Premiere: Clip Magnetic Poetry For The Song "Missing You"

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Premiere: Clip Magnetic Poetry For The Song "Missing You"
Premiere: Clip Magnetic Poetry For The Song "Missing You"

Video: Premiere: Clip Magnetic Poetry For The Song "Missing You"

Video: Tamia - Officially Missing You (Official Video) 2022, December

The Moscow group Magnetic Poetry has released a video for the song "Missing You": in it, the members of the family duet Dima and Oksana Ivashinina (you probably remember Oksana from the recent release of "Wardrobe") walk, sing and dance in surreal scenery of ice cream and jam festivals that took place in town this summer.

Musicians and director Angelina Toros decided that they should definitely capture huge pink penguins with ice cream, plastic flowers, thrones and statues: "Building your own scenery with such a luxury in the public domain is just waste and ingratitude." In the last video "Be Like Wind", which the duet members filmed on their own, there are also views of Moscow, only these are gray high-rise buildings, and not twisted-eyed penguins.

Last year, Magnetic Poetry released their debut album, which included eight dreamy and intimate tracks: Oksana and Dima told us about how a married couple can create together and maintain a relationship immediately after the release of the LP.

Dima and Oksana Ivashinin

Probably, we really wanted to feel involved in such a large-scale city holiday, to look at people who line up to be photographed in huge wooden shoes. We did not leave the feeling of a parallel universe, into which we fell by mistake and risk being left forever.

Probably, this is the essence of art, when you turn something absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate into a conscious and endowed with a purpose, context. It's hard to judge whether we succeeded or not, but the experience of interacting with people and with all this giant nonsense was very fun and in the end, we think it turned out very funny. Maybe the city authorities will look at all these decorations from a different angle, or maybe, on the contrary, they will be glad that "the youth liked it." But we sincerely hope for the first option.

This is the first work that I will probably show my grandchildren, and in general, the main argument and motivation was - we are shooting for posterity, we want to capture the elusive beauty, because they will remove it. The feeling that we are dealing with something really unique did not leave - it’s even difficult to imagine everything, but here it stands in the center of the capital, and you can still touch, sit, take a selfie. The story took shape by itself - the girl still misses the boy, and he seems to be always there, but not here, and she slowly gets bogged down in her world of dreams, more and more sparkles and flowers, and then it turns out that there is no little world, and you stand in the center of the city, and everything is plastic, and you're kind of like a city madman, Kortasarshchina, not otherwise.

Another interesting thing is the attitude of people towards all these decorations. It's not like in Europe - a beautiful window on New Year's Eve, stop and see, people feel their full right to all these flowers and pink chairs, they feel completely free, and the shooting of the video is interrupted by a request to move, the photo must be taken, of course.

We release our time capsule especially on the last day of August, when the Moscow summer, jam and ice cream have already been replaced with festive decorations in honor of Moscow's birthday. And we also want the video to be a gift - like an album with photos.

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