How To Find, Wear And Style Trendy Short Haircuts

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How To Find, Wear And Style Trendy Short Haircuts
How To Find, Wear And Style Trendy Short Haircuts

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Last week we talked about about how short haircuts turned out to be the most fashionable. More and more women are rethinking stereotypes about femininity and opting for short hair, ditching long hair in favor of convenience and comfort. That is why short haircuts are at the peak of their popularity today: they are practical and, contrary to myths, they are easy to style on their own thanks to a huge number of various styling products. Nevertheless, many girls are in no hurry to make such radical changes to their image, as they are afraid that a short haircut will not suit their type of face, that they will not be able to cope with styling or adapt a new haircut to their image. Hairdresser-stylist Anastasia Ekimova tells which haircut is right for you and how to live with it later.

Bob, long bob

Bob - a haircut from the earlobe to the shoulders, with or without graduation, often with a shorter nape and elongated strands at the face. In the days of suffragettes, this haircut was considered an expression of progressiveness and freedom. Later, the bob was brought into fashion by such divas as Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel. This haircut was recently worn by Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and many other celebrities. The main advantage of this haircut is that it will suit everyone who wants to change their image not too radically, but tangibly.

The main advantages of the bob are the convenience and speed of styling. A bob is suitable for almost all types of hair: such a haircut can add volume to thin hair, while thick and heavy hair can, on the contrary, thin out and make the mass of hair easier (graduation will help you with this). This haircut is perfect for straight hair. If you have curly hair, choose a length just below the chin and ask the hairdresser for a step cut. These tricks will help you avoid excessive volume at the bottom and maintain beautiful proportions.

There are several options for this haircut: classic, asymmetrical and elongated bob. If you want to visually stretch your face shape, an elongated bob will suit you. And with an asymmetrical bob and an offset parting, the forehead will look smaller. If you want to emphasize the layers of your haircut, choose the currently fashionable colors: shatush, balayazh and lowlights - and if you like geometricity, choose the classic colors of any color. The bob can also be adapted to suit yourself using different types of styling. Here's how to do some of them.

Fast styling: Apply medium hold volume spray to damp, clean hair. Dry your hair by combing back and lifting slightly at the roots. Do not part in the part, comb the front a little and tuck the hair behind the ears.

Wavy bob: spray slightly damp hair with texturizing spray and dry by squeezing the strands with your hands. Then, in a chaotic manner, lightly wind the strands on an iron or on a conical curling iron. Brush the strands with your fingers, tilting your head down, and add a light fixing agent that keeps the styling mobile - any light hold varnish or spray will do.

Smooth licked bob: Part your hair and comb back and behind the ears using a smoothing cream. L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Dual Stylers Sleek & Swing gel is suitable (in this case, the product should be applied to slightly damp hair and ironed with a comb-spatula when drying) or Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax - this product is suitable if you do not need to additionally straighten hair, but you just need to give them smoothness and fix. To do this, warm a small amount of the product well in the palms of your hands and apply to the hair, as if smoothing it.


Pixie is a short haircut in which the hair on the back of the head and temples is shorter than in the parietal zone. Opens ears and neck completely.The haircut gained fame after the release of the film "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and gained wide popularity in the 60s thanks to Twiggy. In recent years, she has become popular thanks to the images of celebrities: Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron - all of them have already tried on pixies. It is popular for its versatility: it suits any type of face, and the right proportions of this haircut make it ideal for everyone.

If you want to visually stretch your face or balance its proportions, choose the option with a pronounced lengthening, and if for some reason you do not like your forehead, take a closer look at the options with bangs. If you like more daring looks, you can not leave the hair on the temples and the back of the head, but shave it off. Playing with hairstyles, haircut options, makeup and clothes, you can often change images - this haircut will suit both the adherents of the “tomboy” style and the girls who prefer feminine looks.

Bright colors, natural tones, icy blond, stretch marks from dark to light, highlights, colored strands - there are many colors that will look cool on pixies. The short length allows you to bleach your hair without fear and dye it in different colors, without buying up tons of restorative products later and without leaving substantial sums in salons. The advantage of the pixie is the ability to radically change the image with the help of styling, which at this length takes very little time and does not require special skills. Unlike long and medium length styling, any girl can handle pixie styling. Use headbands or headbands - this is also a great hairstyle company. Here are some options.

Smooth pixie: Comb your hair back or in the middle with a fine-toothed comb, then warm up the fixing agent in your hands and smooth it in the desired direction. Use a pomade or hair paste.

Curly Pixie: apply thermal protection to the parietal zone and wind the strands in a chaotic manner, then disassemble the curls with your hands and fix with varnish.

Ragged, textured pixie: For this look, apply a texturizing spray to your important hair and blow dry using a diffuser or squeezing with your hands.

Parietal part fully set up: Apply lather to wet hair roots and dry, lifting hair up. Any high-hold foams or mousses will work, then apply a strong-hold varnish.

Tools: Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Grip Volume, Schwarzkopf Got2b "Steel grip"

Hedgehog, buzz-cut

A very short haircut that is done with a clipper. Hair can be either the same length over the entire head, or slightly longer in the parietal zone and shorter at the temples and the back of the head. The most radical, but no less interesting haircut. Celebrities who have tried on this image: Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman. For inspiration, check out the Instagram makeup artist Celine Bernaerts. The almost complete absence of hair on the head allows you to look both androgynous and bright, shocking and expressively sexy.

Of course, the main advantage of this haircut is its convenience. This length significantly saves both time and money - with it you only need to wash your hair with a shampoo that is comfortable for you and dry your hair. This haircut is perfect for you if you want to radically change your image, if you are simply tired of the mass of hair, from styling and cans in the bathroom, or if you are completely unhappy with the condition of your hair and no longer know what to do with it.

Despite the simplicity of this haircut, it also has variations: you can leave longer hair on the parietal part, you can make a smooth transition from the shortest temples to longer hair at the crown (the fade technique will look cool on dark and thick hair), leave a centimeter - one and a half hairs that will stick up, and they can also be smoothly laid back with the help of a strong fixation gel, or even shaved off everything to zero, and in the process of regrowth, choose the length you like the most. A haircut looks very cool with large-rimmed glasses, bright lipsticks, graphic arrows, and in general any accents on the face.

Also with her it is easy to dye your hair in any color, even at home. You don't have to worry about dry and brittle hair, and it is very easy to apply the dye or brightener evenly.Discolored, hot pink, pastel hedgehogs look cool, like, for example, Willow Smith or Jesse J. However, it is worth remembering that overgrown roots are especially noticeable at such a length (if, of course, they bother you).


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