Short Haircuts: Pixie, Bob And Hedgehog Are Back In Fashion

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Short Haircuts: Pixie, Bob And Hedgehog Are Back In Fashion
Short Haircuts: Pixie, Bob And Hedgehog Are Back In Fashion

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The beginning of the fall season is an obvious reason to change and try something new. If your house is already ready by autumn, then we suggest starting to put things in order on your head. It's about hair: the most current trends are somehow connected with versatility and experimentation, which means it's time for short haircuts. We tell you how lush curls to the waist began to lose ground, and were replaced by perky pixies and a careless bob.

How it all started

Strictly speaking, the fashion for haircuts and hairstyles is a vague thing. Often everything is more or less clear about clothes, makeup and even hair coloring - there trends are created, maintained, and transformed from season to season. The actual length and shape of hair often depends not on catwalk exits, but on general trends and, more importantly, celebrity choices: when Twiggy and Mia Farrow are recognized as the best women on earth, we, as if on command, cut our hair to the limit, if we live in the Kardashian era - hello to a lush mop, weaves and deliberate curls.

And yet, short haircuts, if not at the forefront, then the zeitgeist in them is much more. In recent years, designers have presented a huge number of androgynous looks on the catwalks, at the shows of the last two years the hair length of some models was minimal: the absolute star in 2015 was the shaved Ruth Bell, who shone with Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Burberry and Fenty x Puma by Rihanna. Acne Studios and Givenchy also voted for extremely short hair and alien unisex. At the shows of Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Maison Margiela, graphic squares appeared - not the most classic reading of one of the most popular hairstyles.

You can endlessly list the actresses and singers who managed to shorten their hair, grow it and shorten it again. Even Kim Kardashian showed off with a long bob at the Grammy ceremony. Beyoncé also played with a very short pixie, for whom fluffy hairstyles are a calling card, and Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Rihanna's chic short haircuts could not even be mentioned: it was bright and noticeable. In addition, there is a whole squad of androgynous stars demonstrating the benefits of lack of length: established icons like Agnes Dein, Tilda Swinton and Saskia de Brau have never worn "feminine" haircuts.

How to decide

The truth is banal and old as the world is that a new hairstyle significantly changes not only the image, but also the attitude towards life. Usually, it is not easy to decide on a short haircut for many reasons: it is difficult to find a really suitable one and it seems that they exist for some special category of people who suit everything at all. But the main thing is that it is difficult to get rid of the stereotype that imposes luxurious curls up to the knee as an important sign of a real woman. Of course, this is no longer true for a long time, but cutting long hair is still psychologically difficult. Fortunately, there are a bunch of apps (not perfect, but still) in which you can safely try on a different hair length and color, such as Hair Change or YouCam Makeup.

There are a lot of variations of the ubiquitous bob, and this hairstyle suits almost everyone - it is not difficult to choose your own. Pixie can also be asymmetrical, elongated, with and without torn strands - here you need to build on your preferences and comfort. Haircuts for a typewriter also look different: you can leave a hedgehog a few centimeters away, or you can remove everything uncompromisingly.

Why do we need it

Short and ultra-short haircuts have at least two obvious practical advantages. First, long hair deteriorates in one way or another, and cutting it off to hell is the most effective way to get rid of split ends and other problems that we all face. Secondly, even the most complex stains at short lengths are easier to perform and easier to maintain.

Short haircuts have a very rich and long history, thanks to which you can come up with and embody any images with them. Be at least a fairy, even a star of a post-apocalyptic party. It is also the easiest way to look at yourself in a new way and, in the end, just beautifully.


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