Blogger Shows Low Calorie Diet Is Ineffective

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Blogger Shows Low Calorie Diet Is Ineffective
Blogger Shows Low Calorie Diet Is Ineffective

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Australian fitness blogger Madaline Frodsham published a post on her Instagram that clearly shows that a low-calorie diet does not help you become slimmer and more athletic. The girl posted her photos in a swimsuit "before" and "after": when the first picture was taken, Frodsham consumed only 800 calories a day, and by the time the second picture was taken, she was consuming about 1800 calories daily for several months. It is noticeable that in the second photo, Frodsham's body looks more toned and embossed.

According to the blogger, she was able to achieve noticeable changes in her body only after switching to a high-calorie diet. Eating 800 calories a day and exercising regularly, Frodsham saw no change, so she consulted a dietitian. The specialist noticed that Frodsham's body lacks macronutrients and carbohydrates, and recommended increasing the carbohydrate content in the diet from 10% to 50%. The blogger had to make an effort to start eating more and get rid of the stereotype "eating less is looking better", but now she feels much more energetic and sees the positive results of her sports.

Frodsham's observations confirm the scientific evidence: in 2012, the American National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive Disorders and Kidney Disease published the results of a study according to which reducing the number of calories consumed does not lead to weight loss. Experts believe that strict diets slow down the metabolism and put the body into a "fasting mode" where the body stores the calories it receives as fat instead of burning them. We recently wrote that carbohydrates are essential for maintaining a healthy weight, as are fats and proteins.

Just in case, we recall that Frodsham's post and other similar stories should be taken as interesting information for thought, but you cannot conduct any experiments with your diet without consulting a specialist. Every organism is different, and what works for others may not necessarily be good for you.

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