Ombre On The Lips: 7 Easy Video Instructions

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Ombre On The Lips: 7 Easy Video Instructions
Ombre On The Lips: 7 Easy Video Instructions

Video: Ombre On The Lips: 7 Easy Video Instructions

Video: FUN \u0026 EASY : OMBRE LIP TUTORIAL 2022, November

Lip accent is the fastest way to create a holiday on your face. But if all possible colors have already been tried and are included in the usual arsenal, then the best path to variety is through mastering unfamiliar techniques. New ideas come up regularly: last year we were offered to abandon a well-defined outline, and today, with the light hand of Pat McGrath, the whole world is going crazy over densely strewn lips. We have already written about one of the most variable trends of the year - lip makeup using the ombre technique, and now we are showing seven video tutorials that will help you learn how to create a beautiful gradient on your lips.

Vamp style

Danish blogger Laura Lee demonstrates the classic vamp version at the end of the video tutorial. It's simple: a wine shade is applied over your favorite red lipstick and shaded from the corners of the lips: in order for the gradient to lie evenly, the lips need to be closed several times in the process. The makeup artist does not outline the contour, but contours the lips with concealer and uses a mattifying powder to remove the glossy lipstick.

Fast and easy

Mikey, creator of the Glam & Gore channel, shows you the quickest and easiest ways to achieve an ombre effect in this tutorial - her tips are perfect for beginners and those who overslept again. You don't need brushes and sponges: all you need is lipstick of any color and texture and white cream pigment for any purpose. And, of course, a finger. The pigment is simply applied in the center of the lips and blends quickly: try to leave the contour intact to achieve a transition of shades, and not just lighten the color.

Korean fashion

Perhaps the most versatile makeup of the collection. Chloe Morello was inspired by the Korean version of the trend: there, for the effect of young plump lips in the center, they came up with cold pink tones and whitening the contour. Chloe covers her lips with concealer, applies a lipstick on top and finishes with a sheer gloss - but you can use gloss, lipstick, or tint. The main thing is the effect striving for naturalness, although the makeup artist got a make-up that does not at all pretend that it is not there.

Relaxed and casual

Nicole Thompson shows a relaxed and grunge gradient on her model: bright lipstick is applied with a brush and fingers, and a darker shade is drawn from above and below along the contour of the lips with a pencil - note that it is applied to the central parts of the lips, and does not hide in the corners. Makeup, according to Thompson and the footage of the video, is one minute. Still, there is no noticeable contrast between the selected colors, so shading imperfections and obvious borders will, perhaps, only play into the hands.

Drag Queen Makeup Classic

The adorable drag queen Nova Guinness explains to beginners how to do iconic blue stage makeup. The contour of the painted lips is far beyond the natural, but the width of the mouth remains the same - so the result comes out quite moderate. White pigment was noted here as well. You can learn, or you can view the video as an excursion into the history of the trend.

Dark Gradient Kat Von Dee

Kat von Dee has recorded some ombre lessons for Sephora, here she teamed up with Singaporean beauty star Pearypie. The lesson is notable in that we see how two women try on makeup with different and quite ordinary lips instead of plump Instagram curves. Nothing extreme - just a good way to refresh your favorite dark color.

Colored ombre

A guide to using bright colors by Laura Arellano of Melt Cosmetics. Blitzed's beautiful blue-green color is paired with Jeffree Star Matte Liquid Lipstick; Due to the fact that both products take a long time to solidify, you can slowly mix and shade until you achieve the perfect gradient.

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