PR-manager Lada Andreeva About Her Favorite Cosmetics And Care

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PR-manager Lada Andreeva About Her Favorite Cosmetics And Care
PR-manager Lada Andreeva About Her Favorite Cosmetics And Care

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Lada Andreeva

PR-manager of "Promsvyazbank"

Skin care is all about makeup: how to prepare a canvas for painting

About getting to know cosmetics

My acquaintance with the beauty world happened suddenly and quickly, at a moment when I least thought about it. Immediately after graduation, I got into the marketing and PR department of a large cosmetic corporation. Then I worked on TV and radio, at FMCG and now at Promsvyazbank. Cosmetic care has remained with me outside of my work history, becoming a good habit and a hobby.

One of the test items at the first interview was the translation of the description of the product from English. This was the easiest one: I often read everything on the back of the can. Thanks to the habit of thoroughly studying everything (I would never be able to promote something that I don't know about and what I'm not inspired by myself), I had to master the basics of skin care. Learn what a daily routine is and remember at least four basic steps: cleansing, toning, masking, moisturizing.

I remember how the skin changed after the first test: it became even, tender and smooth. Girls remember this forever - in fact, this is what the world cosmetic business is built on: before buying, you are allowed to try the products and see them in action. You see the difference between "before" and "after" and, of course, you want everything right away. Until that moment, I don't even remember if I had a favorite cream. There was no question of having several of them. But after I mastered the chain "wash - apply tonic - apply mask - and finally cream", nothing else could go astray, because I always remembered the difference. Even if I left for the dacha, on a hike, danced all night - after that there was always full skin care. It was already on the machine and vaguely felt like some kind of important investment in a personal wonderful future. In the book about Bridget Jones, there is a quote: "This whole work process of leaving must be perfectly fine-tuned - if you take a few days away from it, and all efforts will be nullified." Very accurately noticed.

By the way, most 3-in-1, 4-in-1, and even 5-in-1 solutions don't actually work like these four successive steps. Saving time is insignificant, saving space in a suitcase is ok, but if you have a choice, it is better to do everything according to the classics of the genre and see how the skin is transformed with each step.

About knowledge in beauty

Through my work, I have learned many useful things about ingredients and formulas. Fact: girls in Russia are more active than in other countries, interested in the composition of cosmetics, so the annotations for Russia were the most detailed. Practice has shown (and suggested) that if a company is strong in grooming, it is not worth buying decorative cosmetics from it. Conversely, a brand that is famous for powder, meteorite blush, or the invention of mascara will rarely offer the perfect eye cream, and this knowledge greatly facilitates the agony of choice. It's just that everyone is strong in something of their own. As in sports.

I began to follow beauty trends in magazines, tried to read foreign ones. I saw what funds are launched by Western companies. For example, a few years ago Lancôme asserted itself as an innovative brand, stepping out of retro image at once into the guise of a company that comes up with space technologies. Their names alone - Génifique, Visionnaire - are worth something. It was one of the most notable breakthroughs in the beauty market. You knew that there are dozens of inventions behind the Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Serum and maybe a Nobel Prize. Each jar of cream has its own legend.

A new challenge: I had to understand what the fragrances are made of, what lies behind the words "top note", "heart note" and "base note".A close friend helped me with this. I loved to come with her to a cosmetic store and listen about each product, as if they were introducing guests to me at a party, and as a PR man I had to remember them by sight and by name. At first, the science of perfumery seemed complicated, as if you yourself were trying to understand wines. In fact, the main thing is to just like the scent.

If you want to advance in this, then for a start you can just see which fragrances, according to the Firmenich classification, are on the same line with your favorite perfumes. In 80% of cases, the proposed one will suit you. Firmenich is an international company that develops and manufactures perfume ingredients for famous brands. She came up with a convenient scheme, which is updated annually (new fragrances are added to it) and helps to find fragrances that are similar in composition. Already after a couple of perfumes that you had, you can identify what their common note is, and look for it in other fragrances when you want "something the same, but new."

Since childhood, I remember my mother's phrase: "You should not reveal your age and the scent of your favorite perfume." I did not find out about the second part, perhaps this is such a recommendation to protect yourself from meeting someone of the same spirits. If there is such a risk, then the phrase works as an excellent argument and invariably evokes an understanding smile.

About makeup

Experienced, it turned out that the main thing in makeup is skin care. It's like preparing a canvas in painting. It is better to spend time looking for a suitable cream, because then the face will be so happy and beautiful that it will be enough just to apply lipstick. Another life hack is the technique of applying cosmetics. They can be seen in the inserts to the Clarins and Darphin media. These are detailed and uncomplicated instructions that work with any, even budget, creams. Also on the Clarins website there is a special section with video tutorials on application, they are short and easy to remember. Watching them is not boring, the practical benefits are tangible. You learn a lot, like applying the neck cream with movements similar to hugging. You can save on anything, but better not on eye cream. This is exactly the case when you can and should ask for samples in the store. Of course, they are rarely given without a purchase. But if you explain correctly and convincingly that you can only make a decision about such an important care product by trying (this is true), then there will always be a probe.

Of the thematic sites, not regularly, but I have been reading the blog for a long time - thanks to him, by the way, I found a wonderful eye cream for myself, the sites and But the most beloved genre has always been the description of another person's cosmetic bag. Firstly, it is most similar to the truth, and secondly, it is the fastest way to expand your beauty horizons. I've read the Wonderzine rubric from cover to cover since its inception, but I couldn't even dream of becoming its heroine.

About sports, nutrition and happiness

Three whales: sports, nutrition, sleep. It's trite, but it works. One of the executives at my cosmetics company said, "If you want to be beautiful, go to bed today." This is perhaps the best advice in life. Want sparkle in your eyes and rosy cheeks? Sleep and fall in love.

In the book "Beauty Myths" by Tiina Orasmäe-Meder and Yana Zubtsova there is a chapter on training, the meaning of which boils down to the following: while pumping the muscles of the upper press, at the same time you tighten the facial muscles. It's nice to think so, but it didn't affect my training program in any way. I work with a trainer, and my motto in this is maximum simplicity. The most effective exercises are with your own weight. So you see what exactly works and changes you. Pilates, which I did before, taught me how to breathe, and I use breathing techniques when stressed or just when I need to think or take a break. This quickly switches attention and streamlines thoughts.

A couple of years ago I learned to skate, or rather, I remembered a skill I had forgotten at school. When I lace up my skates and run on the ice, I forget about everything in the world with happiness.The point of any activity is to bring happiness, and if you still haven't worked out with some obvious physical education skill, it means that you are just on the way to each other. One day you will certainly catch this happiness. Another great invention of mankind is the bar. It can be done anytime, anywhere, very convenient when the radio is on. So progress is felt: at first you can only hold out the verse of the song, then the verse and chorus, and so on.

Not so long ago, I tried to change my diet by removing my favorite potatoes, soups, cereals, rice and pasta. There is protein in the form of meat and fish, vegetables, which are baked in foil or on parchment in the oven. Dairy products migrated to breakfast, and hard cheese was registered as a biweekly guest. It is interesting to see what the final picture will be - this is not the final diet, but rather the path to it. I rarely drink coffee with milk - it seems that this way you become more fit: the difference between a latte and an espresso is felt physically. Newly acquired habits: dark chocolate and olive oil.

And yet the main rule is to try to free the head from the product, not the plate. When thoughts become free from something, it will be easy to give up. You can often see how people who have embarked on the path of proper nutrition turn into prudes who indicate how many carbohydrates should be in someone's loaf. It turns out that they are still not free and something forbidden is still deeply embedded in them. Freedom is not to prohibit, but to allow yourself to refuse something. Therefore, I pronounce the words “proper nutrition” with healthy irony and I always remember that as a child I adored bread and butter, could identify the best in the store and knew that it should smell like fresh cream and melt gently on the crumb of bread.

I am a fan of brushing my teeth and I think this is one of the most affordable beauty life hacks. I found my dentist, by the way, thanks to the publication on The Village: I remember reading an interview with her avidly and almost drove the metro station. About three years ago I downloaded the Brush DJ application for myself - it was invented by a British dentist and it is ingeniously simple. While brushing your teeth, the app starts a two-minute timer and randomly loads a song from your playlist. Every 30 seconds you hear a signal, they say, you need to change the direction of cleaning, and at the end - applause: this is how the application expresses approval and praise. Now Brush DJ has gotten more sophisticated, with tutorial videos, tips on how to get it right, and even charts with the most popular tunes. The site of the application is quite similar to the site of some top Western radio station.

My colleague at work calls me “beauty fairy”, but I have my own beauty fairy, and every girl has an expert whom she meets on her way and after whose secrets life will never be the same again.


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