

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