New Children's Ombudsman Believes In Womb Memory

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New Children's Ombudsman Believes In Womb Memory
New Children's Ombudsman Believes In Womb Memory

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In a 2009 interview, Anna Kuznetsova, who today replaced Pavel Astakhov as children's ombudsman, spoke out against abortion and referred to telegonia, an anti-scientific concept that existed in the 19th century and was recognized in the USSR in the 1940s and 1950s. According to this theory, the child can pass on genetic characteristics not only of the father and mother, but also of the woman's previous sexual partners.

“Based on the relatively new science of telegony, we can say that the cells of the uterus have information-wave memory. Therefore, these cells remember everything that happened in them,”Kuznetsova told the Penza Medical Portal. - For example, if a woman had several partners, then there is a high probability of giving birth to a weakened child due to confusion of information. This fact has a particular impact on the moral basis of the unborn child. Abortion, in turn, is also a serious shock for the already desired baby, since the cells remember the fetus’s fear of abortion, remember death.” It is possible that in seven years Kuznetsova changed her mind about the telegony, but so far no one from the media has been able to find out.

Meduza notes that telegonia is often mentioned in near-religious literature as an argument in favor of chastity - for example, in the brochure of the Psalter publishing house entitled Chastity and Telegonia, published in 2004. There is a Russian-language resource on the Internet about Telegonia, which says that 99% of children are not actually biological children of their fathers, “girls of easy virtue cannot have healthy, normal children,” and you should only marry virgins.

The new Children's Ombudsman has a psychological education, she is married to a priest and has six children. In 2008-2009, when Kuznetsova gave an interview about abortion and telegonia, she became the founder of the public organization Blagovest, which supported orphans and families in difficult situations. In this organization, Kuznetsova worked as a pre-abortion counseling psychologist. In 2011, the future commissioner founded and headed the Pokrov Foundation, which provides assistance to large and low-income families, and in the spring of 2015, she headed the Association of Family Protection Organizations created at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

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