More Color: Gradient Wedding Dresses

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More Color: Gradient Wedding Dresses
More Color: Gradient Wedding Dresses

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In the amazing world of wedding Instagram and Pinterest boards, a new trend has emerged - wedding dresses with a color gradient, which, by analogy with hair coloring, are called "dip dye" or "ombre dresses". The upper part of these dresses looks quite traditional, but closer to the hem, the white color smoothly turns into blue, purple, orange or a whole rainbow.

This is a great option for brides who are not ready for radical alternatives to the traditional wedding dress, but want to make their outfit a little more fun. Colored hem can be combined with jewelry, details of the groom's suit, a bouquet and anything else; it can be bright or subtle, such as pale pink. Note that this is also practical: any woman who married in a long white dress with a train knows how quickly the bottom of the dress gets dirty (after a photo shoot in the park it can be quite sad to look at it). And what is especially nice - those who are confident in their abilities can paint the dress on their own. The instruction is here.

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