Red Is Dangerous: Why Are Men Imposed On Us About Makeup?

Red Is Dangerous: Why Are Men Imposed On Us About Makeup?
Red Is Dangerous: Why Are Men Imposed On Us About Makeup?

Video: Red Is Dangerous: Why Are Men Imposed On Us About Makeup?

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A couple of words or a whole sheet on this topic can be found on every forum, in every conventional women's publication, in any psychology thread, and sometimes in completely unexpected places (a blog for bodybuilders, a portal for farmers, gamers' forums and Orthodox communities). "Girls who like to paint their eyes in intense black, most of the guys affectionately call" pandas " - reveals the secret of “Red is dangerous! This is what most men think about the color of nail polish,”they warn us on All and sundry are talking about why women wear makeup at all and whether they need to do it. The most common conclusion is something too flattering for men: girls wear makeup to please them.

Women's publications, accordingly, are guided by this eternal desire, and articles like “What men don’t like about makeup” and “What really men don’t like about makeup” are written constantly, as if everyone has already ordered a generator of such texts for their office. The list items, by the way, rarely change: it regularly includes too noticeable arrows, long nails, dark lipsticks, bright shadows (especially blue and blue, for some reason invariably reminding everyone of the evil saleswoman from the store in the house opposite). And all men as one vote for nude makeup. Red lipstick is sometimes possible for everyone, and always - only for Renata Litvinova.

There are a lot of questions. Where do they get these men? How many people participate in surveys? Is the hatred of wine lipstick inherited? In fact, such collections not only fuel makeup shaming and limit the right to taste, but also support stereotypes about men: it seems that they all like the same slender girls with a nude face drawn along a ruler. It seems to me that this is insulting.

The point is not even the diversity of beauty, but the fact that these texts carry the idea of ​​the existence of a clear categorization of the beautiful and the ugly. A lot of cool ideas and undertakings are broken about the argument "this is ugly", but meanwhile there are such areas of make-up art where there is no talk of decoration at all: makeup can be conceptual, its main task in this case is to express the idea, and not to improve the face its bearers. And he, too, may well be applied in ordinary life, if a person is interested in this. Yuri Bolotov, editor-in-chief of The Village, believes that experimenting in makeup is great, because for girls it is part of self-expression and the search for their own identity. If dark lipstick makes a person more confident, this is a reason to be happy for him, not irritate. However, he himself would have refrained from dark lipstick, simply because he prefers the natural state of the skin to makeup.

Red lipstick means that a woman is active, loves attention and is looking for a man. Eyes down mean that a woman wants to look mysterious and seductive and is looking for a man. Oriental perfume, varnishes of wine shades, radiant cheekbones - all these are means leading to one unchanging goal. Advertisements for cosmetics and perfumes used to often appeal to a situation in which a lonely suffering girl was transformed with the help of a magical remedy and within thirty seconds finally found the Man of Her Dreams. This, in particular, was the reason for the emergence of a whole camp of men and women who despise cosmetics and the beauty industry as a whole - too clearly it turns out to be associated with some kind of set of tricks for finding a partner as soon as possible. Now, it seems, everyone has more or less realized that cosmetics exist primarily for those who use it, but the antediluvian ideas are still with us.

The worst part is that fortune-telling by makeup is generally a popular entertainment.It is believed that in our country women, in principle, like to overly make up (remember all the countless jokes for 300 about how to recognize a Russian woman on the beach), and in some places I managed to read that they do it from a hard life. Allegedly, makeup is a mask under which something is hidden: from skin problems to problems at work. And such stereotypes are not formed at all by Orthodox forums, but by popular glossy publications, for which education in such matters seems to be one of the priority tasks. To be honest, such a belief system is nothing more than the most common discrimination. With which we all seem to be trying to fight. Hairdresser-stylist and our author Anastasia Ekimova expresses the following point of view: makeup is about self-expression, and about art, and about creativity. But he becomes about all this only when the boundaries of the type "goes-does not go", "a lot-a little", "appropriate-inappropriate" are erased, and when a woman begins to freely use different colors and different textures in different places.

The issue raised here may not be that important to life in general, but it touches on key questions about self-esteem and self-confidence. There is a huge difference between being beautiful for someone and being beautiful for yourself. Learning the second is at least useful, because you need to study your face and body not from the point of view of their compliance with replicated standards, but taking into account the individual characteristics of your appearance, which cannot be good or bad - they are just yours. Only you can expand or limit the field of experiments under such conditions.

It is simply inappropriate to rely on the opinions of men participating in countless surveys. First, it is possible that they do not exist at all anywhere except the collective unconscious. Secondly, they will definitely not appreciate the metallic trend and the power of blue lipsticks. All fashion trends really exist for internal use, and they will be treated with due attention and understanding among the enthusiastic. Seeking some kind of approval from a community for which makeup and other aspects of the relationship with appearance are considered secondary and shameful is at least strange. A rare man can not hesitate to answer the question of what a smokey eye is - so why ask him at all?

The desire to please someone is not criminal, but, probably, it is not necessary to prove the thesis that it is impossible for everyone to please (and even for those mythical 70% of nude lovers). There are many men in my environment who like very different types of appearance and, accordingly, different techniques in makeup. Someone is crazy about black lipstick and short haircuts, someone like the eyes wide open, like in a silent movie, someone really loves and even notices the skillfully executed “makeup without makeup”. And a million more weaknesses brought up by everyone - from the first crush in kindergarten to porn and anime. And this, again, also usually does not mean anything: the idea of ​​ideal-looking women remains in the section of fantasies or aesthetic preferences. As a rule, everyone remembers that under the lipstick and shadows there is a person of flesh and blood, and not a mannequin for cosmetics. And trying to be guided by someone else's opinion is a very bad motivation in any business, including such an innocent thing as makeup.

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