The Book "Transgender And Transfeminism" Was Published

The Book "Transgender And Transfeminism" Was Published
The Book "Transgender And Transfeminism" Was Published

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Salamandra books published a book by Yana Kirei-Sitnikova "Transgender and Transfeminism", the money for the publication of which was raised through crowdfunding (we wrote about this campaign in April). This book is the first Russian-language edition to consider transgenderness from the point of view of feminist theory, and also one of the first to fully address transgenderism.

The printed version is already on sale in independent bookstores in Moscow: Falanstere, Tortuga, Khodasevich, Dodo, Monitorbox, Ostroukhov and Tsiolkovsky. In stores, the book costs differently (at Dodo 585 rubles, at Tsiolkovsky 435 rubles), but you can order it directly from the publishing house for 300 rubles. This weekend, Salamandra books will bring the book to the fair at Ut Liber, which will be held at the Artplay design center.

In Transgender and Transfeminism, activist and researcher Yana Kirei-Sitnikova examines both the concepts already known in the English-language literature and the post-Soviet agenda of the movement, analyzes the problems of cis-normativity and transphobia, the relationship between trans and feminist movements, domestic violence against transgender people, acceptance of their bodies, the theory of the formation of gender identity and the model of depathologization of gender variability. The author points out that the book may not be very clear for those who do not have a basic knowledge of feminist theory, but if you are willing to show a little diligence and understand the scientific language, "Transgender and Transfeminism" will be a useful guide on the topic.

In accordance with the principles of free culture, the PDF version of the book is distributed free of charge. This is the first book of the Salamandra books project, its creators plan to publish non-mass literature, both fiction and non-fiction: philosophical, popular science and activist books.

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