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This Is For Love: Girls About Their Wedding Dresses
This Is For Love: Girls About Their Wedding Dresses

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The wedding season is gradually coming to an end, but memories of a memorable event last much longer than one season. Recently, our editor told how she bought her wedding dress. Now we asked the girls we know, who got married in a variety of dresses, about how they chose their dress, whether it was comfortable in it and what became of it after the wedding.


Anna Shevchenko

Internal Communications Editor at Oriflame

I had about two months to prepare for the wedding. At first I even had a little fun: measuring dresses in the Baroque-Rococo style, the classic "fish" with beads and pearls, dresses for 15 and 100 thousand. I tried not to be a prude and tried everything. For example, in one of the showrooms, a consultant convinced me to try on a veil, which I stubbornly refused - and it turned out to be very beautiful. Soon I realized what I wanted - a dress with a deep neckline on the back, without unnecessary decor and made of translucent, flowing fabrics. I wanted to reduce the budget as much as possible (it's the same thing for one time), but I would be ready to spend money on an incredible dress.

Searches intensified, and it became clear: everything is bad. It’s very bad. Everything is lost. There was a month left before the wedding, and I had already visited all Moscow showrooms, concept stores, wedding salons - and everything was in vain. Everything is too expensive or not at all pleasant. I began to contradict myself - initially not attaching importance to the dress and all these traditions of one day, I still wanted it to be beautiful.

Ahead was the weekend in St. Petersburg, and at the same time I decided to continue my search there. I signed up for a fitting in the Pion Dress showroom, which I accidentally found on the Internet, and left them with a check, exhaling. It was the perfect solution - at Pion they sew light flowing dresses and sell them at a very low price compared to what I have already seen.

The dress was incredible: sheer top, open back, flowy tulle and dusty pink gradient. They took my measurements and left the dress in work. Of course, after the shipment, it turned out that the dress did not sit on me. And no wonder - if you are hemming, come to the fitting. Mom helped to fix the situation, and by that time I had already realized that it was time to stop this pursuit of the ideal and start enjoying the event.

The wedding days were unbearably hot, so I had to change. Due to the upcoming move, I tried to sell the dress on Avito, but there were not many people willing. I'll keep it for myself or sell it on personal request - I like it too much.

Wedding Date: July 15, 2016


Alina Vorzheva

segment producer of the program "Evening Urgant"

From the moment of the proposal until the date of the wedding, I had a whole year to choose a dress. I spent many months searching for the ideal, and in the end I chose two Moscow salons with pleasant prices and good taste of the owners. In mid-April, my mother and godmother and I went to the fitting. In the very first second, it became quite obvious that my entire hard-won selection of dream dresses was going to the trash can, since completely different styles suit me. To become a princess, I needed to tighten into a corset, and everything light and airy, which I dreamed of initially, made me fat.

In the salons, of course, everything is very solemn - with the exception of full nudity in front of the store employees and humiliating little dresses that do not converge on the back, which are tucked in with anything, because all dresses are of 42-44 sizes, and with my 48th, any dress is needed order and wait. In the second salon I found That Same Dress - it’s not for nothing that they say that it exists, my mother said that my look had even changed. It also did not converge on the back, but it looked perfect from the front. It slimmed me down, unlike other options, it covered most of the chest (I wanted to look bad with my fifth

size), and most importantly - it supported it well. This was the king of the corset world.

My size dream dress had to wait two months. Given my summer business trip, it turned out that I would arrive for my first fitting six days before the wedding. I was assured that this is more than enough to have time to adjust the dress to length. This day has come, I unbuttoned a beautiful cover in the studio, tried on a dress … and turned out to be the heroine of the collection "expectation and reality". The dress is not sewn correctly. The corset is short, soft, and not hard, the chest falls out, there are exactly two bones in the corset to divert the eyes - they do not provide any support at all. I see in the mirror a disfigured version of myself in a crooked dress with sagging breasts. For some reason, a ridiculous lace petticoat was sewn in (but this no longer worries anyone). The salon is large and prestigious, no one expected such a setup - neither I nor the owners. I am offered to choose some other dress (seriously?).

The next few days were in hell because I just didn't have a dress right before the wedding. I will omit the long details, but in the end, as far as possible, that fitting dress from the salon was restored to me: they removed the hooks and cleaned the hem, trampled during fitting, from stains and dirt. A fabric triangle was inserted on the back under the corset to hide the "hole". The lace bolero, with which I complemented the image, successfully covered the flaws. I picked up the dress at eight in the evening on the eve of the wedding. Without measuring.

But everything ended well. I liked myself and everyone. My wedding planner turned out to be a lawyer by training and got a refund from the salon for the full cost of the dress. I hope the salon has just as angry talked to the manufacturer of these dresses and no one else will get into such a situation. In the atelier I was persuaded to leave the train, which I intended to cut off to hell. It became dirty right away, but in the photographs it is not visible, and it is really beautiful, what really. It is believed that it is absolutely impossible to live in a corset, but if it is sewn correctly and efficiently, then you can live almost happily. If you choose a corset, be sure to ask that you (or rather, the one who will do it) be taught how to lace correctly. I spent fifteen hours in my corset dress and did not die. The main thing is not to sit in one place for a long time - it really becomes difficult.

It's a shame to admit, but from the moment I took off my dress at night after the wedding and threw it behind the sofa, it has been there. When I finally get my paycheck, I'll go dry cleaning. I plan to shorten the hem and make a cocktail dress, as I really like the fabric and cut. And, well, and most importantly - it has pockets!

Wedding Date: July 1, 2016


Julia Katkalo


We had exactly twenty days to prepare for the wedding, that is, I was looking for a dress in extreme conditions. We immediately decided that we would go to the registry office alone and in jeans, but there was a huge problem with the dress for the evening. After a quick look at wedding salons, I realized that the dress needed to be sewn, because I did not like anything at all. At the wedding, it was extremely important for me to be myself, and fluffy dresses, bustiers and open shoulders, a veil and white are not at all about me.

I wanted a special dress - complex, but comfortable, because at the wedding I planned to drink wine, dance until morning, communicate, and not sit nicely at the table (and it happened). For a couple of days I leafed through Pinterest looking for an interesting style and eventually came across a dress by Alexander Terekhov in a light blue color, with closed shoulders, a bow at the waist and hidden pockets (this is very convenient!). With the picture, I went to the atelier that a friend advised me, and there, together with the master, we slightly changed the style to suit my figure. I chose the fabric alone, no one, except a close friend, knew what I would be getting married in - everyone saw me at the moment of going to the groom. Emerald is my favorite color and it

very nicely blended into the interior of the room - dark, burgundy, saturated. For the dress, I chose Converse sneakers in mustard color, because it is ironic, cool and very about me, and massive, complex Bimba y Lola earrings. Usually brides have pain in their legs the next morning, and my ears hurt.

I am very pleased with the dress, and after three years I love it dearly and keep it. And someday I will definitely wear it for a special event, because it does not look like a classic wedding dress at all.

Wedding Date: October 26, 2013




I began to choose a dress as soon as the preparations for the wedding began, but in none of the dresses that I tried on in the salons did I feel special. I imagined how my wedding dress should have looked: dropped shoulders, a long train, embroidered with lace, it should have been light, delicate. And in every dress I tried on something I didn't like. So I decided to make a custom-made dress, and in the end it was exactly as I imagined it.

In a wedding dress, I felt very elegant and beautiful, it was comfortable in it. She did not show her dress to her husband before the wedding. I do not believe in omens, I just wanted to make a surprise - and I still remember with special trepidation our first meeting on the wedding day. On this day, I felt incredibly happy. I left the dress with me, as a keepsake.

Wedding Date: August 8, 2015


Lina Kovaleva

makeup artist-stylist

By the time of my own celebration, I had been working as a wedding stylist for three years, and therefore had an idea of ​​the offer on the wedding services market. There were also vague fantasies about the dress - light, short, simple, but tasteful. I didn't want any "fish" or crinolines, which I had seen enough, preparing brides for the ceremony. And most importantly, I wanted to get the dress quickly and at a reasonable price.

The option was found immediately, practically without leaving the house. Few people pay attention to a bridal salon in a residential area, with an inconspicuous door and a static sign, but this was my first - and only one! - a starting point with which I made the right decision. It always seemed to me that sewing a dress to order is not a cheap pleasure, and it was a pleasant surprise that I was greatly mistaken about this. In the Lika salon-studio, in just a few weeks and two fittings they sewed an Ideal Dress for me, assembled piece by piece from various pictures on the Internet: just above the knee length, with a train and a light corset, with the finest lace on the bodice and an elegant row of buttons on the back …

The wedding turned out to be modest - they signed in the family circle, walked in the park, and then sat in a restaurant. All this time, the dress behaved perfectly, did not rush under her feet, did not press on her stomach, did not restrain her movements. Everything I wanted.

To this day, I have it, hanging in the closet and waiting for its finest hour. For a number of reasons, we were unable to invite a photographer to the wedding, but I would very much like to once again put on my Ideal Dress, take my Ideal Husband by the arm and walk around my favorite places in Moscow with a professional. And in another ten years, I will definitely wear this dress and will celebrate my anniversary in it.

Wedding Date: July 3, 2014


Anya Panova

founder of Tape photo production

I don't remember exactly how I saw this Vera Wang dress, but when I saw it, I realized that this was my perfect dress. To be honest, I couldn't afford it, and I didn't really see the point of spending a fortune on a dress for one evening, albeit so special. In general, I fell for this dress as a pipe dream. And then, quite by accident, in one of the communities for shopaholics, I came across an ad from a girl who was brought a dress from the States, but it did not fit her either in size or in color. And she was selling it, brand new, just arrived, for next to nothing. All in all, this Vera Wang dress, completely my color and size, found me on its own. I just handed it over to the atelier to suture a little at the waist, and it sat down like a glove. Our wedding was very informal, and I even managed to play the drums in this dress at the wedding.

After the wedding, I hardly shoved the dress into the washing machine, washed it on a gentle mode and hung it in the closet.For two years now it has been hanging there and objectively takes up a lot of space, but it cheers me up every time I look into the closet.

Wedding Date: September 27, 2014


Oksana Medvedeva

trainee Adidas group CIS

Initially, I wanted a dress that would be comfortable for me, and considered various more or less easy-to-cut options with ModCloth. Then I changed my mind, because I was afraid that the order might not work and then I would have to do everything again, waste time, money and nerves.

A couple of months before the wedding, we went to visit our parents in the Caucasus, where my mother took me to a huge market in Pyatigorsk. It was raining, I froze and cursed everything in the world, and, of course, did not think that I could find something there. Rather, for the sake of my mother, I went to all these market salons with women counting money in gloves with cut-off fingers. And when patience ran out, my mother, by hook or by crook, dragged me into the last trailer where my dress hung. It looked completely different from what I imagined, but for some reason I saw myself in it. It cost 6 or 9 thousand with a veil, which I never needed.

I can't say that it was super comfortable (it was still with a corset), but I didn't notice any discomfort. Probably because she was very happy that day. Despite our irresponsible attitude

to prepare, the wedding was a success. We did not have a host, contests, buyouts and other crap, everything went naturally. Friends gathered in a jazz band and gave us a real holiday. I calmly danced in a dress, jumped, ran, and everything was fine.

After the wedding, I transported the dress to my parents in the Caucasus so that it would not take up space in the closet. I am not going to wear it again, so its further fate is still unknown. Probably, it will be so on the mezzanine.

Wedding Date: August 1, 2015


Anna Ayvazyan

historian, journalist

The wedding was prepared in a hurry. At that time I was moving from Moscow to Paris, where we were going to celebrate. From the very beginning, I decided for myself that it is pointless to spend a lot of money on a dress - it is better to buy something inexpensive and practical. Actually, with these thoughts, I ordered a cute lace dress at ASOS for a ridiculous 900 rubles. Inspired by my ingenuity, I ran to tell my mother how I arranged everything well. Mom grabbed her heart and took my word that I would give a chance to a "real" wedding dress. There was no question of sewing to order - there was nothing left to do. I resisted and did not even want to look at the alternatives: I repeated that I would not be "a woman on a teapot."

In the end, I gave up, and my parents and I went to a Moscow salon. I snorted, moaned, and then, by some miracle, we chose three dresses to try on. The first was straight, light, but noticeably decorated with sequins and beads on top. The second was like a chantilly cream cake - with an infinite number of skirts, heavy and not at all suitable for August. The third turned out to be unexpectedly perfect - it all came together. They neatly laced it up for me - I twisted in front of the mirror and took a selfie, which I immediately posted in the secret

group of bridesmaids. So the fate of the dress was decided.

On the day of the wedding, of course, everything went wrong. I woke up with a terrible hangover after a tumultuous bachelorette party - no one remembers exactly how many bottles of rosé were drunk at the Café Hugo in Place des Vosges. The make-up artist couldn't find parking and stayed half an hour. When the moment of dress came, we were already late. Mom was very nervous while lacing, and at any attempt to tighten it tighter, I uttered a terrible scream. Already at the mayor's office, I almost fell on the solemn red staircase, stepping on the dress, and soon the badly laced corset began to slip treacherously - so that almost all my wedding photos are distinguished by some frivolity of the image. I will never forget the moment when we stood in front of the Deputy Mayor - she made a fiery speech about republican values ​​and the social importance of the institution of the family, and I thought only about how to hide everything back into a corset.At the restaurant, my husband and I happily changed into civilian clothes - he, too, was happy to get rid of the tuxedo. So I danced around in an ASOS dress for the rest of the evening.

I carefully keep my magnificent dress - despite all the excitement, it will always remind me of the good: how happy my mother was when we bought it, how she nervously laced up the corset on the wedding day, how my husband held the hem so that I would not step on it, and how friends joked fun about the neckline. So I was a very happy "woman on a teapot".

Wedding Date: 21 Aug 2014


Anna Sotnikova

publishing house project manager

"New Literary Review"

I can't say that since childhood I imagined at least some kind of wedding dress - to be honest, the very fact that I get married at all came as a complete surprise to me. My boyfriend proposed to me on the second day of our acquaintance, but after that we lived happily for another three years, from time to time joking that it was time to get married already - and at some point something hit us in the head and we really decided do it. It seems that initially we saw this event primarily as an excuse for a big and fun party.

But then my mother, a professional event organizer, got down to business, and it turned out that the event was waiting for us on a much larger scale: there would be not two or three relatives, but as many as twenty (moreover, from different cities), friends - 200, and a minimalistic dress from the Oak website + Fort will not work. By the way, as a result, I don’t regret this scenario for a second, but thus we were faced with the need to organize a large-scale celebration in a month. At first, I didn't really think about the dress at all - my friend Olya, to whom I turned in panic with questions: “What to marry? Where can I get a cake? " -

almost immediately offered me That same Cyrille Gassiline dress. I safely ordered it on the website, a fitting was supposed to be in a week - but literally on the eve of this very fitting, I received a letter stating that the dress was no longer there. Then we tried to agree to have it specially sewn for us - they promised us that they would do everything, but two days later they called back and said that such fabric in the warehouse ran out. In tears and despair, I even found a seamstress and inspected all fabric stores, but the seamstress was going to sew me that very dress according to patterns from Burda magazine, and I had to give up.

Meanwhile, there were just under two weeks before the wedding. To order something from the Internet is already pointless, to sew to order - too. Finally upset, my mother and I decided to try our luck in wedding salons and, having visited a couple on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, we realized that the situation there, too, was far from rosy. Feathers, crinolines, meringues, tutus, trains, always a tight corset with ties. The third salon, to which we arrived on the same day, turned out to be truly gigantic - I tried on (more for the sake of laughter) a certain amount of wild crinolines to the approving hooting of the saleswomen, and suddenly I saw the only one - the very same - Oscar de la Renta dress, in which there was absolutely nothing superfluous: it looked extremely simple, but at the same time gorgeous, it had neither a corset nor sequins, but it had the very minimalism that I was striving for at the very beginning.

I didn't think further and immediately bought it - it was changed for me in less than a week (during which I was desperately trying to lose weight), and three days before the important event, I stopped worrying about everything. My husband, in turn, bought himself a suit during one trip to the Tsvetnoy department store on the eve of the wedding. The dress turned out to be not only beautiful, but also wildly comfortable - and, importantly, warm (it snowed for the first time this season on our wedding day in October). The most uncomfortable memory of a wedding is entirely the merit of high heels, which I rarely wear.

I decided to sell the dress after the wedding, but my husband liked it so much that he asked not to do it.So it has been hanging in the parent's closet ever since - I do not indulge myself with the illusion that one day my daughter will go down the aisle in it (I would not go), but let it hang - no one is worse off from this. Perhaps I will wear it someday at the reception to the Queen of England.


Zlata Nikolaeva

Communications Specialist at Qlean

When my future husband proposed to me, my friends joked that it was necessary to organize a wedding in the "Second Wind" wine-glass room (as a result, she got into our pre-wedding photo session a few days before closing). Friends were joking, we laughed, but closer to the point, we still realized that, although the wedding would be democratic and modest (relatives, literally a couple of friends, without the ransom of the bride and toastmaster), formalities cannot be dispensed with. Rings - yes, smart clothes - yes, and even a white dress - a resolute yes. With the groom, everything was simple: one trip to the mall, trying on about ten jackets and shirts, and the outfit was bought in full.

It was more difficult for me. Firstly, I understood that my conditionally "extra" ten or even more kilograms would not go anywhere before the wedding, and wedding covers were sewn for large girls. Secondly, the wedding salons and their choice were terribly frightening - all this is lace, trains, open shoulders. Actually, I was only in one thing and as a joke - in Lithuania, a friend dragged a salon to a sale before liquidation. We didn't pick up anything for me, but for many years a happily married friend looked after the dress and arranged a wedding photo session in it - just like that.

I remembered about ASOS (I hadn't bought anything there before, but I immediately became a fan) and I was right. A few days of studying white dresses, the flour of choice; one, which was the main favorite, was taken right out from under the nose. I chose two - simple, cute, midi, so that I can still vilify them for work. The dresses arrived, turned out to be exactly in size, fit perfectly. We chose one, the second I just started to wear to work. The chosen one had only one minus - it was wildly crumpled, on the morning of the wedding it was crumpled even on the makeup and hair in the salon. However, after the registry office and the first glass of champagne, it didn't give a damn. But I will hardly wear it to work - I will rather wear it for an anniversary.

Wedding Date: August 4, 2016


Anastasia Korn

fashion director

Between the marriage proposal and the wedding itself, no more than a month passed. I just wanted to throw a party for friends and relatives - without any wedding horrors like toastmaster, flower arch or loaf. Thoughts of a fluffy princess dress never came to me at all, but the ASOS Bridal lookbook immediately came to my mind. A lace midi dress with bare shoulders has long sunk into my soul, and now I finally found a reason. True, the dress turned out to be elusive: the brides bought it instantly, even the all-powerful friends from the Lunny Bunny agency could not help me.

But as a result, I got two dresses at once! Thanks to the wonderful Polina Panfilova. In a simple lace midi, I went to the registry office at nine in the morning, and in a long, embroidered with sequins in the spirit of "Great Gatsby" - to the party itself. I do not believe in omens, so I showed the dresses to the groom, girlfriends, and mom in advance - everything was approved. My only wedding gilty plege is a veil. I always dreamed of how my fiance and I would sit on a motorcycle and rush off into the distance, and the veil would flutter in the wind. As a result, the veil painfully pressed on the head and after the registry office it had to be removed. For a while she even hung in a prominent place at home, until the husband asks to remove her out of sight. Well, nothing, I have a white Bride robe and Just Married pajamas in stock, which I am going to wear for a long time. All in all, ASOS is a bridal space!

Recently, a girl from Sweden wrote to me asking me to sell her my sequined wedding dress - it turned out that it is no longer for sale. I remembered my pursuit of the very first dress and immediately agreed to make the stranger happy. But now I think not. It's a pity to part with him.

Wedding Date: August 6, 2016

Photos: tomer turjeman -, personal archives

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