How Not To Get Sick In The Fall: Healthy Life Hacks

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How Not To Get Sick In The Fall: Healthy Life Hacks
How Not To Get Sick In The Fall: Healthy Life Hacks

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Summer is in the past again, and it's time to think about how to maintain a charge of vivacity.acquired during the warmer months. We tell you how not to get rid of a cold, maintain a healthy appearance despite the change in weather and minimize the chances of becoming a victim of the autumn blues. And even though these tips may seem obvious to someone, we still rarely follow these simple and clear rules. Maybe this season we can convince you to be more prudent.


See a doctor

Routine physical examinations are not necessarily the lot of hypochondriacs. If you have a stuffy nose for the fourth month and you blame everything on "seasonal allergies", it's time to stop deceiving yourself and find out what's what. Vaccination will help to avoid the flu: we have already told you why vaccinations are needed and why you should not be afraid of them. The need for regular blood tests has not been canceled either. In addition, most of us have chronic illnesses and personal weaknesses that would be good to keep under control during the offseason. It is easier to prevent any malfunctions in the body or identify them at an early stage than to deal with complications later.

Spare your stomach

It is not easy to survive the off-season without sacrificing health and appearance. You can add strength to the body to fight weather changes and pathogenic microbes by making it easier to carry it daily - at least in terms of nutrition. Limit the amount of sugar in your diet by opting for complex carbohydrates. Don't overeat and eat simple meals (we'll share some delicious lunch recipes from a small number of budget products soon). Light austerity in food affects not only the state of health: it is quite possible that everyday Zen will free the brain for more important thoughts.

Eat local superfoods

Chia seeds and spirulina are good, but the local seasonal fruits also have a lot of health benefits. Local fruits and vegetables will not only benefit your health, but your budget as well, so it's time to make the most of your fall harvest. Pumpkins and grapes, apples and pears, walnuts and beans - delicious, healthy and quite affordable. Zucchini and zucchini, Brussels sprouts, sweet and hot peppers are still on sale. Fiber in vegetables will support digestion, while proteins and fats in legumes and nuts provide energy. In addition, seasonal preparations are in trend: on this occasion, we advise you to test boring recipes for pickles and jams for every taste.


Drink more water and less alcohol

As you know, the benefits of alcohol are strictly determined by moderation, and therefore very easily converted into harm. In the off-season, when the body is weakened and begs for help, finish it off with six cocktails in an evening mercilessly (think at least about the completely useless calories in the form of sugars contained in alcohol). From time to time it is worth making a boring, but healthy choice in favor of water, tea or freshly squeezed juice - there is a possibility that the daily routine will improve, productivity will increase, and the immune system will not weaken day after day. As for water, it is very easy to drink it in liters in the summer heat, but with the arrival of cold weather, everyone switches to coffee. Special applications with reminders or a “smart” bottle from our autumn wishlist of gadgets that monitors the amount of water consumed will come to the rescue.

Don't stop moving

Not in the sense of "developing" (although this too), but literally - to move your arms and legs more. Sports are still important and useful, and exercise can always be replaced by swimming, jogging or yoga. It makes sense to spend the last warm days in the fresh air. Whether you're playing sports, wakeboarding, or hiking in the mountains, no matter how big your venture is, the main thing is pleasure. When it gets colder, there is also no need to hide in the room.Go for long walks: this is the best thing to do for your circulation and mood.

Keep warm

It is high time for many of us to get clothes in the spirit of National Geographic, which have never reached our hands or budget before. High-quality thermal underwear, a waterproof parka, comfortable boots that are not ashamed to wear, but not a pity to ditch in the mountains - a little expeditionary chic in a wardrobe will not hurt anyone. After all, then, going to the forest or a bike tour around the neighborhood, you will not have to scratch at the bottom and reluctantly put on an old down jacket and worn jeans. Those who are used to preparing sledges in the summer and have already got hold of travel equipment at a fifty percent discount, did everything right.


Change your face and hair care

In conditions of changeable temperature and humidity, skin and hair require special care. We have detailed material about the important phases of autumn care and the necessary products. Three whales that keep the skin in the off-season: gentle exfoliation, hydration and protection from environmental influences. Hair after being tested by the sun and the sea needs intensive restoration. The sun's rays are no longer as merciless as in summer, but this is not a reason to give up sunscreen for face and body - just choose a lower SPF.

Make life comfortable

No matter how active your leisure is, the rains and cold winds will sooner or later drive everyone into the house, and it's time to make sure that your stay in it remains comfortable. In addition to unbearable plaid blankets and huge coffee mugs, there are other, more practical attributes. Survival of autumn will help targeted household appliances - from a humidifier to an alarm clock with a daylight function - and various pleasant little things: scented candles, warming bath salt or herbal tea. Not a bad reason to try an environmentally conscious approach to health and comfort - especially since we already have a great wishlist for this case.

Plan, do

A well-structured daily routine will help to fight procrastination and blues. Some people prefer to do things according to a clear schedule, while others prefer variety and flexibility, so first determine a comfortable schedule format. In any case, it doesn't hurt to go to bed at the same time and eat more or less regularly. By understanding how much time is spent on tasks of different types - routine or irregular, you can avoid a number of reasons for anxiety. But earning it by fanatical planning is also a piece of cake. When scheduling tasks, allow the possibility of inaccuracies and be prepared to rebuild the regime.

Slow down

The days are getting shorter and there are more things to do. Against the background of increased employment, professional enthusiasm often develops into a race, the goal of which is to overcome all tasks as quickly as possible. To maintain (or return) a healthy psyche, sooner or later we all have to learn to rest. This is where the principles of the Slow Life movement come to the rescue. To gradually come to a more measured pace of life, you may need to spend more time alone with yourself and prefer personal goals to fulfilling the needs of others. In the era of social media and global trends, it is more evident than ever that healthy individualism is the key to resilience to stress.

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