Beauty Insider Creator Julia Grebyonkina Talks About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Beauty Insider Creator Julia Grebyonkina Talks About Her Favorite Cosmetics
Beauty Insider Creator Julia Grebyonkina Talks About Her Favorite Cosmetics

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Julia Grebyonkina

Creator of Beauty Insider Blog

My main

beauty principle in life - "without fanaticism"

About the beauty blogger profession and misconceptions

I've been a beauty blogger and beauty editor for six years now. And, although this can not be said by my stocks of cosmetics, my main beauty principle in life is “without fanaticism”. I have gone through the stages “I need everything” and “I want to try it myself, by all means”, as well as the inevitable stage “something this all does not work”. I no longer expect miracles from caring cosmetics and do not look for unusual shades in decorative - it seems to me that now you can buy any color of anything, if not in bulk, then from indie brands. This does not cancel my curiosity about everything interesting, new, funny, but the degree of intensity of passions has shifted.

This was facilitated, on the one hand, by rather ascetic skin care (in my case, variety is evil, and no matter how my hands reach for each new jar, I hit myself on them). On the other hand, the understanding that my idea of ​​what is normal from the point of view of beauty does not coincide with the advertising one. Should I strain and worry if by the middle of any day my skin still shines, as it is oily, if my pores are large enough, wrinkles begin to form in my eyes? The industry says yes. And I am friends with people who enjoy checking in the mirror every two hours how they look and whether they need to tweak their makeup. But I usually remember about mine either by accident or in the evening. And if I see that I need to go over my face with a matting napkin - I will. But to bother with this as a separate task - no, I have many other things to do.

Moreover, I still do not know a real way to make oily skin matte for the whole day, acne completely disappears, and wrinkles turned back at 33 years old. So why should I worry so much about this? Accepting yourself as you are is doing for yourself what you yourself consider sufficient, while being in a relaxed frame of mind. For some, these will be courses of procedures, for others, one cream on the shelf in the bathroom, but this marker of relaxation, in my opinion, is very important. It does not mean fighting your own, God forgive me, imperfections, but sound expectations and a sound approach to solving a specific problem.

About body care

A few years ago, the founder of Decléor, Solange Dessimuli, came to Moscow and talked about how she divides girls into “girl-face” and “girl-whole-body”. For many years I was a "face girl" - I took care of my problem skin, but I ignored everything below the neck. Now I understand that, in fact, my body did not exist in my consciousness - it was just something that allowed me to do what I want (work, work and work). I was not interested in sports and it was terribly lazy even to smear the skin of the body with cream, so it did not exist for me.

This approach exhausted itself closer to 30 years old - I emotionally burned out at work, quit everywhere and began to learn a simple rule: it is impossible to squeeze the maximum out of the body all the time, you need time to rest and recover. And if you correctly monitor your condition and dose the load and rest, then the quality of life changes significantly. For a year and a half, I just slept off, then I was imbued with sports, and it became a constant part of my schedule, then - a more balanced diet. And … unexpectedly, although it was logical, I began to get a thrill from taking care of my body.

About face care

I have oily skin with a tendency to acne, at the same time dehydrated and very sensitive, with redness.And also serious pigmentation on the cheek, which I no longer hope to get rid of. Pigmentation, especially hormonal pigmentation, is the most difficult problem in cosmetology, and I am a prime example of this. Not a single new cosmetologist believes that I go to SPF of at least 30 all the year round all the year round. Having tried everything, I just relaxed about it so much that I even stopped masking in makeup: well, here I am, but I have two spots on the cheek, so what?

You live with acne, never knowing what awaits you tomorrow on your face, plus quite often we treat one thing and cripple the other (I say hello to acids and retinoids, which improved the condition, but made the skin very fragile and increased pigmentation). Therefore, now my basic home care is simple: good hydration in very light textures (anything that is heavier than a gel or emulsion clogs pores), the softest cleansing for problem skin and … that's it.

About hair care

It is curious that I was somehow unlucky with hair (just a beauty blogger-find): a few years ago I reached a trichologist (by the way, it seems, the best in Russia - I still have his contacts at least once a week) I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (AHA) and seborrhea. Exacerbation of seborrhea occurs with any stress, therefore dermatological shampoo-mask-serum is always at hand. Well, AGA is eternal: here you can only to the best of your ability to constantly fight with your own DNA for the quality of hair. I do it in a lazy-relaxed mode: sometimes I am attacked by “something urgent to do” and I run to my doctor for new appointments (it's good that he is experienced and has been in Zen for a long time about this), but more often I don’t do it for months nothing at all.

The only thing with which I am strict is taking vitamins, which the trichologist-endocrinologist prescribed to me and which, as it turned out, have an effect not only on the condition of the hair. This is necessarily vitamin D with periodic monitoring tests (normal vitamin D levels so seriously affect my energy level that I now always follow it), iron supplements (as soon as ferritin deficiency begins, I have aggravation of AGA and hair climbs, not to mention again, about the level of energy - I love to run, but this personally depletes my iron stores easily), sometimes B vitamins in courses (but also under supervision - I was somehow allergic to them). During periods of intense training, I drink potassium and magnesium, otherwise I get cramps (sometimes the banal "Panangin", sometimes complex sports vitamins, where they are in the composition).

About cosmetology procedures

I don't believe in anti-wrinkle creams: in my opinion, the cream should just moisturize well and you shouldn't expect anything else from it. I don't even use antioxidant serums, which are considered the must in terms of basic anti-aging care - I don't want to overload my skin as long as it feels normal.

For serious results, I go to professionals. I have several procedures from the category “why didn't you do them earlier ?!”. This is Botox, which I tried last year, laser hair removal, teeth whitening with Philips Zoom 4 (by the way, it doesn't hurt at all, as many write - choose the latest generation lamps and a competent doctor who will do a two-week preparation). And also keratin straightening, my hairdresser Alex Contier persuaded me to do it, and since then the life of my porous hair that sticks out like a fluff around my head has changed. Also let me sing an ode to gel polishes: I stopped trying to persuade myself that someday I would paint my nails with those two hundred varnishes that I have, distributed or threw them all out of the house, and for the second year I am happy.

About makeup and its purposes

When I get on a press tour with fellow beauty bloggers, they always have suitcases of decorative items, and I have one modest cosmetic bag with one whole Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette. In this regard, I am the most boring beauty blogger (but I have three dozen nude palettes!).I love it when the pros draw wow-makeup for me, but it's lazy for me to do it myself, for me the make-up is a very applied thing, not a creative one: to even out the tone, make the eyes and eyebrows brighter. And that's all. Recently, it happens that I go without any makeup at all, which I could not have imagined ten years ago (#your feminism). But I am for diversity: let everyone do whatever they like. It's convenient for me like this.

The only thing that worries me about this is for girls to realize that instagram full makeup or makeup for shooting, which looks cool in the photo in their social media feeds, looks completely different in life and not everyone needs it. I understand the effect of the transformations that Gohar Avetisyan shows on his instagram, for example. But I also understand that this makeup looks like makeup in real life. And there is no need to experience the complexes "ah, I don't look like that" about this - and it is not necessary, his goal is different. This is fun, this is art, this is, in the end, so that the filter in the insta can be applied more easily, or so that the photographer then needs less photoshopping. There is no need to compare yourself in the mirror with this picture.

About sports and health

I came to sports, like many of my friends, through running. Four years ago, because of Sasha Boyarskaya and Anya Zabolotnaya, I got carried away by running; I started on the C25K program (although now I would not recommend it to anyone), ran a little bit for a long time, then ran a half marathon with I Love Running, began to prepare for a marathon … And I got injured. Not critical for my health, but solid for my athletic performance and has proven to be quite useful for rebuilding my head. Because now, as soon as I overexert myself, the injury comes out again, reminding me to take care of myself.

The injury forced me to rebuild all the workouts at first - I didn't want to, but I had to work on strengthening the muscles of the whole body, posture, and then the attitude to sports in general. At the first stage, the sport was a story about overcoming oneself, achieving better results tomorrow than yesterday, faster-higher-stronger, die-do-do. After the injury, I had to learn to listen to the body, give it rest and, most importantly, exactly the load that it can withstand (and not which, for some reason, you think it should endure). The emphasis has shifted from achievements and medals to health care.

I was so carried away by this topic that I even entered the courses of fitness trainers, but I successfully failed them even before the first exam in anatomy - there is simply no time to master such a layer of knowledge, although the dream remained. Therefore, this year I found myself a coach who puts the same principles at the forefront: health, functionality, wellness every day. With him we are engaged in correcting my posture and general improvement. Periodically, he instills in me various useful thoughts: for example, that my excessive thinness was the result of very high anxiety, which I did not cope well with; or, what if I stop being late everywhere, as I did when I gave up office work, I would reduce my stress level by at least half (and it turned out). But the main thing is that he teaches you to constantly pay attention to your well-being, think about what influenced him and how it can be improved. So far, a coach is my biggest and most tangible investment in my own well-being in terms of return.


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