The Site About Literature "Gorky" Was Launched

The Site About Literature "Gorky" Was Launched
The Site About Literature "Gorky" Was Launched

Video: The Site About Literature "Gorky" Was Launched

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The founder of the bookstore "Falanster" Boris Kupriyanov and the former editor of "Afisha" Nina Nazarova (last year she told us about her favorite books) launched a site about literature "Gorky". Nina Nazarova became the editor-in-chief of the publication.

“Gorky is a non-commercial project about books and reading. We write about books, new and old, fiction and popular science, Russian and foreign, books that you are ashamed to read to your friends, and books about which you defend your dissertations. We publish book news, reviews and essays, interviews, reports and reviews of the most interesting things that have been written about the literary process in Russia and abroad. Our task is to make the most complete, sensible and convenient website about books and reading in Russian,”the project's website says. The main material with which Gorky was opened is called “What and How Ural Workers Read”.

"Gorky" will write about both new books and old ones - according to Nazarova, now most of the media only talk about new products, while all information is "scattered and built on a 'marketing' principle."

In addition to reviews and excerpts from books, Gorky will also publish announcements of events related to literature. The section "Bookshelf" will contain all the books about which there were notes on the site.

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